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1914 Rural Tax Payers of Bertram Twp., Linn County, IA.

Anderson, F. G., Mt.Vernon, R. 3.
Berry, Addison A., Mt. Vernon.
Berry, Jesse, Bertram.
Berry, Henry, Bertram.
Burge, J. W., Mt. Vernon.
Biderman, Joseph, Mt. Vernon.
Biderman, Francis, Mt. Vernon.
Biderman, Antone, Mt. Vernon.
Biderman, Emil, Mt. Vernon.
Blaine, James, Bertram.
Burgess, William A., Bertram.
Blaine, Emma R., Bertram.
Blaine, John H., Bertram.
Bena, Wencil, Marion, R. 2.
Brokl, Joe, Mt. Vernon.
Brosh, Wesley, Mt. Vernon
Baxa, Sr., James, Cedar Rapids, R. 5.
Berry, A. R., Mt. Vernon.
Condon, A., Bertram.
Clymer, Fred, Bertram.
Condon, Daniel, Bertram
Clymer, Henry C., Bertram.
Collo, Tony, Bertram.
Caraway, G. H., Mt. Vernon.
Calahoun, Robert, Mt. Vernon.
Caraway, William, Mt. Vernon.
Clymer, George, Bertram.
Cimprich, Mrs. Kate, Bertram.
Clymer, C. A., Bertram.
Clymer, 0. H., Bertram.
Cox, Jacob, Bertram.
Clymer, Harry, Bertram.
Caris, Steve, Bertram.
Cox, George, Bertram.
Cox, William, Mt. Vernon.
Clompet, Fred, Mt. Vernon.
Clompet, Frank, Mt. Vernon.
Clompet, Thomas, Mt. Vernon.
Clompet, Edward, Mt. Vernon.
Cassidy, Thomas, Bertram.
Caraway, Harry H., Marion, R. 2.
Doty, J. M., Bertram.
Davidson, Roy, Bertram.
Drahos, Fred, Mt. Vernon.
Drohas, Joseph, Bertram.
Drohas, Sr., Phillip, Bertram.
Davis, Joe, Bertram,
Davidson, Thomas, Mt. Vernon.
Elsworth, J. W., Mt. Vernon.
Ford, D. W., Mt. Vernon.
Ford, Charles H., Mt. Vernon.
Frink, P. E., Bertram.
Gotton, John, Bertram.
Gotton, Byron, Bertram.
Guy, Charles A., Bertram.
Graves, Oney, Mt. Vernon.
Harmon, Samuel, Mt. Vernon.
Harmon, Lauren, Bertram.
Harmon, Harry, Bertram.
Hensley, Sarah, Bertram.
Harmon, John, Bertram.
Johnson, Joseph, Mt. Vernon.
Hensley, John, Mt. Vernon.
Johnson, F. T., Mt. Vernon.
Johnston, C. A., Mt. Vernon.
Knapp, Albert, Bertram.
King, George, Bertram.
Kerns, Morse, Bertram.
Knapp, Perry, Mt. Vernon.
Kleineck, D. D., Mt. Vernon.
Konicek, Frank, Cedar Rapids, R. 5.
Kerns, John, Cedar Rapids, R. 5.
Knapp, A. P., Bertram.
Knapp, George, Bertram.
Knapp, Fred, Bertram.
Knapp, John, Bertram.
Kerns, James, Bertram.
Lake, Fred, Bertram.
Lynch, T. M., Mt. Vernon, R. 2.
Litts, C. S., Cedar Rapids, R. 5.
Leguire, Amos, Mt. Vernon, R. 5.
Mehler, C. C., Bertram.
Mehler, James, Bertram.
Michalek, Sr., Joe, Mt. Vernon.
Michalek, Jr., Joe, Mt. Vernon.
Marks, Frank, Bertram.
Mason, H. E., Cedar Rapids, R. 5.
Myers, William, Mt. Vernon, R. 3.
Oxley, John A., Marion, R. 2.
O'Connar, James, Mt. Vernon.
Platz, Fred, Cedar Rapids, R. 5.
Platz, Anna, Cedar Rapids, R. 5.
Pospishel, Joe, Mt. Vernon.
Patchin, Albert, Bertram.
Patchin, Lewis, Bertram.
Patchin, J. B., Bertram.
Schaffer, Fred, Bertram.
Shactle, Antene, Bertram.
Snyder, M. I., Bertram.
Schley, Jacob N., Bertram.
Scott, J. P., Bertram.
Setton, Chris, Bertram.
Stoneking, Elmer, Mt. Vernon.
Scott, Lester, Mt. Vernon, R. 3.
Stolba, Jr., John, Cedar Rapids, R. 5.
Stoneking, Thomas R., Mt. Vernon.
Stoneking T. C., Mt. Vernon.
Snyder, M. D., Bertram.
Stolba, Edward, Mt. Vernon.
Thompson, William, Bertram.
Thompson, Ruben, Mt. Vernon.
Plummer, James, Bertram.
Thompson, R. F., Mt. Vernon.
Thompson, George, Bertram.
Turner, Fred L., Mt. Vernon.
Turner, Margaret, Mt. Vernon.
Thompson, Robert, Bertram.
Verba, Jr., Joe, Mt. Vernon.
Vislisel, Joseph M., Mt. Vernon.
Vauricek, Frank, Marion, R. 2.
Vislisel, Martin, Mt. Vernon,
Vepil, Frank, Mt. Vernon.
Waln, George E., Mt. Vernon
Wilson, Jake, Mt. Vernon.
Wolfe, I. G., Bertram.
Wheeler, John T., Mt. Vernon.
White, J. T., Mt. Vernon.
Zebonek, Mary, Mt. Vernon.
Zebonek, Joe, Mt. Vernon.

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