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1892 Farm Directory

The listing originally was printed with the names alphabetically under the listed post office. We are listing all of the names in alphabetical order with the post office following the name. Not all farm residents of Jefferson County had their post office in a community within Jefferson County. Where this was so we have listed the community in which their post office was located and have put the corresponding county in parentheses.

Surname First name Post Office
Haber Michael Four Corners
Habey A. P. B. Batavia
Hadley Alfred M. Woolson
Hadley Ezra Woolson
Hadley Ira C. Woolson
Hadley Ira S. Woolson
Hadley John L. Woolson
Hadley Sylvester Woolson
Hadley W. (Mrs.) Woolson
Hadley W. R. Pleasant Plain
Haifly S. (Mrs.) Germanville
Halferty J. W. Packwood
Hall Harvey Glasgow
Hall James M. Libertyville
Hall Wm. Libertyville
Halley C. D. Birmingham (Van Buren)
Hammans Henry Vega (Henry)
Hammans J. M. Glasgow
Haney Susan (Mrs.) Libertyville
Hanley Henry Lockridge
Hanna William Ioka (Keokuk)
Hannah Mary (Mrs.) Woolson
Hanson Benjamin Lockridge
Hanson George Lockridge
Harkens W. Woolson
Harkins John Pleasant Plain
Harris Jason Batavia
Harris Jonathan Batavia
Harrison F. J. County Line
Harrison P. (Mrs.) Brookville
Harter Daniel Baker
Harter Henry Baker
Hartman George Germanville
Hawk Thomas Fairfield
Hawk Thomas M. Fairfield
Hawk W. C. Fairfield
Hawk William Fairfield
Hawkins Michael Glendale
Hayden James F. Fairfield
Hayden John Libertyville
Hayes James Glendale
Haygent John M. Packwood
Haymond M. (Mrs.) Perlee
Heald Abner Packwood
Heald John Libertyville
Hedge William Fairfield
Heintz Frederick Packwood
Helton A. Abingdon
Henderson D. R. Batavia
Henderson H. M. Batavia
Hendricks W. R. Perlee
Herman B. F. Woolson
Herman Reuben Woolson
Heron John Lockridge
Herr Fredoline Glasgow
Herrick Edward Fairfield
Herrold W. C. Fairfield
Hesser John Brighton (Washington)
Heston Hiram Glendale
Heston L. W. Pleasant Plain
Heston Mahlon Fairfield
Hettick Bernard Germanville
Hetzel David Brighton (Washington)
Hewett G. W. Fairfield
Heyde Phillip Brighton (Washington)
Hibbard A. N. Libertyville
Hickenbottom E. Packwood
Hickenbottom Jos. Glendale
Hicks H. M. W. Pleasant Plain
Hicks R. C. Brighton (Washington)
Hicks R. C. Pleasant Plain
Hidey Geo. W. Fairfield
Hilander G. Glendale
Hildebrand Chas. Four Corners
Hildebrand M. Merrimac
Hilderbrand C. Brighton (Washington)
Hill David Birmingham (Van Buren)
Hill George Birmingham (Van Buren)
Hill James Birmingham (Van Buren)
Hillman A. M. Four Corners
Hillman C. J. Four Corners
Hinkel David Fairfield
Hinshaw Dillon Woolson
Hinshaw Ivy Woolson
Hinshaw Jesse Woolson
Hinshaw Milo Woolson
Hinson Joseph G. Woolson
Hinson M. J. (Mrs.) Woolson
Hirsh John S. Germanville
Hirshberger J. Jr. Brighton (Washington)
Hirshberger John Brighton (Washington)
Hisel John Fairfield
Hisel Joseph Fairfield
Hisel Peter Glasgow
Hite Henry Brookville
Hite Randolph Brookville
Hitts John Salina
Hoagland Peter Fairfield
Hobson George Four Corners
Hodgen John J. Pleasant Plain
Hodgen Joseph Brighton (Washington)
Hodson J. F. Jr. Pleasant Plain
Hodson Jonathan Pleasant Plain
Hoffman John H. Libertyville
Hogate Ann (Mrs.) Vega (Henry)
Hollander And'w Salina
Hollander Gustof Salina
Hollander John Salina
Holmes A. A. Batavia
Holmes J. W. Batavia
Holmes W. M. Batavia
Holmes W. P. Batavia
Holt Frank Lockridge
Holt Samuel Fairfield
Hood C. P. Brookville
Hook Joseph Pleasant Plain
Hoops E. D. Fairfield
Hoops John T. Fairfield
Hoops O. T. Fairfield
Hopkirk Jane (Mrs.) Lockridge
Horn John B. Fairfield
Horton L. F. Salina
Horton L. N. Salina
Hosatto Louis Glendale
Hosette Louis V. Fairfield
Hosette Xavier Fairfield
Hoskins J. E. Pleasant Plain
Hoskins Jonathan Vega (Henry)
Hoskins Moses Pleasant Plain
Hoskins Nathan Woolson
Hoskins R. (Mrs.) Pleasant Plain
Hostetler John Four Corners
Houd M. A. (Mrs.) Libertyville
Houghton Curtis Packwood
Howard Albert Glendale
Howard S. A. Salina
Howell Joseph D Vega (Henry)
Hudgell David Fairfield
Hudson Isaac Abingdon
Hudson John R. Abingdon
Hudson Joseph F Abingdon
Huffman Esram Abingdon
Huffman Hiram Sr. Abingdon
Hughell Marion Libertyville
Hughill Samuel Batavia
Humphrey P. (Mrs.) Pleasant Plain
Humphrey Sanford Pleasant Plain
Humphry Ezra Vega (Henry)
Huott Xavier Lockridge
Hupp John Abingdon
Hurd S. L. Pleasant Plain
Hurst Frank Libertyville
Huss John Q. Fairfield
Huss S. R. Fairfield
Huston John H. Glasgow
Hutchin J. T. Woolson
Hutchinson J. (Mrs.) Fairfield
Hutchinson J. J. Fairfield
Hutchinson W. Fairfield
Hutton S. A. Libertyville

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