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1892 Farm Directory

The listing originally was printed with the names alphabetically under the listed post office. We are listing all of the names in alphabetical order with the post office following the name. Not all farm residents of Jefferson County had their post office in a community within Jefferson County. Where this was so we have listed the community in which their post office was located and have put the corresponding county in parentheses.

First Name
Post Office
Abraham C. H. Brookville
Abraham Griffin Brookville
Abraham J. C. Brookville
Abraham J. H. Fairfield
Abraham Wilson Brookville
Achenbach L. Lockridge
Adams J. W. Four Corners
Admunson C. A. Salina
Admunson L. P. Salina
Alexander A. (Mrs.) Packwood
Allbright George Birmingham (Van Buren)
Allen George Fairfield
Allender B. M. Salina
Allender E. M. Fairfield
Allender J. H. Salina
Allender James Fairfield
Allender Samuel Fairfield
Allerdice Alex Glasgow
Alter D. M. Fairfield
Amos William Fairfield
Anderson A. P. Glasgow
Anderson A. P. Lockridge
Anderson Andrew Packwood
Anderson Andrew Salina
Anderson C. F. Abingdon
Anderson Charles Lockridge
Anderson E. (Mrs.) Brookville
Anderson E. P. Four Corners
Anderson G. Packwood
Anderson Henry Four Corners
Anderson J. P. Salina
Anderson Monson Abingdon
Anderson Nils P. Lockridge
Anderson Olof Lockridge
Anderson Peter M. Four Corners
Anderson Swan J. Lockridge
Angstead John Germanville
Ankrom W. Fairfield
Archibald B. J. Glendale
Armentrout J. C. Selma (Van Buren)
Armstrong A. Brighton (Washington)
Armstrong Henry Fairfield
Armstrong M. (Mrs.) Libertyville
Armstrong W. Brookville
Armstong W. E. Libertyville
Arndt Frederick Pleasant Plain
Asby Solomon County Line
Ashmead C. Brookville
Ashmead Hiram Selma (Van Buren)
August John Beckwith

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