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Watson Gallery
~ photos contributed by Donna Hynd
Frank Marion & Jennie (Roberts) Watson
(Donna's Great Grandparents)

(Counter-clockwise from) Jennie Roberts Watson, Mabel, Joseph, Frank Marion Watson, Sr.,
Bernice, Roselie, Frank, Jr., William, Walter, Laura and Ralph
Jennie (Roberts) Watson and Frank Marion Watson, Sr.,
with their first born, Frank Marion Watson, Jr.
Left: Frank Marion Watson
(Donna's great Grandfather)
Does anyone have any idea of the identity of the man on the right?
Frank Marion Watson, Sr.
 (year unknown)
He lost the sight in his right eye when he was a baby.

Leo & Virginia Watson, born 1913, ca. 1917-191

Leo and Virginia's Graduation. Photo says Graduation 1926. Not sure what they would have been graduating from, as they only would have been 13. 8th grade, 8th grade, maybe?
(Photo taken after 1941). Their son Joseph died in 1941, and he's not in this photo Grandpa died in 1931 and of course he's not here. There are two last additions, the man and woman on each side of Jennie are her last born, Virginia and Leo, twins born in 1913

(Going counter-clockwise from Grandma) Great-grandmother Jennie Watson, Virginia, Roselie (my grandmother), Laura, Ralph, Frank Jr., William, Walter, Bernice, Mabel and Leo.
Virginia and Leo Watson's
First Communion

This is Hart Hamley, his wife Sarah Haight Hamley and their daughter Veda, born in 1882. (Photo year unknown).

Nancy Allen, Maquoketa
Suffragette and Temperance Crusdader
Senator Norris Brown Congressman Albert Foster Dawson Carolyn Pendray, Maquoketa.
First woman elected to the Iowa legislature
Gov. George Ryan