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Iowa County Cemetery Stones and History 1844-1975 (manuscript) by Pauline Lillie

                    OHIO      CEMETERY                                p.1 
                                 by Pauline Lillie

Section 25 Hartford 80 township, Range 12: On Hy. V. 52 south of 
Ladora, 4 miles on black top.

This cemetery is given a history in manuscript on the Ohio cemetery, 
compiled by Alta Bricker in 1965; Copied in cemetery on lots and 
blocks in order. There is little difference in our reading of stones.

I quote. "From Alta Bricker Manuscript -two acres. of ground were
given by John Anthony H. Rosenberger from his original homestead to be 
used for a cemetery. As a courtesy to their interest in their former 
home state, the burial ground was called Ohio cemetery. In 1866 a 
church was built. The cemetery and church still bear the original names 
Charter members of the church were John Anthony Rosenberger, wife Cath-
erine; Nicholas Rosenberger wife Hannah; Michael and. Livina Keppel Rosen-
berger; Anthony and Elizabeth Rosenberger; Sarah Rosenberger Watson and 
her husband; John and Nancy Rosenberger Bair; John N. and Mary (sister) 
Shedenhelm; Levi and Margaret Rosenberger Shedenhelm and Mary Jane Rosenberger

No Charge was to be made for the burial lots this procedure was followed 
for 35 years and after John Anthony Rosenbergers death. After that a fee 
of $ 1.00 was levied to make deals legal. The first deed was given in 
1889 and signed by John Eli Stoner and witnessed by R. W. Rosenberger as 
justice of peace. In 1916 John Tyler, a resident of the community spent 
approximately $ 2,000, to improve the cemetery by draining and tiling. 
Any one who donated his services to the amount of $ 25.00 in labor was 
given a lot in the cemetery. The same year. Tyler enlarged the cemetery 
by donating an acre of land, known as the Tyler addition, which lies to 
the north and west of the original tract.

Records show at least six generations buried here 90 percent of the graves 
are descendants of the Rosenberger clan; Two are questioned Luther M.
Frank died August 30, 1854 and Susannah Bobletts, died 1855. It is believ-
ed neither of these people were relatives of Rosenbergers.

The ohio cemetery, a beautifully located and well cared for cemetery, 
across the road west of the Ohio church; (end of Bricker history.)

Check out information in County Recorder-Iowa County on Bk. 48 p. 57 
and 16, and Book 73 page 6.

This cemetery is easily confused with the one of Genoa Bluffs cemetery 
which is close, to the town of Genoa Bluffs (now town gone) as it is 
southeast of Ohio cemetery.

Suggest that family relationship be check from stones into the manuscript 
of Alta Bricker of Ladora, copied in 1965.

Researched by Pauline Lillie-Ladora.

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