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Iowa County Cemetery Stones and History 1844-1975 (manuscript) by Pauline Lillie

                              KOSZTA CEMETERY                         p. 1
                                              By Pauline Lillie
                                                  not for loan

Section 23, Honey Creek 81, A Township - Range 12, on Hy, 212- 5 miles 
west of Marengo, on south hillside, above Honey Creek - North town of 

This cemetery one of the earliest in the county with stones dated from 
1844, to present time; Laid out by Mark Coats, on his land, with graves
already there. For this reason it is my opinion there are some buried 
earlier than 1844 who have no stones. A copy of the survey and owners 
of lots in the cemetery, is part of this manuscript.

Beyond west owernship of the cemetery has timer land which drops sharply 
into Honey Creek; Makes for a problem in the up keep - growth of trees, 
seeds sprouts, vines develope and and broken tree limbs.

Probably 80% or more of these people are in some form related. One has 
only to check the 1881 and 1915 History, the 1874 Atlas, and up dates 
for the township of Honey Creek, Marengo, Hartford, for these families; 
Some branches are over into Poweshiek, and Benton County; Families marr-
ied often at the Koszta Church of these families, from across the Iowa 
River (as Kosta their main town-so spelled then) into Cono township 
and may be found in the Hixon and Athey cemeteries, or town of Victor, 
Ladora, and Marengo. (I.O.O.F.)

No Catholics here, as most belonged before they came to the Dunkard Con-
regational or Baptist. In 1844 formed the M. E. Church which still is 
in existance, one of the few started and continued to-day, at Koszta the 
same denomination. There were at one time revival meetings carried- on 
the flats below the cemetery which is near town of Koszta (Camp meeting 
days p. 74, and picture, and Church of 1860 p. 194 of Ia. Co. History 
Vol, I. 1915 pub.)

In later years a Church of God started , with the building below the cem-
etery, near Honey Creek bridge on Hy. 212;

Is maintained, mowed and attended too, best interest for deceased. Some 
of the oldest stones, in the west part have been reset. For some reason 
the main fence and gate across front were removed last year (1975). Re-
cently a cement drive placed on east part, making it easy ;up the hill 
in bad weather.

Buried here are direct a daughter and son of Revolution War Patriotic-
(Not a membership in local Chapter DAR) A number of Daughters of Amer-
ican Revolution, who trace their ancestry to the Revolution to other 
War Patriots are buried here. A plan to give a Memorial by a descendant 
in honor of the families of early settlers, to be a flag pole.

see page -2-


                    Koszta cemetery - continued                       p.2

A number of well known or famous people are buried here. I mention only
one Elizabeth Amelia Wright who married John Heller. Given as John 1846-1915? 
and Elizabeth 1860-1950.  She is a half sister of Frank Lloyd Wright the 
great American Architect. (Taken from Palimpsest Vol. 54 1973)

There are buried without stones a number, and many stones are gone
as well as old temporary funeral markers. The cemetery is beautiful 
peaceful and quiet, but the lives of many buried here holds secrets 
of unhappiness, or joys, worry and hunger.  The little grave at the 
enterance is an example; The stone says FANNY - a baby dropped on a 
door step, too cold and weak to survive the hoseback trip. Unloved whem 
alive, but more so after death for the grave has always been covered with 
flowers.  One Hundred thirty two years of History is buried here.

Researched by Pauline Lillie

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