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                                IOWA COUNTY
                             STONES & HISTORY
                                1844 - 1975

                                COMPILED BY
                              PAULINE LILLIE
                          IOWA COUNTY HISTORICAL
                             BICENTENNIAL 1976

                        CEMETERY    STONES    HISTORY 
                           Iowa     County    Iowa

                              Compiled by: Pauline Lillie - Ladora,

               For Iowa County Historical Society -- Bicentennial Project 1976


First, I wish to dedicate these Cemetery Records to Mr. L. A. Winborn
our Cemetery Committee Chairman, who also served Iowa County coordinat- 
ing all County Records for Bicentennial Microfilming: and second, to our  
Beloved Secretary of Literature Theodore Ressler (deceased 1975) who kept  
us together with his bulletin the "Vignette" during the difficult period  
of organizing- and who always seemed "to know what to do & when to do it."

Before the Society was chartered in 1963, I had copied records in year of  
1959, and agreed to donate them to the Society. Margaret Wagner and Phylli?  
Wennermark (1966-1967)- likewise. Karen Joseph joined in helping us in the  
year of 1975. Mine were all re-read again in 1975.

I would have preferred to make one full INDEX and list stones as they  
appeared when copied, in the cemetery; However they were not all given  
to me this way, so to unify them, each cemetery is separate. Those of  
Wagner and Wennermark, in most cases were from carbon copy, and re-typed  
by me so additional copies would be available.

When the County Bicentennial was set up with the Microfilm Project, I agreed  
to incorporate all cemetery lists, and records for the Society.

MISTAKES:    Sure- but we tried hard not to have any.!

CEMETERY TOWNSHIP INDEX                           Front Pages
Stones and History                                Page 11 to 500
Lost Burials                                      Pages 11 to 38
County Maps                                       Pages 9-10
Township Trustees                                 Pages 2 to 4
Township Funds for 1976                           Page 5
List of some War Veterans                         Page 6 -continued-

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Home / Records / Cemeteries / Iowa County Cemetery Stones and History
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