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Note: Only Cemetery Histories have being added at this time. Gravestone transcriptions have not been included with the exception of those noted and very small cemeteries, therefore the balance of the pages listed in the index have not been included.

                          L O S T    B U R I A L S    I N D E X

Amanas         (p. 32)        Washington-Lenox    Check with
                              Iowa Townships      Amanas

                              DAYTON TOWNSHIP

German Methodist Episcopal    Section 8           History by Lillie
Church Cemetery (p.11-12-13)                      Stones by Mrs. Ralph Weiss
Indian Burials (p. 19)        Section 8           Checked out by Lillie

                              ENGLISH TOWNSHIP

Indian Burials on the
English River (p. 14-15)      Section 26          Checked out by Lillie
Dedmore (p. 16-17-18)         Section 6           History & Stones by Lillie

                              GREENE TOWNSHIP

Ricord (p. 21)                Section 3           History by Lillie (probably...)
Burials - McKay (p. 20)       Section 1           History by Lillie
Burials (one time) (p.20)     Section 6           Information - M. Wagner

                              HARTFORD TOWNSHIP

Seven Day Advent Church
Cemetery (p. 22-23)           Section 10          History by Lillie (probably...)
Depot Stones-Victor (p.22-23) Section 19          History by Lillie (probably...)
                              HONEY CREEK TOWNSHIP

Dover (p. 24-25)              Section 7           Copied & History by Lillie

                              HILTON TOWNSHIP

Old Catholic Church
Cemetery (Marengo) (p. 26)    Section 6           History by Lillie

                              IOWA TOWNSHIP
Niles-Sprague or Granny
Sprague (RR right-of-way)
(p. 27)                       Section 3           History & Stones by Lillie

                              MARENGO TOWNSHIP

Marengo Depot burials (p. 28) Section 36          History - Lillie (probably...)
Maple Tree cemetery (p. 28a)  Section 32          History - Lillie
Catholic - 1 grave (p. 28b)   Section 25          History - Lillie


                          L O S T    B U R I A L S   - continued     -2-

                              SUMNER TOWNSHIP

Kitchen Cemetery (p. 29-30)   Section 9           History & Stones by Lillie

                              TROY TOWNSHIP

Indian Burials (p. 31)        Section 15          Checked out by Lillie

                              WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP

Mitchel Cemetery (p. 35)      Section 22          History & Stone by Lillie
Wolf Cemetery (p. 34)         Section 2           History by Lillie
Iowa River - A Stone
(Maas) (p. 33)                Section 35          History by Lillie
                                                  and Ted Ressler
Only a Stone (p. 36)          Section 7           History - by Lillie

                              YORK TOWNSHIP

Gallagher Children
 & Wagon Train (p. 37)        Section 2           History by Lillie
Indian Burials (p. 38)        Section 31/32       Not checked

Probably dozens of others.

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