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Howard County Newspapers

For many years there were two newspapers being published, The Times and the Plain Dealer. The Times represented the Republican Party and it's political views while the Plain Dealer represented the Democratic point of view. If you do not find what you are looking for in one newspaper, there is a possibility that it will be in the other newspaper.

The following are marriage and death indexes to the Plain Dealer newspaper for the years shown. In viewing the indexes remember that the date of reference is that of the paper, not of the occurrence of the marriage or the death.

All of these scans of the Index were provided by Janice Sowers, past president of the Howard-Winneshiek Genealogy Society

A project is underway to scan all of the indexed newspaper articles and to transcribe and post these articles on the IAGenWeb boards. As the events for each year are scanned and transcribed, they will be linked that the index. Bill Waters is scanning the articles and Joy Moore is transcribing and posting them to the IAGenWeb boards.

AUGUST 20, 1859
Vol. 1, No. 1, of the New Oregon PLAINDEALER (all in one word) was issued on the above date. H. Lick, appeared as the publisher; W. R. Mead, editor. It took the place of the Howard County Sentinel which had previously been destroyed by fire

May 10, 1867
The PLAIN DEALER of May 10th was the last one issued at New Oregon Its next issue was from Cresco, May 17th, name changed to IOWA PLAIN DEALER.

September, 3, 1895
First issue of the Twice-A-Week Plain Dealer

January 31, 1913
The Cresco Plain Dealer. As has been previously announced, owing to the practical prohibition by the post office, department of a semi-weekly publication by postage charges in cities the size of Cresco where city carrier service is maintained, our publication of a semi-weekly ceases with this issue, and our weekly publication will commence on Friday of next week. Our correspondents and advertisers will please make note of this change and have their copy at this office not later than Wednesday evening. The new series will be a six-column, 8 page paper, but at first will not be arranged and sent out just as we propose to have it done within a short time as is necessary for us to send our folding machine to the factory to get changes made to enable us to fold and trim the new size. Our readers will have just as much news and reading matter in the future as in the past, but will be obliged to content them-selves with getting it “all in a bunch" weekly instead of in semi-weekly installments

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