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Dubuque deaths, June 1910

There were fifty-four deaths in Dubuque during the month of June. List of deaths:


John Burke

Sophia Stange

Paul Papin

Joseph Miller

Baby Bleuchert

Bertha Pagel

Michael Cleary

Geo. Vogel

John Babcock

Dennis Corcoran

Baby O'Brien

Augusta Beck

Dennis Smyth

Mary A.J. Kulp

Catherine E. Schoenberger

Esther Mary Angelo

Malcolm F. Post

Eleanor Cleaver

Katherine Gregoire

Margaret McDermott

Anna Mary Leiltz

Robert P. Roedell, Jr.

Baby Ryan

Chas. A. Dubrak

Mrs. Effie L. Gearhart

Ethel Wheeler

Baby Day

Wm. A. Kelly

Louis Leonard

Cornelius Sullivan

Geo. C. Van Wie

Elizabeth Murphy (Sister Mary Rosalin)

Peter Weiland

Baby Carl Franz

Wm. Dalbkemeyer

Madonna Maher

Sophia Burns

Mrs. Fanny Hepp

Mrs. Minnie Vervoren

Alfred Trieb

Mrs. Carrie Meggenburg

Anna Marie Kalsbauer

Mrs. Marie Piersch

Matilda M. Todd

James McDonnell

Alden F. Barnard

C.J. Donovan

Margaret Feenev / Feeney

Frances Ernest

Frank T. Metcalf

John Hutton

Frances C. Winters

Mrs. Mary Neuman

Gerturde Fry

Source: Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, Friday evening edition, July 1, 1910

Transcribed by S. Ferrall - IAGenWeb volunteer

Note:  transcriber thinks this list is for the city and not the county, but the newspaper article did not specify.