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St. Catherine Death Records Index 1895 - 1930
Index of Names Taken from Death Records of St. Catherine Parish Sacramental Register,
Book Two (1895 - 1930)

Used with the permission of Fr. Otting (now retired) of the Dubuque Archdiocese.



Please note, most sacramental records in the Archdiocese remain at the parish.

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Archdiocese of Dubuque
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Dubuque, IA 52003

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You may notice there are some repeat names in the indexes. They are different individuals with different parents for the most part; occasionally a child died as an infant and a subsequent child in the family was given the same name. All instances of repeat names have been left in the index.

You may also notice the Given Name "Carl or Charles" is listed quite often. That is because the name entered in the record was written in Latin as either "Carolo" or "Carolus". That can be translated as either Carl or Charles, so Fr. Otting asked that they be entered as such.

Bauer Joseph Mathias or Matthew  
Hoffman Herbert Michael  
Klang Mary Margaret  
Mitchel Dorothy Marian  
Münster Joseph John  
Oswald Joseph Francis  
Pütz Susanna Clara  
Welbes Arnold Henry  
Manhart Joseph  
Oswald John  
Graham Magdalena  
Haupert Anna Catherine  
Beringer Nicholas  
McCarron Thomas  
Noel Frances  
Noel George  
Manders a boy infant  
Lentz Theresa  
Kraus Frank  
Oswald Lucy  
Franzen Susan  
Heiter Elizabeth  
Nagle Ann  
Eiffes Paul  
Gassman Ann Marie  
Bigger Dorothy  
Jungers Nicholas  
Kemp Mary  
Kies Cecilia  
Domp Elizabeth  
Wagner Mary  
Girst John  
Jungers Peter  
Pauly Elizabeth  
Kies John  
Hilkin Joseph  
Kloster a boy infant  
Linden Charles  
Pütz Clara  
Steffen Anna  
Noel Magdalena  
Pütz (Puetz?) John  
McCarron Elizabeth  
Lassance John Peter  
Jungers Eugenia  
Manhart Joseph  
Oswald Dorothy  
Bauer Joseph Mathias  
Hilkin Nicholas  
Lassance Mary  
Day Mabel  
Day Mary  
Kloster Mary  
Korpstein Agatha  
Gasper Catharine  
Berkel(e) or Berkel(a) Pius  
Kemp Peter  
Stork Elizabeth  
Phillips John Peter  
Fox Adam  
Noel Francis  
Maloy John  
Longueville John Baptist  
Sloan (Slaan?) Elizabeth  
Michell Margaret  
Welbes a girl infant  
Oswald Joseph Francis  
Welbes Susan  
Braun Frances  
Gassmann Francis  
Gassmann Margaret  
Jungers Catharine  
Wagner Michael  
Welbes Arnold  
Welbes Emma  
Klang Mary Margaret  
Hilken Matilda  
Redden Ann Marie  
Schilling Elisabeth  
Merges John  
Munster Angella  
Jungers Mary  
Knochel Joseph  
Jungers Nicholas  
Erpelding Dolores  
Menster Peter  
Welbes Mary  
Hilkin Martha  
Erpelding John  
Yungers Adeline  
Girst Margaret  
Oswald Margaret  
Schaefert Ann  
Delahanty Jacob  
Manders Ann  
Greenwald Josephine  
Neuhause Mary Ann  
Erpelding Robert  
Hilkin Margaret  
Reuter John  
Winkle Peter  
Gasper Nicholas  
Meloy Sara (a twin)
Meloy Edward (a twin)
Meloy Thomas  
Welbes Eva  
Kemp Anthony  
Stork John  
Schuster Martin  
Reuter Joseph  
Kraus Mathias  
Gassmann William  
Hanten John B.  
Gassmann Albert  
Schilling Nicholas  
Maloney Maud (Magdalena)  
Welbes Edward  
Oswald Cletus Francis  
Hilkin Jacob or James  
Merges Barnard  
Herbst Joseph  
Bauer Hannah  
Oswald Nicholas  
McCarron Fred  
Hall Mrs. Mary  
Kraus Infant child  
Frantzen Nicholas  
Frantzen John  
Hoffmann Theodore  
Hantin Francis G.  
Hilken William Joseph  
Gorsche Frank  
Riedel Emma  
Hilken Henry  
Cropstein (sic) John  
Kemp J. P.  
Kemp Clara  
Decker John  
Merges Clara Maria Frances  
Philips George  
Mastin Mary  
Kass Matilda Ann  
Linden Anna M.  
Oswald John Joseph  
Manders Veronica  
Manders Erich  
Jungers Francis  
Stoffel Nicholas  
Kass Joseph Charles  
Delhanty (sic) Hanora  
Eiffes Frances  
Hoffman Rosina  
Hoffmann Peter  
Hoffman Rosella  
Phillipps Katherine  
Hoffmann Mary Florence  
Brown Peter  
Linden Robert  
Loes Monica  
Eiffes Josephine  
Herbst Mary  
Hoffman a baby  
Haupert Henry  
Green Emma  
Steffen Nicholas  
Hilken Peter  
Fraehlich Carl  
Fah Lawrence  
Hoffman Herbert Michael  
Krantz Katherina  
Duster Mary Ann  
Tigges Calista K.  
Meyer Rev. Henry  
Thill Louisa  
Haupert Jacob or James  
Maro Anna  
Hanten Catherine  
Kass Clarence  
Knochel Margaret Leona  
Noel Charles  
Entringer Mary  
Merges Catharine  
Markus Barbara  
Dimmer Clarence  
Kuennen Nicholas  
Hoffmann Mrs. Anna  
Hoffmann Frank, Sr.  

Index of Names Taken from Death Records of St. Catherine Parish Sacramental Register, Book Two (1895 - 1930)

Transcribed by: Joan Tallman 
Proofed By: Rev. Loras C. Otting 
Submitted by: Joan Tallman

(c) 2002 Submitted by Tom Schlarman and submitted to Dubuque IAGenWeb by Julia Krapfl



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