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St. Catherine Baptismal Records Index Feb 1867 - June 1900

Index of Names Taken from Baptismal Records of St. Catherine Parish Sacramental Register,

Book One (Feb 1867 - June 1900)

Used with the permission of Fr. Otting (now retired) of the Dubuque Archdiocese.



Please note, most sacramental records in the Archdiocese remain at the parish.

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Archdiocese of Dubuque
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Dubuque, IA 52003

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You may notice there are some repeat names in the indexes. They are different individuals with different parents for the most part; occasionally a child died as an infant and a subsequent child in the family was given the same name. All instances of repeat names have been left in the index.

You may also notice the Given Name "Carl or Charles" is listed quite often. That is because the name entered in the record was written in Latin as either "Carolo" or "Carolus". That can be translated as either Carl or Charles, so Fr. Otting asked that they be entered as such.
Surname Given Name Comments
Aetgen John  
Astgen Anna Maria  
Astgen Catharine  
Astgen Edmery Elisabeth  
Astgen Jacob or James  
Astgen Margaret  
Astgen Susan  
Bauer Joseph Matthew  
Bauer Maria Mathilda  
Becker Frances  
Becker John Baptist  
Becker Josephine  
Becker Theresa Amanda  
Bedenbender Elisabeth  
Bedenbender Magdalen  
Bennett Margaret Anna  
Beringer Francis  
Beringer Rose Catherine  
Berkley Bertha Catherine  
Biever Peter  
Bluel Brigitta Frances  
Bluel Catherine Genova  
Bluel Maria Genevera  
Boller Maria  
Braun Elisabeth  
Braun Michael  
Braun Peter  
Burkley (see: Estlebrack) Maria age 19 years, wife of Joseph Burkley
Burkly Elisabeth Eugenia  
Bürkly Maria Barbara  
Connavay Maria Catharine  
Conneley Anastasia  
Consbrick Nicholas  
Coyle Thomas William  
Crettin Maria Eugenia  
Decker Anna Catherine  
Decker Elisabeth  
Delehangh Hanora  
Dolan Albert Thornton  
Dolan Arnold LeRoi  
Dolan Catherine  
Dolan Hope Catherine  
Dolan Theresa Angela  
Dollan Agnes  
Dollan Anna  
Dostert Josephine  
Dowel Mary Elisabeth  
Doyle Francis  
Duschang Lucy  
Duschen Catherine  
Duschen Gregory  
Duschen Maria Catherine (Died 23 Aug 1885)
Duschen Michael William  
Duster John  
Duster Joseph Carl or Charles  
Duster Joseph Paul  
Duster Louise  
Duster Maria Catherine  
Dusterd Anna (a twin)  
Dusterd Catherine (a twin)  
Dusterd Dorothea  
Ehret Rosa  
Eiferd Angela Philomena  
Eiffes Edward Paul  
Eiffes Elisabeth Coelestina à  
Eiffes Joseph Paul  
Elberding Catherine  
Ernsdorf Anna Catherine  
Ernsdorf Catherine  
Ernsdorf Elisabeth  
Ernsdorf Eugenia  
Ernsdorf John  
Ernsdorf John Baptist F. P.  
Ernsdorf Mary  
Ernsdorf Nicholas  
Ernsdorf Peter  
Ernsdorff Cecelia Frances  
Ernsdorff Eugenia  
Ernsdorff Henry Joseph  
Ernsdorff Michael Adolph  
Estelbrack (see: Burkley) Maria, age 19 years, wife of Joseph Burkley
Fessler Joseph Frederick  
Fiegen John Augustus  
Fiegen Louise à  
Fitzgerald Denis à  
Fitzgerald John à  
Fitzgerald Michael  
Fitzgerald Thomas Nicholas à  
Fox Anna  
Fox Francis  
Fox John  
Fox Mathias  
Francois James or Jacob  
Freeman Anna  
Freeman Maria Joanna  
Freeman Nicholas Patrick (Died 24 Dec 1889)
Gasmann Catharine  
Gasmann Catharine  
Gasmann John  
Gasmann Josephine  
Gasmann William Francis  
Gassman Anton  
Gassman Dorothy  
Gassmann Anna Flora  
Gassmann Anna Maria  
Gassmann August  
Gassmann Barbara Philomena  
Gassmann Bernard William (Died 01 May 1894)
Gassmann Carl or Charles Joseph  
Gassmann Emma Theresa  
Gassmann John Peter  
Gassmann Rose  
Gassmann Sophia  
Geders Nicholas  
Getherd Maria  
Gilmore Ellen Bridget  
Gilmore James  
Glodan Nicholas Bernhard  
Goffinet Anna  
Goffinette (see: Gouviette) Maria Theresa  
Gouviette (see: Goffinette) Maria Theresa  
Green (see: Troy) Maria Eugenia age 21 yrs., wife of Patrick Troy
Greenewald Emma Barbara  
Greenwald Angela Barbara  
Greenwald Anthony  
Greenwald Josephine Theresa  
Greenwald Magdalen  
Greenwald Nicholas  
Hanten Anna Philomena  
Hanten John  
Hanten Peter  
Hanten Peter Balthasar  
Hanten Wilhelm or William  
Harrington Dennis  
Haupert Anna  
Haupert Anna Barbara  
Haupert Apolonia  
Haupert Catherine  
Haupert Catherine Cecelia  
Haupert Elisabeth  
Haupert Margaret  
Haupert Maria  
Haupert Maria Theresa  
Haverland Philip  
Heer Emma Loretta  
Heer Francis  
Heer Gertrude Christine  
Heer Jacob or James Leo  
Heer John Joseph  
Heer William Sylvester  
Hegan Clement Patrick  
Heggan Edward Peter  
Heintz Herman  
Heinz Anna Catherine  
Heinz Barbara  
Heinz Cecelia Anna  
Heinz Joseph John  
Heinz Louise Anna à  
Heinz Nicholas  
Heinz Theresa Angela  
Heinz William  
Helken James or Jacob  
Henkel Agnes (a twin)  
Henkel Angela (a twin)  
Henkel Anna Barbara  
Henkel Edward William  
Henkel Emil George  
Henkel John Michael  
Henkel Peter Alfred  
Henkel Rudolph  
Henkes Henry  
Herich Anna Maria  
Herich Helen  
Hilken Carl or Charles Anthony  
Hilken Henry A.  
Hilken John  
Hilken Maria Mathilda  
Hilkin Albert Jacob  
Hilkin Francis  
Hilkin George Albert  
Hilkin John William  
Hilkin Leo Carl or Charles  
Hilkin Maria Catherine  
Hilkin Susan  
Hinkel Francis Joseph  
Hoffman John  
Hoffman John  
Hoffmann Catherine  
Hoffmann Elisabeth  
Hoffmann Francis  
Hoffmann John Joseph  
Hoffmann Margaret  
Hoffmann Margaret Catherine  
Hoffmann Maria  
Hoffmann Michael  
Hoffmann Nicholas Joseph  
Hoffmann Peter  
Hoffmann Theodore  
Hus Henry  
Huss Aloysius  
Huss Anna  
Huss Henry  
Huss Margaret  
Huss Maria  
Jungers Adelheid Elisabeth  
Jungers Eugenia Virginia  
Jungers Frances  
Jungers Maria Eugenia  
Kaes Peter  
Kaiser Maria  
Kemp Christina Susanna  
Kemp Francis  
Kemp John  
Kemp John Peter  
Kemp Maria Margaret (Died 05 Nov 1888)
Kemp Nicholas  
Kemp Peter  
Kemp William Nicholas  
Kies Angela Odilia  
Kies Anna Maria  
Kies Arthur John  
Kies Catherine  
Kies Frances Cecelia  
Kies Frances Maria  
Kies Francis  
Kies Heinrich Valentine  
Kies Helen  
Kies Helen  
Kies Henry  
Kies John  
Kies John  
Kies John  
Kies John  
Kies John  
Kies John Henry  
Kies Josephine Maria  
Kies Leona Margaret  
Kies Margaret  
Kies Margaret  
Kies Maria  
Kies Maria  
Kies Maria  
Kies Mathias Paul (a twin)
Kies Matthew  
Kies Michael  
Kies Peter  
Kies Peter  
Kies Peter (Died 06 Apr 1885)
Kies Peter  
Kies Rose  
Kies Susanna (a twin)
Kies Valentine  
Killeen Jacob or James  
Killeen Patrick  
Killen Francis  
Killin Catharine  
Kirpes Anthony Lawrence  
Kloster Catherine  
Kneip Anna Barbara  
Kneip John  
Kneip Mary Eva  
Kneip Peter  
Kohlmann Margaret Clara  
Kohlmann Maria Anna  
Kohlmann Nicholas Aloysius  
Konsbrick Catherine Theresa  
Konsbrick Emil Mathias  
Konsbrick Francis  
Konsbrick John Henry  
Konsbrick Margaret  
Konsbrick Theodore  
Konsbrück Catharine  
Konsbruek Jacob or James  
Konsbrük John  
Kontzbruek Elisabeth  
Konzbrük Catherine  
Kopiss Catherine  
Krantz Anna  
Kranz Ann  
Kranz Dominic  
Kranz Katherine  
Kranz Margaret  
Kranz Maria  
Kranz Peter  
Kraus Elisabeth  
Kraus Joanna (a twin) (a twin)
Kraus John Peter  
Kraus Margaret (a twin)
Kraus Maria  
Kraus Susan Philomena  
Krauss Susanna  
Kress Emma  
Kress Francis Henry  
Kress Francis Joseph  
Kress John Peter  
Kress Mary Elisabeth  
Kress Susan Virginia  
Kress Wilhelmina  
Krier Adam  
Krier Anna  
Krier Maria  
Krier Mathias Nicholas  
Krier Nicholas  
Krier Nicholas  
Krier Peter  
Kuboin (see: Kuhborn) John Peter  
Kuboin Mathias  
Kuhborn (see: Kuboin) John Peter  
Kunstbrick Anna  
Kunstbrick Elisabeth  
Kuntsbrick Susana  
Lentz Anna  
Lentz Jacob or James  
Lentz Louise Maria  
Lentz Maria  
Lentz Martha Adelheid  
Lentz Nicholas John  
Lentz Theresa Elisabeth  
Lenz Elisabeth  
Lenz John Baptist  
Lenz Lena  
Lenz Michael  
Leosch Eugenia  
Lesch Alvina Maria  
Lesch Anna Catherine  
Lesch Barbara Theresa  
Lesch Gertrude  
Lesch Maria  
Lesch William  
Less Catharine  
Linden Josephine  
Lingel P. (20 years old)
Lintgen Susanna  
Longerville Maria Louise  
Longeville John Peter  
Longueville Louise Victoria  
Longville Helen Victoria  
Maisch Maria Theresa  
Maish Margaret  
Manders Adelheid  
Manders Eric Nicholas  
Manders John Peter  
Manders Peter  
Manhart Angelina  
Manhart George Arthur  
Manhart Henry  
Manhart Joseph Henry  
Manhart Lawrence Carl or Charles  
Manhart Maria Magdalena  
Manhart Peter Edward  
Manhart Sophia Susanna  
Manhart William Joseph  
Marcus see: Markus Bernard Henry  
Marcus Josephine Emma  
Markus Anna Helen  
Markus Anna Maria  
Markus see: Marcus Bernard Henry  
Markus Susanna Helen  
Maro John  
Maro Maria Susan  
Maro Mathias  
McCarron Thomas Joseph  
McElroy Catherine Idid (?)  
McElroy D. Elizabeth Josephine  
McElroy Elisabeth Catharine  
McElroy Hanora Emily  
McElroy Jacob or James  
McElroy Margaret Anna  
McElroy Robert  
McElroy Sabina Eugenia  
McElroy William  
McGinly Daniel  
McGinly Margaret Cecilia  
McGuire Anna  
McGuire Eleonora  
Mergers (see: Merges) Joseph Dennis  
Merges Anna Susanna  
Merges Clara Maria Frances  
Merges (see: Mergers) Joseph Dennis  
Michels Matthew  
Michels Nicholas Michael  
Miller John Peter  
Miller Nicholas  
Mitchel Lucy  
Mitchel Maria Elizabeth  
Mitchel Peter  
Mitchell Arthur Marcus  
Mitchell Dorothy Marian  
Mitchell Eugenia Lilah  
Mitchell John  
Mitchell Joseph LeRoy  
Mitchell Lewis Nicholas  
Mitschell Elisabeth Philomena  
Mitschell Martha  
Moll Conrad  
Moll Magdalene  
Moll Thomas  
Müller Anna Catherine  
Müller Susan  
Münster Angela Cecilia  
Münster Henry Andrew  
Münster John Baptist  
Münster John Francis  
Münster Joseph John à  
Münster Lawrence  
Münster Maria Catherine  
Münster Maria Hermina  
Münster Peter Paul  
Noel Catharine  
Noel Frances Erna  
Noel Francis  
Noel John Baptist  
Noel John Carl or Charles  
Noel John Carl or Charles  
Noel John Julius  
Noel Joseph William  
Noel Magdalen Margaret  
Noel Maria Frances  
Noel Maria Stella  
Noel Maria Susan  
Noel Nicholas Oscar  
O'Brien Catherine  
O'Brien John Joseph  
O'Brien Thomas William  
O'Hary Anna  
O'Loughlin William Edward  
Ostien Nicholas  
Oswald Anton  
Oswald Audrey Virginia  
Oswald Catherine  
Oswald Catherine à  
Oswald Catherine Louise  
Oswald Dorothy  
Oswald John  
Oswald Josephine  
Oswald Louise  
Oswald Louise à  
Oswald Lucy Maria  
Oswald Maria  
Oswald Maria Johanna  
Oswald Maria Joseph  
Oswald Maria Josephine  
Oswald Maria Magdalen  
Oswald Maria Virginia  
Oswald Nicholas  
Oswald Nicholas  
Oswald Wilhelmina  
Otier John  
Otieu (see: Otieux) David  
Otieux (see: Otieu) David  
Otieux Gregory William  
Pauly Francis  
Pauly John  
Pauly Joseph Carl or Charles  
Pauly Maria  
Pauly Nicholas Joseph  
Peltier Louis  
Peltieux Mizael  
Pfohl Catherine (a twin)
Pfohl Francis Anton (a twin)
Pfohl Francis Carl or Charles (a twin)
Pfohl Magdalena (a twin)
Pfohl Maria  
Philipps Anna  
Philipps Henry  
Philipps Josephine  
Philipps Josephine  
Philipps Peter Oliver  
Philips Theodore  
Phillips Anna Catherine  
Phillips Anna Maria  
Phillips Thomas Nicholas  
Pütz Michael Raymond  
Pütz Susanna Clara  
Raftis Maria  
Reddan Agatha  
Reddan Joseph Thomas  
Reddan Julia Philomena  
Reddan Marcus  
Reddan Maria Helena  
Reddan Martha  
Reddan William Francis  
Redden Catherine Gertrude  
Redden Delia Loretta  
Reiter John Peter  
Royne Delia Agnes  
Ryan Alice L.  
Ryan Aloysius  
Ryan Cornelius  
Ryan Eleonora Aloysia  
Ryan Ellen (Helena)  
Ryan Joanna à  
Ryan Johanna  
Ryan John Jacob or James  
Ryan John Patrick  
Ryan Maria  
Ryan Patrick  
Ryan Raphael  
Sadler Catherine  
Sadler Maria  
Schaffert Florence Mathilda  
Schank Helen  
Schank Henry  
Schank John  
Schilling Anna  
Schilling Elisabeth Catherine  
Schilling Florence  
Schilling Frances  
Schilling John  
Schilling Joseph  
Schilling Margaret Maria à  
Schilling Margaret Theresa  
Schilling Maria  
Schilling Mathias  
Schilling Nicholas  
Schilling (see: Shilling) Pauline  
Schilling Peter à  
Schilling Susan  
Schmid S. Francis Edward  
Schmidt Anna Catharine  
Schmit Margaret  
Schroeder Elisabeth  
Schroeder Josephine  
Schuster Agnes Theresa  
Schuster Anna Maria  
Schuster Elisabeth  
Schuster Francis Martin  
Schuster John Joseph  
Shilling (sic) (see: Schilling) Pauline  
Sohang Nicholas  
Steffen Charles  
Steffen John  
Steffen (see: Stephen) Josephine  
Steffen Peter  
Steichen John Peter  
Stempker Anna Maria  
Stephen (see: Steffen) Josephine  
Stoffel Emil  
Stoffel John  
Stoffel John Arthur  
Stoffel Magdalen  
Stoffel Maria Josephine  
Stoffel Virginia Katherine  
Stork Anna  
Stork Hortense  
Stork John Otto  
Sträff Peter  
Sullivan John  
Sutton James or Jacob  
Theisen Francis Augustus  
Theisen Helen Monica  
Theisen Nicholas Oscar  
Theisen Nicholas Oscar  
Treiner Susan  
Troy (see: Green) Maria Eugenia, age 21 yrs., wife of Patrick Troy
Troy Oscar Vincent  
Troy Patrick Edward  
Vancord Florentine Patrick  
Vancord Jacob or James  
Vancourt Alfred Lawrence  
Wagner Anna  
Wagner Anna Margaret  
Wagner Anton  
Wagner Anton or Anthony  
Wagner Armella Elisabeth  
Wagner Barbara  
Wagner Emerentia Elizabeth  
Wagner Frances  
Wagner John  
Wagner Margaret  
Wagner Nicholas  
Wagner Peter  
Weber Henry  
Weber Julius Edmund  
Weiss Catherine  
Weiss Maria  
Welbes ? (a baby girl)  
Welbes Gertrude Odilia  
Welbes Maria  
Welsch Peter  
Werner Frances Margaret  
Werner John  
Werner John Joseph  
Wethoa Barbara  
Wethoa Mathias  
Wetter Louise
Winkel Alfred John (Died 26 Apr 1890)
Winkel Catharine  
Winkel John (Died 29 Apr 1885)
Winkel John Stephen  
Winkel Loretta Eugenia  
Wogan Thomas Francis  
Wogan William Joseph  
Yungers Francis  
Zadika S. Sara (17 years old)
Index of Names Taken from Baptismal Records of St. Catherine Parish Sacramental Register, Book One (Feb 1867 - June 1900)

Transcribed by: Joan Tallman 
Proofed By: Rev. Loras C. Otting 
Submitted by: Joan Tallman and to Dubuque County IAGenWeb by Julia Krapfl

(c) 2002 Submitted by Tom Schlarman and 2015 to Dubuque County IAGenWeb by Julia Krapfl


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