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St. Catherine Baptismal Records Index, Jan 1895 - May 1930

Index of Names Taken from Baptismal Records of St. Catherine Parish Sacramental Register,

 Book Two Jan 1895-May 1930.

Used with the permission of Fr. Otting (now retired) of the Dubuque Archdiocese.



Please note, most sacramental records in the Archdiocese remain at the parish.

Information request process Anyone wanting further information about these records, copies, etc., contact:
Email: archives@dbqarch.org
Send a letter to:

Archdiocese of Dubuque
1229 Mt. Loretta Avenue
Dubuque, IA 52003

Requests will be answered in the order received. We appreciate your patience.

You may notice there are some repeat names in the indexes. They are different individuals with different parents for the most part; occasionally a child died as an infant and a subsequent child in the family was given the same name. All instances of repeat names have been left in the index.

You may also notice the Given Name "Carl or Charles" is listed quite often. That is because the name entered in the record was written in Latin as either "Carolo" or "Carolus". That can be translated as either Carl or Charles, so Fr. Otting asked that they be entered as such.
Surname Given Name Comments
Augustin John Matthew  
Augustine Maria Rosalie  
Augustine Elizabeth Clara  
Bauer Joseph Mathias  
Beidler Florence Helen  
Beringer Rose Catherine  
Beringer Adam Henry  
Bertch Esther Marian Margaret  
Boge, Mrs. (see: McEvers) Opal Aurelia (convert)  
Bohn Elinore (a convert)  
Butlett Cletus Theodore  
Butlett John George  
Crane Delbert Martin  
Dolan Catherine  
Dolan Arnold LeRoy  
Dolan Hope Catherine  
Dolan Joseph Nicholas  
Dolan Pearl Winifred  
Dolan Marcella Calista  
Dolan Bert Peter  
Dolan Glen Gregory  
Dolan Anna Maria  
Dolan Mary Esther  
Dolan Eleanor Marcella  
Dolan Joseph Adrian  
Eiffes Edwin Paul  
Eiffes Harvey John  
Eiffes Adele Frances  
Erpelding Hilda Maria Anna  
Erpelding Beatrice Catherine  
Erpelding Dolores Christina  
Erpelding Robert Carl or Charles  
Fagan Kenneth James (a convert)  
Fah (see: Faha) Katherine Leona  
Faha (see: Fah) Katherine Leona  
Fessler (ne Fredrick) Maria Lulu  
Forret Lester John  
Forret Frances Maria  
Fredrick (see: Fessler) Maria Lulu  
Froelich Carl or Charles John Joseph  
Gassmann Anna Flora  
Gassmann Barbara Philomena  
Gassmann Ethel Maria  
Gassmann Catherine Lucille  
Grobstick Wilbur Lorenzo  
Hanson Francis John  
Haxmeier Veronica  
Haxmeier Helen Sedalia  
Heacock Florence Elisabeth  
Heacock Clarence  
Heacock Clara Anna (Nettie)  
Heacock Theresa (Glenn)  
Heacock Anthony  
Heacock Gertrude Gayle  
Heacock Alfred William  
Heacock Alvin Aloysius  
Heacock Nettie Martha  
Heacock Rosella Theresa  
Heacock Ella Ida  
Heacock Laverne Anna  
Heacock Aaron Henry  
Heer Jacob or James Leo  
Heer Dillon Francis  
Heinen Victor Howard  
Heinz Joseph John  
Heinz Cecelia Anna  
Henkel Peter Alfred  
Hentges (see: Hintges) Peter  
Herbst Daniel Joseph  
Herbst Christina Maria  
Herbst Anna Maria  
Herbst Viola Anne  
Herbst Armin (Arnold?) Francis  
Herbst Elmer Peter  
Herbst Lucille Marie  
Hilken Irene Anna  
Hilken Martha  
Hilken John Francis  
Hilken Maria  
Hilken Henry Raphael  
Hilken William Joseph  
Hilken Katherine Geraldine  
Hilken Jean Florence  
Hilken Mary Esther  
Hilken Elmer John  
Hilken Marcella Katherine  
Hilken Charles Arthur  
Hilkin Leo Carl or Charles  
Hilkin George Albert  
Hilkin Florence Catherine  
Hilkin Raymond Henry  
Hilkin (see: Hiltkin) Joseph F.  
Hilkin Albert Henry  
Hilkin Dolores Catherine  
Hilkin Margaret Virginia  
Hilkin Louise  
Hilkin Verena Maria  
Hilkin Elmer Jacob or James  
Hilkin Earl John  
Hilkin Mathilda Antonette  
Hiltken (sic) (see: Hilkin) Joseph F.  
Hinkel Emil George  
Hinkel (see: Hnikel) Margaret Antonette  
Hinkel Cecilia Anna  
Hintges (see: Hentges) Peter  
Hnikel (sic) (see: Hinkel) Margaret Antonette  
Hoffman Margaret  
Hoffman Cyril Henry  
Hoffman Theodore Joseph  
Hoffman Vincent Francis  
Hoffman Anna Bernice  
Hoffman Edward Francis  
Hoffman Rosella Maria (a twin)  
Hoffman Rosina Katherine (a twin)  
Hoffman Edwina Mary  
Hoffman Herbert Michael  
Hoffmann John Joseph  
Hoffmann Frances Cecelia  
Hoffmann Lucile Angella  
Hoffmann Anna Gertrude  
Hoffmann Mary Florence  
Hoffmann Ray Michael  
Inade (?) Dolores Alvina  
Jaeger (sic) (see: Yaeger) Louis John  
Jaeger (sic) (see: Yaeger) Ferdinand Mathias  
Jaeger (sic) (see: Yaeger) Ruth Elisabeth  
Jaeger (sic) (see: Yaeger) Bernice Margaret  
Kass Joseph Carl or Charles  
Kass Matilda Anna  
Kass Frances Lucil (sic)  
Kass Clara Josephine  
Kass John Henry  
Kass Rose Katherine  
Kass Joseph Nicholas  
Kemp Christina Susan  
Kemp Anton Peter (a twin)  
Kemp Elisabeth Helen (a twin)  
Kemp Michael Augustus  
Kemp Rudolph Jacob or James  
Kemp Leona Maria  
Kemp Martha  
Kemp Joseph Peter  
Kemp Aloisius John  
Kemp Loretta Katherine  
Kemp Florence Genevieve  
Kemp Lawrence Benedict  
Kemp Marcella Agatha  
Kemp Carl Peter  
Kemp Arlet Mardel  
Kemp Cletus Francis  
Kemp Francis Dale  
Kies Angelina Odilia  
Kies Arthur John  
Kies Leona Margaret  
Kies Catherine  
Kirpes Anthony Lawrence  
Kirpes John Oliver  
Kirpus Herman Joseph Ferdinand  
Klang Maria Margaret  
Kloster Catherine  
Knochel (ne Schuster) Barbara (Adult convert)  
Knochel Maria Theresa  
Knochel (see: Knockel) Dolores Maria  
Knochel John William  
Knockel Leona Barbara  
Knockel Robert John  
Knockel Adele Frances  
Knockel Ralph Herman  
Knockel Vernon Joseph  
Knockel (see: Knochel) Dolores Maria  
Kraus Susan Philomena  
Kraus Matthew Leo  
Kraus Louise Catherine  
Kraus Francis Leonard  
Kraus Henry Joseph  
Kremer Catherine Sylvia  
Kremer Joseph Vincent  
LaGrand Joseph John  
LaGrand Francis Clarence  
Lamper Cecilia Katherine  
Lebeau Martha Susan  
Lebeau Catharine Maria  
Lebeau John Baptist  
LeGrand Jacob or James John  
Linden Merlin Theodore  
Linden Ralph Alfred Albert  
Linden Charles Pershing  
Linden John Willard  
Lintgen Susanna  
Majerus Raymond Michael  
Majerus Laurence Nicholas  
Majerus Florence Susanna  
Majerus Nicholas Peter  
Manders Eric Nicholas  
Manders Joseph  
Manders Arnold Michael  
Manders Michael  
Manders Anna Pauline  
Manders Elmer Joseph  
Manders Raymond Nicholas  
Manders Verina Pauline  
Manders Martha Maria  
Manders Maria  
Manders Julius  
Manders Louis Francis  
Manders Herbert Francis  
Manders Clarence Peter  
Manders Louise Dorothy  
Manders Celestine Catherine  
Manders Edwin  
Manders Alfred Arnold  
Manders LaVerne Raymund  
Manhardt Bernice Elisabeth  
Manhardt Marjorie Angeline  
Manhart George Arthur  
Manhart Henry  
Manhart Harold Francis Anthony  
Manhart Rita Mary Agatha  
Manhart Dorothy May Agnes  
Markus Susan Helen  
Markus Anna Maria  
Markus Andrew Benjamin  
Markus Catherine Leonarda  
Markus Martha Barbara  
Markus Leroy Sebastian  
Markus Florence Susanna  
Markus Melita Frances  
Markus Geraldine Clara  
Markus Mary Jane Frances  
Mastin George (new convert)  
Mastin Maria Mabel Christine  
Mastin Agnes Catherine  
Maury Christopher  
McEvers (Opal) (see: Boge) Opal Aurelia (convert)  
Menuster (?) Maria Agatha  
Mergers (sic) (Merges) Joseph Dennis  
Merges Anna Susanna  
Merges (see: Mergers) Joseph Dennis  
Merges Clara Maria Frances  
Merges Bertha Elizabeth  
Merges Carl or Charles  
Merges Catherine Theresa  
Merges Laura Josephine  
Merges Barbara  
Merges John Peter  
Merges Florence  
Merges Peter Lawrence  
Merges Francis John  
Merges Agatha Marian  
Merges Peter Bernard  
Merges Henry Aloisius  
Merges Aloysius John  
Michell Peter Werner  
Michell Joseph Nicholas  
Miller Raphael John  
Mitchel Eugenia Lilah  
Mitchel LeRoy  
Mitchel Dorothy Marian  
Mitchel Arthur Mark  
Mitchell Francis Loras  
Mitchell Edward Sylvester  
Mitchell Gertrude Laura  
Mitchell Edwin Loras  
Mueller Maria Viola  
Mueller Martha Agnes  
Mueller Joseph Donald  
Mueller Herman Joseph  
Muenster Francis Joseph  
Muenster Francis John  
Muenster Ludmila  
Munster John Baptist  
Munster Susanna Louise  
Mnster Henry Andrew  
Mnster Joseph John  
Mnster Peter Paul  
Mnster John Francis  
Noel Wilfred Julius Conditionally baptized
Noel Marcel Henry Franklin  
Noel Louisa Magdalen  
Noel Carl Joseph  
Noel Loretta Estelle  
Noel Bernice Frances  
Noel Omer John  
Noel Helen Mabel  
Noel Carl or Charles William  
Noel Edward John  
Noel Margaret Emma  
Noel Louis Wilfred  
Noel Elaine Lorraine  
Olinger Catherine Maria  
Olinger Joseph John  
Olinger Leo Nicholas  
Olinger Mary Pauline  
Olinger Florence Barbara  
Olinger Marcella Frances  
Olinger Rose Marie  
Olinger Frieda Martha  
Oswald Lucy Marie  
Oswald Joseph Francis  
Oswald Maria Elsie  
Paizynski Mae Agnes  
Pfohl Francis Edwin  
Phillips Thomas Nicholas  
Phillips Anna Catherine  
Phillips Anna Maria  
Pillard John (a convert)  
Pillard Margaret (a convert)  
Pillard Lucille (New convert)  
Pillard Lester Leonard  
Pillard Arnold Allie  
Polfer Clement Aloysius  
Powers Bernice Maria  
Puetz Peter Arthur  
Ptz Susanna Clara  
Ptz Michael Raymond  
Reis Charles Reinhard  
Reis Martin Thomas  
Reis Mary Veronica  
Reiss Robert Joseph  
Reuter John Peter  
Reuter John  
Reuter Maria Catherine  
Schilling Anna  
Schilling Florence  
Schilling (see: Shilling) Pauline  
Schuster Elisabeth  
Schuster Francis Martin  
Schuster John Joseph  
Schuster Agnes Theresa  
Schuster Leo Henry  
Schuster Edmund Anthony  
Schuster Veronica Philomena  
Schuster Erna  
Schuster Paul Nicholas  
Schuster Harold Edward  
Schuster (ne) (see: Knochel) Barbara (Adult convert)  
Shilling (see: Schilling) Pauline  
Splinter Raymond Clarence  
Steffen John  
Steffen Peter  
Steffen Charles  
Steffen Clara Catherine  
Thielen Cletus Arthur  
Thilen William Harlan  
Tigges Marcella Clara Maria  
Tigges Bernice Anna Theresa  
Tigges Leo Joseph Patrick  
Tigges Genevieve Mary Magdalen  
Tigges Melvin Joseph Adam  
Tigges Joseph John  
Tigges Calista Catherine  
Tigges Alfred Eugidius  
Wagner Emerentia Elizabeth  
Wagner Margaret  
Wagner Anna  
Wagner Maria Martha  
Wagner Eugenia Mildred  
Webber Carl or Charles Joseph  
Weber Julius Edmund  
Weber Margaret Maria  
Weber Anna Catherine  
Weber Nicholas William  
Weber William Francis  
Weber Mary Ione  
Weimerskirch Gerald John  
Weimerskirch Eveline Barbara  
Weimerskirch Marion Helen  
Welbes Maria  
Welbes Emma  
Welbes Gertrud Otilia  
Welbes Nicholas Arthur  
Welbes Anna Catherine  
Welbes Helen Susan  
Welbes Arnold Henry  
Welbes Lucille Margaret  
Welbes Elizabeth Margaret  
Welbes Eugenia Susanna  
Welbes Henry Francis  
Welbes Nicholas Milton  
Welbes Edward Peter  
Welbes Joseph Jacob or James  
Werner John Joseph  
Winkel Loretta Eugenia  
Yaeger (see: Jaeger) Bernice Margaret  
Yaeger (see: Jaeger) Louis John  
Yaeger (see: Jaeger) Ferdinand Mathias  
Yaeger (see: Jaeger) Ruth Elisabeth  
Index of Names Taken from Baptismal Records of St. Catherine Parish Sacramental Register, Book Two (Jan 1895 - May 1930)

Transcribed by: Joan Tallman 
Proofed By: Rev. Loras C. Otting 
Submitted by: Joan Tallman

c) 2002 Submitted by Tom Schlarman and 2015 to Dubuque County IAGenWeb by Julia Krapfl


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