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Epworth, Iowa

DAILY TIMES COMPANY, Printers, Dubuque, May 1885

The Methodist Episcopal Church, of Epworth, Iowa, was organized in February, 1851, with the following persons as members:

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Garner, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Vananda and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith.

Rev. Joel B. Taylor was pastor and preached the first sermon in the vicinity of Epworth. In 1863 a small frame church was built, the membership being at that time about 25. The cost of the church was about $1,000.00, and was dedicated by the Rev. Joel B. Taylor, in December, 1853. For seventeen years the society worshiped in this building, witnessing there many manifestations of Divine Power, and enjoying much spiritual prosperity. In 1869 the present Church building was commenced; finished and dedicated on November 25th, 1871, by Rev. H. W. Reed, D. D., at a cost of $6,300.00, and is a commodious and attractive structure. The parsonage, which is near the church in the same yard, is a pleasant and comfortable house, making a delightful home for all the ministers stationed as pastor of the Church. From the building of the Church in 1871, to the present, the prosperity of the society has been marked and gratifying. From its membership some have gone to fill places of honor and responsibility in the Ministry and in other worthy positions in life, while many have gone to their Heavenly Home, missed, but not forgotten.

The following ministers have been pastors of the Church, from its organization until the present:

Rev. Joel B. Taylor, John L. Kelley, H. W. Reed and David Havens, Joseph Cameron, Thomas Thompson, Lewis Ashbaugh, W. H. Miller, C. Isham, H. W. Reed, S. M. Bronson, R. W. Keeler, H. W. Reed, J. Laverty, W. G. Moore, H. W. Houghton, L. H. Hartsough, J. N. Platt, J. M. Ferris, J. B. Albrook, R. Swearingen, J. B. Taylor, S. Knickerbocker, G. R. Manning.

Gone but Not Forgotten.

This may be said of many that once filled a place in this Church. Faithful in labors, willing in sacrifices and rich in results to the cause of Christ, they have gone to make a part of the Church triumphant, while we of the church militant come after, trying to equal them in character and usefulness. Among those not forgotten are:

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. John Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Sturtevant, Mr. Jas. Johnson, Dr. Wm. Johnson, Rev. H. Husted. Mrs. Z. Kidder, Mrs. Elizabeth Crosby, Mrs. Jane Anderson, Mr. A. H. Vananda, and others.


Rev. H. H. Green, Presiding Elder.
Rev. G. R. Manning, Pastor.
Prof. G. W. Jones, Local Preacher.
Philip Keagy, Class Leader.
Mrs. David Edwards, Class Leader.
Prof. G. W. Jones, Class Leader.


David Edwards, J. F. Reyner, R. H. Keagy, D. M. Buie, Nathan Simpson, W. Kidder.

Current Members:

Aldrich, N.; Aldrich, Mrs. C.; Anderson; Miss Clara Anderson, Frank Albrook, Mrs. Agnes; Adaman, Thomas; Adaman, Mrs. Maria; Anderson, Miss Lillie; Albrook, M. G.
Bradfield, Charles; Briggs, Thomas; Briggs, Miss Caroline; Briggs, Mrs, Mary; Bule, D. M.; Bradfield, Miss Elizabeth; Bule, Mrs. Margaret; Bradfield, Mrs. Mary
Cheever, Peleg; Crawford, Mrs Kate; Cheever, Mrs. P.
Defoe, Mrs. Mary; Defoe, Joseph; Dobson, Mrs. Fannie
Edwards, David; Edwards, Mrs, Sarah; Edwards, Mrs. Matilda; Edwards, Miss Ella; Edwards, James; Edwards, Mrs, Fannie; Evans, Miss Sarah E.; Earl, Mrs. Rhoda; Ellis, Joel; Ellis, Mrs. Catharine; Ellis, Edgar; Ellis, Miss Agnes; Ellis, Miss Kittie; Ellis, Miss Hattie May
French, Mrs. Mary; French, Miss Jennie; Fenton, John R.; Fenton, Miss Helen; Fogg, Joseph; Fogg, Mrs. Mary; French, F. W.; French, Mrs Anna
Goodrich, Mrs. Hariet; Goodrich, Miss Mary; Goodrich, Miss Laura; Graham, A. H.; Green, Mrs. Mary; Green, Miss Anna; Green, Miss Iowa; Graham, Mrs. E.
Hinde, John; Hinde, Mrs. J.; Hirons, Harvey; Hirons, Mrs. M. H.; Hanna, A. F.; Hewitt, Miss Nettie; Hindman, Miss E J.
Johnson, Mrs. Dr.; Johnson, Mrs. James; Johnson, Howard; Johnson, Mrs. E. S.; Johnson, Miss Ren; Jackson, Dr.; Jackson, Mrs. Mary; Jackson, Miss Anna; Jackson, Miss Ette; Jamyson, A. H.; Jacques, Mrs. Mary; Jones, G. W.; Jones, Mrs. S. E.; Johnson J. F.; Johnson, Mrs. Ellen
Keagy, Philip; Keagy, Mrs. Jane; Keagy, R. H. Kidder, Z.; Kidder, James; Kidder, Z. Jr.; Kidder, Miss Lillie; Kidder, Wm.; Kidder, Joseph; Kidder, G. W.; King, Wm.; King, Mrs. Lydia; Kantaline, F.; Kantaline, Mrs. F.; Kepple, James
Linderman, Mrs. C.; Linderman, Miss A. E.; Lusk, Mrs. H.; Lusk, Byron; Lambert, J. W.; Lambert, Mrs. Alvina; Lambert, Mrs. Belle; Lawson, John
McGill, W.; Moore, J. W.; Moore, Mrs. Laura; Miller, Miss Carrie; Miller, George; Miller, W W.; Miller, Mrs. M. A.; Manning, Mrs. Carrie E.; Mitchell, John; Mitchell, Miss Frances; Magness, Mrs. Mary
Nicholas, Mrs. J.
Poor, B. C.; Poor, Mrs. L.; Poor, W.; Poor, Miss Mary; Parker, E.; Parker, Mrs. M. A.; Pinch, Elias; Pinch, C.; Pinch, E. Jr.; Pinch, Miss Charlotte; Pinch, Miss Anna
Randall, Miss Amelia; Roberts, A. S.; Ross, Mrs Mary P.; Reyner, Dr.; Reyner, Mrs. Sarah; Reyner, Miss Minnie; Reyner, Miss Allie
Simpson, N.; Simpson, Mrs. Alice; Simpson, Miss Effie; Sholey, Mrs. Fidelia; Spottswood, E.; Spottswood, Mrs. C.; Spottswood, W.; Spottswood, Mrs.; A. Spottswood, F.; Smith, Thomas; Smith, Mrs. E.; Story, A. B.; Story, Mrs. S.; Shumway, Mrs. M.; Sullivan, Miss K.; Squires, Stephen; Stanger, John; Stanger, Mrs. M.; Stanger, C.; Scott, Mrs. Lucy; Saunders, Mrs. L. C.
Van Allen, R.; Van Allen, Mrs. S.; Van Allen, Miss Ada; Vananda, Mrs. Anna
Webster, Miss Malinda; Wright, Lyman; Wright, Mrs. S. M.
Young, Miss Amy; Young, H.; Young, Mrs. Susan


Anderson, Miss Lila M.; Anderson, Miss Minnie K.; Green, Miss Lucy P.; Moore, Charles; Briggs, Thomas J.; Magness, Miss Annie; Crocker, Miss Nellie; Chambers, Will A.; Clark, Miss Frances S.; Noble, Miss M. M.; Thomas, S. L.

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