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Orphan Train Riders to Iowa  Orphan Train Riders

  ~ Dubuque County ~   

Dubuque County, Iowa 

1875 Andreas Atlas. This map shows the Chicago, Dubuque and Minnesota Railroad which ran north and south along the Mississippi river. From Dubuque it ran north to Fountain Hill, Peru and Waupelon and south to Rockdale and Massey. The Iowa Division of the Illinois Central Railroad ran east and west. It begins south of Dubuque at Rockdale and continues west to Parsonville, Centre Grove, Julien, Peosta, Epworth and Farley. At Farley, it branches north and goes to Dyersville. The Dubuque Southwestern Railroad goes south from Farley to Worthington .

The text of the 1875 Andreas Atlas has this to say about the railroads in Dubuque County:

"The first railroad which reached the shore opposite Dubuque was the Illinois Central, in 1855." After a discussion about a bridge, it goes on to say "The first railroad westward from Dubuque was the Dubuque and Sioux City, commenced in 1856, and since extended to its westward terminus on the Missouri River. The Dubuque and Southwestern was soon after put in operation, and now connects Dubuque with Cedar Rapids. The Chicago, Clinton and Dubuque road, and the Chicago, Dubuque and Minnesota, complete the list centering in this city, and give it railroad facilities equal to the demands of its large and increasing business. The citizens, however, are agitating the subject of building, in addition to the above, a narrow-gauge road from Dubuque to Milwaukee, which has a fair prospect of being soon constructed." 


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