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Dubuque County Newspapers Published

Past and Present


EARLY HISTORY. (compiled by John Springer, of Iowa City)

1836, May 11 - Printing was introduced at Dubuque. The publications prior to 1842 were as follows:
1836, May 11 - The Dubuque Visitor, established at Dubuque Lead Mines, Wisconsin territory, by John King. Now published as the Dubuque Herald.
1837, June 3 - The Iowa News, at Dubuque, by Russell & Coriell.
1841, July - The Miner's Express, at Dubuque, by Avery Thomas.


Active Dubuque County Newspapers

Telegraph Herald  


801 Bluff Street

Dubuque, IA 52001


Published 1901-Present


Dubuque Advertiser


2966 John F. Kennedy Rd.

Dubuque, IA 52002



Dubuque Leader

1527 Central Ave.

Dubuque, IA 52001



Dyersville Commercial

223 1st Ave. E

Dyersville, IA 52040



Cascade Pioneer

109 Adams St. SE

Cascade, IA 52033




1860 Dubuque Co., Newspaper (from Iowa Old Press):

Town Name Publishers Character
Dubuque Herald J.B. Dorr & Co. D
Dubuque Times Palmer, Gilmore & Co. R
Dubuque Witness J.C. Benedict Rel
Dubuque N.W. Farmer Miller & Brayton m'thly/Agr
Dubuque Democrat F. Gniff'ke Ger/D
1836 - 1880 Dubuque Co., Newspaper (from Iowa Old Press):
Publication Frequency Character Est. Notes
Herald Daily News & politics 1836 Morning
Herald Weekly News & politics 1836  
Times Daily News & politics 1858 Morning
Times Weekly News & politics 1856  
Dubuque National Demokrat Weekly News & politics 1856 German
Der Presbyterianer Bi-weekly Religious 1867 Presbyterian; German
Telegraph Daily News & politics 1870 Evening
Telegraph Weekly News & politics 1870  
Luxemburger Gazette Weekly Religious 1871 Catholic; German
Die Nord Iowa Post Weekly News & politics 1873 German; Suspended October,1880
Iowa Weekly Religious 1875 Catholic; German
Iowa Normal Monthly Monthly Educational 1877  
Our Saturday Night Weekly Society, art, etc 1880  
Dyerville Commercial Weekly News & politics 1872  

Historical Dubuque County Newspapers

Newspaper Information Published dates
Dubuque Visitor  First newspaper published in the state of Iowa from 11 May 1936 - 24 May 1837
Iowa News Dubuque Visitor changed its name to Iowa News from June 1837 - 1840
Miner's Express Iowa News Changed to 1854itd nsme to Miner;s Express daily and weekly between 1941
Dubuque Transcript Whig Newspaper from 1843-1845
Dubuque Tribune . from Dec 1846 to Mar 1958
Iowa Staats Zeitung Changed political philosophies from German democrat to Whig to independent 1847 to about 1854
The Democratic Telegraph Politically a Whig publication  from 21 Sept 1848 to 1 Oct 1850 when it was absorbed by the Dubuque Tribune
The Dubuque Herald Independent newspaper established 19 April 1851
Absorbed the Miner's Express in 1854
Also known as the Express and Herald and the Express Herald
Published until October 1901 when it was merged with the Dubuque Telegrap
Iowa State Democrat Published from the Dubuque Herald office from 1852 until 1853 when it merged with the Dubuque Herald
Dubuque Observer Politically a Whig Publication from 1854 to 1855
Dubuque Republican Published from 1855 to 20 October 1857 (not published between April 1857 and June 6, 1857) Absorbed by the Dubuque Tribune
The Northwest

Published as opposition to the Dubuque Herald, which was democratic in political philosophy.

between 1856 and 1858
Staats Zeitung Republican from 1857 to 1873
Dubuque Times Daily and weekly issues published from 15 June 1857 to 1906
Dubuque National Demokrat (German newspaper)
Published from August 1857 to 1933
The Morning Sun A continuation of The Northwest, published only a few months in 1858
Dubuque Daily Union

Published for 5 months in 1861

Der Presbyterianer (German semi-monthly religious publication)
Published from 1867 to unknown
Dubuque Telegraph

Published from 5 July 1870 until October 1901 when it was merged with the Dubuque Herald

Luxemburger Gazette (German Newspaper) Published from 1871-1918
Die Iowa (German Newspaper)

Published from 5 January 1875 to sometime before World War II

Dubuque Times-Journal

Published from 1906 to 1927


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