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Andrew Bahl



Andrew Bahl was a member of the Iowa General Assembly from 1846 to 1926 from Dubuque County.

Center Township (township 89 north, range I east) was settled in the early thirties. The first settlers voted at Dubuque, but in 1839 this portion of the county was constituted Paul precinct for voting purposes.  In 1843 it was made a part of Julienne, Jefferson, Concord and Center townships. In February, 1849 it was given its present boundaries. Among the first settlers in Center township were William Morrison, John Morgan, Thomas C. Judd, E. McDowell, Martin Haggard, Peter R. Benner, James Kimbrel, John M. Moore, David Haggard, William Stratton, Elisha Brady, Felix W. Flaherty, Thomas B. Wilson, William D. Scott, D. M. Buie, Samuel Wells, Antoine Loire and P. L. Sharp, who arrived before I845; also Louis Fettgather, C. F. Humke and the Bahls. The township had an abundance of good timber and limestone. Considerable charcoal was burned early. During the fifties there were built three saw mills and two grist mills.

  Anna Marie Engler & Andre' Andrew Bahl
The village of Dacotah was founded early in the fifties as a result of the survey for the  
Dubuque & Pacific railroad . The first lots offered in March, 1854, sold for $25 each ; in May they were worth $200. It was to be the first station west of Dubuque and grew rapidly. In 1855 its name was changed to Centralia. The county agricultural society met there in the fall of 1854 In June, 1855, the place had three stores, several mechanics, a post office and a population of about 200. "This village now contains 200 inhabitants. The present prospects indicate that in less than ten years the county seat of Dubuque county will be established at Centralia."--("A Citizen," in E. & H., June 6, 1855.) In I863 the post office there was suspended. At an early day , P. Lattner & Brother opened a woolen mill on the Little Maquoketa, three miles north of Peosta. They paid the highest price for wool and carded, spun and wove woolen garments , etc. The residence of James Hood was burned in October, 1 852, by an incendiary. In the fifties a big barbecue and harvest home was held at Twin Springs and was attended by 2,000 people. The speakers were Alphons Matthews, Dr. J. P. Quigley, T. J. Paisley, C. J. Rogers and Andrew Bahl. William Stratton donated the land at Centralia. It has the Catholic church, several stores, hotels and among the business men there have been William Morrison, Mr. Rittenhouse, Antoine Loire, A. D. Anderson, Louis Blew, Felix Flaherty, Mr. Philbrick and others. Lattner and Lora are small hamlets.
~ contributed by Barbara Campbell, Great Great Granddaughter of Andrew Bahl  


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