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A. T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 
Transcribed from: A. T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875
page 535 Cols 4 & 5
page 536 Col. 1

~ Transcribed by Tom Schlarman and submitted by Julia Krapfl~

Surname Given Name Township Occupation
Longhurst Thomas Dubuque Architect & Builder
Chamberlain W.C. Dubuque Agriculture Implements, Seeds & Staple Hardware (Wholesale)
Merriam & Conrick     Agriculture Implements
Cummings D.S. Dubuque Agriculture Machinery (Manufacturer)
Adams & Robinson & Lacy   Dubuque Attorneys at Law
Ballou John M. Dubuque Attorney at Law
Crane George Dubuque Attorney at Law
Cady & Longuevill   Dubuque Attorney at Law
Fouke H.B. Dubuque Attorney at Law
McCeney E. Dubuque Attorney at Law
Mullany & Lenehan   Dubuque Attorney at Law
Poor B.W. Dubuque Attorney at Law & Register in Bankruptcy
Trumbull M.M. Dubuque Attorney at Law & Internal Revenue Collector
Simplot Alexander Dubuque Artist & Designer of Illustrations
Large W.P. Dubuque Boots & Shoes (Manufacturer & Wholesale Dealer)
Michel J. Dubuque Boots & Shoes (Manufr & Dealer)
Robinson Wm.H Dubuque Boots & Shoes (Wholesale)
Dick J.W Dubuque Billiard Hall
Hartman C.J Dubuque Billiard Hall
Waffle Perry H. Dubuque Dubuque Billiard Hall
Wagner P.S. Dubuque Billiard Hall
Kelly James Dubuque Books & Stationery
Graves R.E. Dubuque President, Commercial National Bank
Stout H.L. Dubuque Vice President, Commercial National Bank
Kingman H.M. Dubuque Cashier, Commercial National Bank
Fairbanks & Co. J.E. Dubuque Dubuque Bakers, Proprietors Steam Cracker Bakery
Marshall Wm. Dubuque Dubuque Boiler Maker, Proper "Eagle Steam Boiler Works
Shultz J.W. Dubuque Barber & Bath Rooms
Schaffhauser A. Dubuque Barber
Blumenauer M. Dubuque Barber
Gleed Ambrose Dubuque Brewer
Glad Adam Dubuque Brewer
Peaslee A.H. Dubuque Brewer
D'Mets John Dubuque Bookbinder and Blank Book Manfr.
Massey & Langworthy   Dubuque Coal and Wood
Parker & Son J.W. Dubuque Commission Mchts, Wholesale Dlrs in Coal, Salt, Cement, Grain, etc.
Tuttle Horace Dubuque Collection Agent and Justice of the Peace
Meyers & Tice & Co.   Dubuque Cigars, Tobacco (Wholesale)
Pamperin & Tschudi   Dubuque Cigars, Tobacco (Wholesale)
Pleins H. Dubuque Cigar (Manufacturer)
Walch Andrew Dubuque Cigars and Billiard Hall
Tschirgi Mather, Jr. Dubuque Civil Engineer
Kuntz John Dubuque Carriage Manufacturer
Becker G. Dubuque Clothing Manfr. And Jobber  Foreign and Domestic Woolens
Raymond Bros & Hill   Dubuque Crockery and Glassware (Wholesale and retail)
Holland Ora Dubuque Contractor and Builder
Baylies C.J. Dubuque Proprietor, Commercial College
Allen W.P. Dubuque Druggist
Junkerman & Haas   Dubuque Druggists (Wholesale)
Rigg James James Dubuque Druggists
Ruete T.W. Dubuque Druggist, Apothecary and Chemist
Ziepprecht H. Dubuque Druggist
Christman J. & A. Dubuque Dry Goods, Carpets and Oil Cloths
Wood, Coates & Co.   Dubuque Dry Goods & Notions (Jobbers)
Dodge H.D. Dubuque Dentist
King J. Wade Dubuque Dentist
Dickinson & Co. J.L. Dubuque Foundry and Machine Shop
Rouse & Dean   Dubuque Foundry and Machine Shop
Corrance Hugh Dubuque Groceries, Provisions, Flour, Feed, etc.
Caesar Bros.   Dubuque Groceries (Wholesale)
Klein Otto Dubuque Groceries and Provisions
Koepfli T.F. Dubuque Groceries (Wholesale & Retail)
Poole, Gillian & Co.   Dubuque Groceries (Wholesale)
Pitschner Charles Dubuque Groceries, Wines, Liquors & Cigars
Bittmann & Schroeder   Dubuque Groceries, Provisions, Flour, Feed, Lime, etc.
Sumbardo & Co. C.L. Dubuque Groceries, Staple and Fancy and Agts for Plant's St. Louis Flour
Christman J. & C. Dubuque Hardware, Tools and Agricultural Implements
Schlenker Paul Dubuque Hardware, Stoves and Tinware
Wertin Peter Dubuque Hotel, "American House"
Him John Dubuque Hotel and Brick Manufacturer
Simones Joseph Dubuque Hotel, "Jefferson House"
Pyne Wm. W. Dubuque Hotel, "Key City House"
Barnard Bros.   Dubuque Hotel, "Lorimer House"
Kolb Henry Dubuque Hotel, "New York House"
M.A. Dubuque Hats, Caps and Furs (Wholesale and Retail)
Robinson & Harriman   Dubuque  Hats, Caps and Gents' Furnishing Goods
A. Dubuque Harness Manufacturer
Bowers & Fockler
  Dubuque Horse Hay Forks, Hay Derricks, etc. (Manufacturers)
Bissell & Bates   Dubuque Insurance and Real Estate Agents, Special Agents for Iowa for the Hartford File Ins. Co. and Continental Fire Ins. Co., N.Y.
Diggendorf F.E. Dubuque Insurance, Real Estate, Broker and Steamship Line Agent
Hollis J.M. Dubuque Insurance Special Agent Charter Oak Life Insurance Company     
Williams E.S. Dubuque     Insurance Agent    
Giles & Co.  E.A Dubuque Jewelers (Wholesale & Retail)
Minshall R.P. Dubuque Jewelry, Watches, etc.
Wormwood W.W. Dubuque Jewelry, Engraving and Repairing
Pleins & Beach   Dubuque Lard Oil, Soap and Candle Manufacturers
Randall L.D. Dubuque Leather, Wholesale Dirs. Harness Sole and Upper Leather, Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets, etc.
G. Dubuque Leather, Shoe Bindings, Harness Leather and Whips
Decker & Jaeger   Dubuque Livery Stable
 King H.C. Dubuque Livery , Feed and Sale Stable
Reynoldson G. Dubuque Leather, Shoe Bindings, Harness Leather and Whips
Lagen & Sons   Dubuque Livery Stable & Omnibus Line
Brede Frank Dubuque LiqorDealer
Jaeger Nick Dubuque Liquor Dealer
Cox Samuel J. Dubuque Liquor Dealer
Robison J.M. Dubuque Lumber, Lath, Shingles and Picket Manufacturer
Langworthy S.M. Dubuque Lumber and Real Estate
Reinecke John Dubuque Meat Market
Ruegamer John Dubuque Meat Market
Treanor Simon Dubuque Meat Market
Woolnough J. Dubuque Mason & Builder
Lohrer O.F. Dubuque Mouldings, Picture Frames, Chromos, Engravings, Photographs, etc.
Richmond & Blake   Dubuque Millinery and Fancy Goods (Wholesale and Retail)
Lenz Franz Dubuque Marble Works
Forester J.P. Dubuque Merchant (Wholesale)
Gonzett Josiah Dubuque Merchandise (General)
Kabat Joseph Dubuque Merchant Tailor
Holtz Charles Dubuque Merchant Tailor
Thompson & Jones   Dubuque Notions
Ham & Carver   Dubuque Publisher 'Herald'
Mahony D.A. Dubuque Publishers 'Dubuque Telegraph', Dubuque Telegraph Co.
Rich & Woodruff   Dubuque Publishers 'Dubuque Times'
McLaury J.W. Dubuque Publisher 'Dubuque Commercial'
Genner Nicholas Dubuque Editor, Publishers of 'Luxemburger Gazette' (German), 'The Iowa' (German), German Catholic Printing Co.
Guiffke F.A. Dubuque Editor, Publishers 'National Demokrat' (German)
Muller Ed. Dubuque Publishers 'National Demokrat' (German)
McDonald A.Y. Dubuque Plumbers, Steam & Gas Fitters
Morrison & Bros.   Dubuque Plumbers, Steam & Gas Fitters
Farrar Wm. G. Dubuque Pianos, Organs, Piano Covers & Stools
Darrah H.C. Dubuque Poultry, Proprietor "Grand View Poultry Yards"
Donaldson H.C. Dubuque Physician
Guilbert E.A. Dubuque Physician & Proprietor "Guilbert's Homeopathic Pharmacy"
Guilbert Samuel H. Dubuque Physician
Horr Asa Dubuque  Physician
Hill R.L. Dubuque  Physician & Surgeon (Homeopathic)
McCluer Benj. Dubuque Physician
Watson Wm. Dubuque Physician and Surgeon
Reh Emil Dubuque Paper Hanger
Bonce W.B. Dubuque Painter, House & Sign Painting
Randall G.B. Dubuque Painter, House & Sign Painting
J.P. Dubuque Planing Mill, Proprietor "Key City Planing Mills"
Patch & Waite   Dubuque Planing Mill Manufacturer Sash, Doors and Blinds
Bilbrough J.E Dubuque Photographer
Collier R.H Dubuque Manager, Laflin & Rands Powder Company, Powder Manufacturers
Hill J.N. Dubuque Real Estate and Money Broker
Langworthy  E. Dubuque Real Estate
Richards B.B. Dubuque Real Estate Dealer
Wright W.S Dubuque Real Estate & Abstract of Titles
Pyne J.R Dubuque Restaurant
 Schreiner Jake Dubuque Restaurant "European"
Fry Geo.H. Dubuque Tinware, etc.
Hill W.K. Dubuque Stoves & Tin, Copper, Brass, Zinc and Sheet Iron Ware
Klauer & Bro.   Dubuque  Stoves and Tinware.
Mason C. Dubuque  Stoves, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, Tinners Stock
Preston J.M. Dubuque Show Case (Manufacturer)
Mulford & Whiting   Dubuque Shirt Manufacturers
Holman H.W. Dubuque Short Hand Writer and Reporter
Wittmer Joseph Dubuque Saloon
Beck John J. Dubuque Saloon
Thompson C.A. Dubuque Trunks, Traveling, Bags, Valises, etc (Wholesale)
Doerfler Lewis Dubuque Tanner
Kleis Chr. E. Chr. E. Dubuque Wine, Cider and Soda Manufacturer
Collings & Schemmel   Dyersville Agricultural Implements, Pumps and Hardware
Koch Bros.   Dyersville Bankers and Real Estate Agents
Esch & Bro.    Dyersville  Brewers
Schemmel Herman Dyersville Brewer
Raffauf Wilhelm Dyersville Cooper
Moritz Dyersville  Cabinet Maker
Muehe A. Dyersville Hardware and Tinware
Bailey Joseph G. Dyersville Merchandise (General)
Limback & Co. A. Dyersville  Merchandise (General)
Schemmel & Co. Joseph Dyersville Millers, Proprs Pacific Flouring Mill
Jerome Dyersville  Publisher, 'Commercial' (Weekly)
Summer Igna Z. Dyersville  Painter
Bunkers B. Dyersville Stoves and Tinware
Rose Wm. Epworth Carpenter
Wilmott Benj. Epworth Carpenter and J. P.
Keagy P.S. Epworth Merchandise (General)
Kidder Z.   Epworth Merchandise (General)
Jackson E. Epworth Physician (Homeopathic)
Chapman J.H. Epworth  Shoemaker
King J.M. Cascade Attorney at Law
May F. Cascade  Brewer and Merchant
Klinker John H. Cascade  Drugs, Groceries, Watchmaker and Engraver
Conlin J.L. Cascade Groceries, Staple and Fancy
Kennedy P.J. Cascade  Merchandise (General)
Hall W.S. Cascade Notary Public
Loes John Cascade Wagons, Carriages, Farm Implements and Blacksmiths
Keller Andrew J. Farley Carpenter and Joiner
Fitzpatrick Bros.   Farley Grain, Live Stock, Agricultural Implements, etc.
Miller Louis Farley  Farley Hotel 'Farley House'
Goodale Stephen Farley Hotel
Dighton John Farley Livery and Sale Stable
Fitzpatrick Bros.   Farley  Lumber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Pumps, etc
McGauran & O'Reilly   Farley  Merchandise (General)
Lambert J.T. Farley Physician
Wheat J.G Farley Physician
Witter Fred Sherrills Mount Blacksmith
Horst Morris Sherrills Mount Merchandise (General)
Fries Edward Sherrills Mount  Merchandise (General)
Witter Benj, Sherrills Mount  Plows, Shovel Plows and Cultivators. Manufrs of all kinds
Hammerand G.F. Sherrills Mount  Wagon and Carriage Manufacturer
Witter George Sherrills Mount Wagons, Carriage and Sleighs (Manufacturer)
Tisdale L. Worthington Merchandise (General)
Lattner W. Worthington  Merchandise (General)
Dando G.A. Worthington Physician and Surgeon
Kirby John Zwingle Blacksmith
Buemle Andreas New Vienna  Brewer
Kerper Jacob New Vienna  Merchandise (General)
Schemmel Joseph New Vienna  Merchandise (General)
Lattner Paul Lattner Lattner Merchandise (General)
Lattner Jacob Lattner Lattner Woolen Mill, Clother and Manufacturer of Wollen Goods
Henry Peru Ferry
Thompson John Peru Miller, Sec. 33
August Peru Merchandise (General), Sec. 34
Botsford Chas A. Iowa Miller, Sec. 35

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