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Dubuque county Medical Directory


~MEDICAL AND SURGICAL DIRECTORY OF THE STATE OF IOWA for 1878 and 1879; by Charles H. Lothrop, MD, 1878
~MEDICAL AND SURGICAL DIRECTORY OF THE STATE OF IOWA for 1880 and 1881; by Charles H. Lothrop, MD, 1880

Names of permanent members from Dubuque co. Iowa
J. Cochran Lay, Dubuque
Asa Horr, Dubuque
R.S. Lewis, Dubuque
Benj. McClure, Dubuque
Geo. M. Staples, Dubuque
William Watson, Dubuque

Organized at Burlington, 1850, Incorporated 1868
Permanent members from Dubuque co. Iowa:
Waller Hay, Dubuque
Asa Horr, Dubuque
Benj. McCluer, Dubuque
Minges, Geo., Dubuque
Reyner, Franklin, Epworth
Geo. M. Staples, Dubuque
Marshall H. Wapples, Dubuque
William Watson, Dubuque

The first district medical society to be organized in Iowa was November 4, 1852 at Dubuque, the organization was finally perfected January 11, 1853. This society was known as the Northwestern Medical Society and included northwestern Iowa, southwestern Wisconsin and northwestern Illinois. Dr. George W. Richards was elected president, meetings were held monthly. In 1875 there were 18 members.

President, John S. Lewis; 1st Vice President, Joel H. Green; 2nd Vice President, C. W. Belden; Corresponding Secretary, William Watson; Recording Secretary, Walter Hay; Treasurer and Librarian, Benj. McCluer.

Drs. Asa Horr, Wm. Hoffbauer, B. McCluer.

Drs. Asa Horr, William Watson, B. McCluer.
C. W. Belden, Dubuque.
W. S. Miller, Dubuque.
M. E. Connelly, Dubuque.
Franklin Reynor, Epsworth.
Joel H. Green, Dubuque.
H. Rischatsch, Dubuque.
Walter Hay, Dubuque.
F. T. Seeley
Washington Mills.
Nancy Hill, Dubuque.
Geo. M. Staples, Dubuque.
Wm. Hoffbauer, Dubuque.
Oren Stuart, Cottage Hill.
Asa Horr, Dubuque.
S. A. Tremaine, Dyersville.
Charles B. Jennings, Dubuque.
Marshall H. Waples, Dubuque.
Jno. S. Lewis, Dubuque.
Wm. Watson, Dubuque.
B. McCluer, Dubuque.
D. W. Loose, Dubuque.
Wesley McKee, West Dubuque.

President, Benj. McCluer; 1st Vice President, C.W. Belden; 2nd Vice President, C.B. Jennings; Corresponding Secretary, William Watson; Recording Secretary, Geo. Minges; Treasurer, G.M. Staples; Librarian, Benj. McCluer.

Asa Horr, John E. Bready, H. Rischatsch

John S. Lewis, Joel. H. Greene, Nancy M. Hill

C.W. Belden, Dubuque
J.M. Boothby, Dubuque
John E. Bready, Dubuque
M.E. Connelly, Dubuque
Joel H. Greene, Dubuque
Nancy M. Hill, Dubuque
Asa Horr, Dubuque
John Hunter, West Dubuque
Charles B. Jennings, Dubuque
Jno. S. Lewis, Dubuque
David N. Loose, Zwingle
B. McCluer, Dubuque
Wesley McKee, West Dubuque
W.S. Miller, Dubuque
A.B. Poore, Dyersville
Geo. Minges, Dubuque
Franklin Reynor, Epworth
H. Rischatsch, Dubuque
F.T. Seeley, Rockdale
Geo. M. Staples, Dubuque
Oren Stuart, Cottage Hill
Marshall H. Waples, Dubuque
Wm. Watson, Dubuque


The Hahneman Medical Association of Iowa.
Organized May 31, 1870
This Society was organized at Des Moines, May 3st, 1870, under the name of the "Society of Homeopathic Physicians of Iowa," through the exertions principally of Dr. E. A. Guilbert, of Dubuque. In July, 1877, it was re-organized, and incorporated under the name and title of "The Hahneman Medical Association of Iowa," with its principal place of business at Dubuque.

Officers (1878)
President, R. F. Baker, Davenport; Vice-Président, H. P. Button, Iowa City; Secretary, E. A. Guilbert, Dubuque; Treasurer, W. T. Virgin, Burlington.
Members from Dubuque county:
E.A. Guilbert, Dubuque
R.L. Hill, Dubuque
E. Jackson, Epworth
E.R. Jackson, Dubuque

Officers (1880)
President, H.P. Button, Iowa City; Vice President, D.R. Hindman, Marion; Secretary, E.A. Guilbert, Dubuque; Treasurer, W.T. Virgin, Burlington.
Members from Dubuque county:
E.A. Guilbert, Dubuque
E. Jackson, Epworth
E.R. Jackson, Dubuque

The Cedar Vally Homeopathic Medical Association, organized Jan. 29, 1878. This society meets quarterly at Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., January, April, July and October.
Members from Dubuque county:
E.A. Guilbert, Dubuque, Honorary Member


Surgeons from Dubuque county (1878):
William Watson, Dubuque, Dubuque co., Rush, Chicago, 1854
Asa Horr, Dubuque, Dubuque co., Worthington, Ohio, 1839; Cleveland Med. Coll., Ohio, 1846
Chas. W. Belden, Dubuque, Dubuque co., Fairfield, N.Y., 1835

Surgeons from Dubuque county (1880):
Asa Horr, Dubuque, Dubuque co., Worthington, Ohio, 1839; Cleveland Med. Coll., Ohio, 1846
Chas. W. Belden, Dubuque, Dubuque co., Fairfield, N.Y., 1835

Joel H. Green, Dubuque, 4th Infantry, Surgeon

In memory of those of us who have gone before.

John W. Finley, Dubuque, Dubuque co., died 1877, aged about 50 years. A graduate of the Cin. College of Medicine and Surgery, 1836.

Karl Misling, Dubuque, Dubuque co., Regular in his profession. [note: date of death not given]

Joseph Sprague, Dubuque, Dubuque co., A graduate of Washington, Ohio, class of 1840.

Names, address, place & date of graduation, and school of practice, of the physicians from Dubuque co. Iowa.

Note: R denotes Regular in Practice; H denotes Homeopathic; E denotes Eclectic; P.M. denotes Physic Medical; B denotes Botanic; * denotes graduation doubtful; ** denotes not a graduate; *** denotes that nothing is known as to standing or qualification.

Baldwin, C.G., Farley; *R
Belden, C.W., Dubuque; Fairfield, N.Y., 1835; R
Biglow, J., Buncomb, **R
Boothby, J.M., Dubuque; Detroit, Mich., 1876; R
Bready, John E., Dubuque; Jefferson, Philadelphia, 1878; R
Coldren, C., Rockdale; *R
Connelly, Michael E., Dubuque; Harvard University, 1870; R
Eggers, William, Dubuque; *R
Finley, D.M., Cascade; Rush, Chicago, 1868; R
Francis, W.H., Cascade; St. Louis, Mo., 1859; R*
Fromm, Lorentz, Dyersville; **R
Fowler, S. Mills, Dubuque; Hahneman, Chicago, 1872; H
Gee, R.S., Dubuque; Cleveland, Hom., 1871; Honorary Degree
Greene, Joel Henry, Dubuque; Med. Dept. Univ. Buffalo, N.Y., 1875; R
Guilbert, Edward A., Dubuque; Rush, Chicago, 1847; H
Guilbert, Samuel H., Dubuque; Western Hom., Cleveland, Ohio, 1857
Hall, B.F., Dubuque; Louisville, Med Coll., Ky., 1877; R
Hay, Walter, Dubuque; Columbian, Wash., D.C., 1853; LL.D., St. Ignatius College, Chicago, 1878; R
Hefferman, Cascade; ***
Hill, Nancy M., Dubuque; Ann Arbor, Mich., 1874; R
Hill, R.L., Dubuque; Rush, Chicago, 1864, Hahneman, Chicago, 1867; H
Hoffbauer, William, Dubuque; Berlin, Germany, 1842; R
Horr, Asa, Dubuque; Cleveland Med. Coll., Ohio, 1846; R
Hunter, Joseph C., Dubuque; Univ. Pennsylvania, 1873; R
Jackson, E.R., Dubuque; Cincinnati Coll. Medicine & Surgery, Ohio, 1874; H
Jackson, E., Epworth; *H
Jennings, Charles B., Dubuque; Med. Dept. Univ. Pennsylvania, 1857; R
Lambert, J. Truman, Farley; *E
Lessa / Lesser, Sigmund, Dubuque; Greifswald, Germany, 1866; R
Lewis, John S., Dubuque; Jefferson, Philadelphia, 1868; R
Loose, David N., Zwingle; Univ. Pennsylvania, 1877; R
Mathews, A.A., Dyersville; Rush, Chicago, 1879; R
McCluer, Benjamin, Dubuque; Harvard University, 1852; R
McGee, T.C., Cascade; Rush, Chicago, 1856; R
McKee, Wesley, Dubuque; Cleveland Med. Coll., Ohio, 1857; R
Miller, Alexander, New Wine; *R
Minges, Geo., Dubuque; Bellevue, N.Y., 1878; R
Misling, Karl, Dubuque; *R
Muellin, F.D., Dubuque; Heidelberg, Germany, 1844; R
Niztsche, F.R., Dubuque; Rush, Chicago, 1877; R
Paulsky, --, Lattners; ***
Patton, J.L., Farley; *R
Phillips, Allen, Dubuque; Bowdoin, Brunswick, Me., 1822; R; Dr. Phillips is the oldest graduate in the State - now deceased
Poore, A.B., Dyersville; Univ. N.Y., 1879; R
Reischatsch, H.F., Dubuque; Heidelburg, Germany, 1838; R
Reitz, E., Sherrills Mound; *R
Reynor, F., Epworth; Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1875; R
Schwind, Peter, Dubuque; **
Scott, George W., Dubuque; Cincinnati, Ohio, 1842; P.M.
Seely, F.T., Washington Mills; Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1875; R
Sprague, Joseph, Dubuque; Worthington, Ohio, 1840; *R
Staples, George McLellan, Dubuque; A.B., A.M., Harvard Univ., 1855; R
Stewart, O., Cottage Hill; Missouri Medical Coll., St. Louis, 1872; R
Thompson, J.W., Dubuque; Starling, Columbus, Ohio, 1865
Tremaine, Silas A., Dyersville; **R
Wade, J.C., Farley, *R
Watson, William, Dubuque; Rush, Chicago, 1854; R
Waples, Marshall H., Dubuque; Jefferson, Philadelphia, 1865; R
Woodward, A.C., Dyersville; **R


Adopted by the Dubuque Medical Society for members residing within the city of Dubuque, May 11, 1875.

For advice & prescription at the office, according to the importance of the case & time occupied ... $1-$25
For visit and advice within the city except as hereinafter mentioned ... $2 to $4
For each additional patient in family same as at office.
For subsequent visit same day within the city, except as hereinafter mentioned ... $1 to $4
For first consultation with another physician ... $10
For each subsequent consultation ... $2 to $5
For visit on board a boat in river—ordinary cases ... $3 to $5
For visit on board a boat in river—cholera ... $5
For visit on board a boat in river—small-pox... $ 5
For visit on board a boat in river—ship fever ... $5
For visit out of town, every mile from office ... $1
For rising at night and advice at office or house ... $2 to $3
For vaccination at office ... $1
For vaccination at house same as ordinary visit.
For vaccination of each additional person in same family at the same time, 50 cents
For a certificate of Health ... $2 to $5
Foran opinion involving a question of law, where a Physician may be subpoenaed ... $25 to $50
For post mortem examination made at request of family or friends ... $10 to $25
For obstetrical attendance ... $15 to $25
For all visits after accouchment after the first two, the same as regular medical visits.
In obstetrical cases, for each hour additional after the first six hours ... $1
For assistance in instrumental delivery when not called in consultation ... $10
For instrumental delivery ... $20 to $30
For night visit, double the price of day visit.
For remaining at house by previous arrangement during the night, (except in obstetrical cases)... $10 to $15
For surgical visit when much time is required in dressing a wound or broken limb subsequent to first dressing, extra to ordinary visit ... $1 to $3
For introducing seton or issue, or applying moxa ... $3
For trephining ... $25
For operation for cataract ... $50 to $100
For strabismus ... $25 to $50
For hare lip ... $25 to $50
For fistula lachrymalis ... $15 to $25
For extraction of foreign body from ear or nose ... $3 to $10
For evulsion of ingrowing nail ... $10 to $20
For operation for radical cure of varicose veins ... $15 to $50
For extraction of nasal polypus ... $5 to $25
For excision of tonsil ... $5 to $20
For use of stomach pump ... $10
For introducing aesophageal bougie or probang ... $2 to $5
For tracheotomy ... $20 to $50
For reducing hernia by taxis ... $5 to $25
For application and adaptation of truss to hernia ...$3 to $5
For operation for strangulated hernia ... $50 to $100
For operation for fistula in ano ...$10 to $50
For operation for vesico or recto vaginal fistula ...$25 to $100
For operation for haemorrhoids ...$15 to$ 50
For tapping for hydrocele ...$5 to $10
For operation for radical cure of hydrocele ... $20 to $30
For paracentesis abdominis, (first time) ...$10 to $15
For paracentesis abdominis, (each subsequent time) ...$5 to $10
For paracentesis thoracis ...$15 to $30
For removal of calculus by lithotomy ...$100 to $200
For removalof uterine tumors or polypi ... $25 to $100
For introducing catheter or bougie first time ... $2 to $3
For introducing catheter or bougie in case of obstruction ...$5 to $8
For operation for phymosis or paraphymosis... $5 to $20
For circumcision ... $25 to $50
For dressing recent wounds or opening large abcesses ...$2 to $5
For amputation of finger or toe ...$5 to $20
For amputation of hip joint ... $100 to $200
For amputation of shoulder joint ...$50 to $100
For amputation of thigh through its shaft ...$50 to $100
For amputation of extremities at other points ... $30 to $75
For amputation of penis ...$15 to $30
For removal of mamma ...$25 to $50
For extirpation of testis ...$20 to $40
For extirpation of small tumors, wens, etc ...$5 to $20
For extirpation of large tumors ...$50 to $100
For ovariotomy ...$100 to $300
For reducing dislocation of hip joint ...$30 to $75
For reducing dislocation of shoulder joint ...$10 to $25
For reducing dislocation of elbow ...$10 to $25
For reducing dislocation of other joints ...$5 to $10
For dressing fractured femur at first or principal dressing ... $15 to $25
For dressing fractured fingers or toes, first dressing ...$5 to $10
For dressing other fractures ...$10 to $25
For dressing compound dislocation of ankle joint; first dressing ...$25
For operation for talipes or tenotomy ...$10 to $25
For plastic operations ...$25 to $100
For gonorrhea or syphilis, (in advance) ...$15 to $50
For extraordinary detention per hour, (except obstetrical).. $2
For visit to Dunleith ...$3 to $5
For administering chloroform ...$2 to $5
At office for gynecological examination and ordinary treatment ...$2 to $5

For visit within village $1.00
For visit outside village within one mile $1.50
For each additional mile $0.50
Office prescriptions ....$0.50 to $1.00
Obstetrical attendance, (ordinary cases) $10.00

For all other medical or surgical services not mentioned in this bill, the charges shall be in the same ratio, this being determined by the relative responsibility of the services and the time occupied.

Visits made to several patients in the same neighborhood, shall be deemed regular visits to each individual, and shall be charged as such.

All bills shall be considered due when services are rendered, and it is recommended that all bills be presented quarterly. Uniformity in this respect is considered of great importance to the interests of the profession.

It shall be considered proper to make liberal deductions to all persons in indigent circumstances, or where the nature of the case seems to warrant such abatement.

For visits by railroad, from 50 cents to $1.00 per mile, according to distance and time occupied.

It shall be considered dishonorable for any member of this Society to attend families or individuals by the year, or offer their services gratuitously to the public authorities, or to make any other bargain or arrangement the tendency of which will be to avoid the full purport and effect of the foregoing list of charges.


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