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1864 Masonic Records of Dubuque.

1864 Masonic Records

Dubuque County Lodges


Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF&AM) 



The following note was included with the returns of the Lodges:
Many of these returns were almost inexplicable. The Printer has done his best to decipher them.

If he has failed, the Secretaries can blame no one but themselves - and in future do better..... Gr. Secretary



Researchers should always consult original records for additional information or to verify the information in this data-base.  The transcriber has made every attempt to transcribe records accurately, but there may be errors.


Data extracted, abstracted & transcribed exclusively for IAGenWeb by Sharyl Ferrall, copyright 2011

For an explanation of the notes see the 'key' at the bottom of this page.


Lodges Consolidated.

Between 1856 - 1864
Key City Lodge, No. 161, Dubuque consolidated with Dubuque Lodge, No. 3


~  ~  ~ * * * ~ ~ ~

Dubuque Lodge, No. 3,

Dubuque, Dubuque county


Babbage, R.A. Master Mason
Barney, W.J. Master Mason; suspended April 21, 1864
Baylies, A. Master Mason; died August 25, 1863
Beard, W.R. Tyler
Bleaumena, M. Entered Apprentice
Booth, C.H. Master Mason (Past Master)
Bradley, W.L. Master Mason
Brenner, W.A. Master Mason
Brindle, G.W. Master Mason
Brogue, M. Master Mason
Brown, Will Master Mason
Buck, Joseph Master Mason
Bullock, J.G. Master Mason
Bumont, S.B. Master Mason
Bunting, A.S. Junior Deacon (Past Master)
Candee, B. [Candes] Master Mason; Suspended November 24, 1863
Carson, J. Master Mason
Chadwich, C. Master Mason
Cheney, R.O. Master Mason
Childs, C. Master Mason
Conger, P.H. Master Mason
Connor, Patrick O. Suspended August 20, 1863
Coval, J.S. Master Mason
Cowls, Eugene Master Mason
Cramer, F.J. Suspended April 21, 1864
Crippin, E. Master Mason
Crosby, Esra Master Mason
Cutter, L.H.  Master Mason
Debol, W.O. Master Mason
Dorr, J.B. Master Mason
Doud, John JR Master Mason
Duncan, N.E. Master Mason; Suspended November 24, 1863
Farewell, L.T. Master Mason
Friedlander, H. Master Mason
Gibbs, P.L. Master Mason
Gilbert, W.J. Master Mason
Gilliam, C. Secretary (Past Master)
Gilliam, T.F. Senior Warden
Gottschalk, F. Master Mason
Greenwald, A. Master Mason
Guiger, Geo. B. Master Mason
Guilbert, E.A. Master Mason
Haggarty, James Master Mason
Heath, H.H. Master Mason
Heiney, Gustave Master Mason
Hempsted, S. Master Mason (Past Master)
Henderson, C.H. Master Mason
Hennic, John Master Mason
Henyon, J.B. Master Mason
Hill, Alex. Master Mason
Hooper, Wm. Master Mason
Horr, Asa Master Mason
Hunter, Phillip Master Mason
Johnson, Wm. Master Mason
Katz, M. Master Mason
Kind, J.M. Master Mason
Kotha, J.W. Entered Apprentice
Langworthy, L.H. Master Mason
Leman, C.P. Master Mason
Leomer, F.J. Master Mason
Levi, A. Master Mason
Lewis, Warner Master Mason (Past Master)
Littleton, H.A. Master Mason
Lombardo, C.L. Master Mason
Mackinze, C.A. Senior Deacon
Magdole, H.A. Master Mason
Manson, Walter Master Mason
McBride, Jas. Master Mason
McDonald, A.Y. Master Mason
McDonald, H. Master Mason
Mix, C.H. Master Mason
Neuth, William Master Mason
O'Conner, Patrick Master Mason
Ott, M.C. Master Mason; Suspended November 24, 1863
Paree, S.E. Master Mason
Peck, E.C. Master Mason; Suspended June 18, 1863
Perry, Hiram Master Mason
Peters, L.G. Master Mason
Pinto, J.A. Master Mason
Piper, I.B. Junior Warden
Plater, H.J. Master Mason
Reber, A.J. Master Mason
Rice, N.H. Master Mason
Robinson, M.S. Master Mason
Robinson, W.E. Worshipful Master (Past Master)
Romberg, J.A. Master Mason
Ryan, Edward Master Mason
Schloth, C. Treasurer
Schmidt, Conrad Master Mason
Schmidt, Titus Master Mason
Scmidt, Conrad Master Mason
Shoddy, Wm. Master Mason
Skinner, E.A. Master Mason
Stevenson, R. Master Mason
Swivel, Jacob Master Mason
Vanduzee, A.J. Master Mason
Wagner, H. Master Mason
Weihe, W.E. Fellow Craft
Williams, A. Master Mason
Wilson, D.S. Master Mason; Suspended November 24, 1863
Worden, Jones Master Mason
Wunderlick, C.F. Master Mason
Zomhof, George Master Mason

~ ~ ~  * * *  ~ ~ ~

Metropolitan Lodge, No. 49,

Dubuque, Dubuque county


Allen, W.P. Worshipful Master
Anderson, A.D. Demitted; Suspended February 5, 1864
Anderson, Jno. C. Master Mason
Anderson, Wm. I. Suspended
Arnold, J.T. Master Mason
Baird, Wm. R. Tyler
Barrett, O.M. Master Mason
Berkey, J.J. Master Mason
Broadhurst, J.G. Senior Warden
Brown, W.K. Senior Deacon
Burton, Geo. W. Master Mason
Carson, M. Suspended
Chase, Geo. L. Demitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
Coates, Wm. Master Mason
Cooley, D.N. Master Mason
Crandall, E.Z. Master Mason
Daggett, Jno. M. Entered Apprentice
Deggendorf, John Master Mason
Dickinson, J.L. Demitted; Suspended September 3, 1863
Dickinson, W.P. Master Mason
Everett, Jno. T. Master Mason (Past Master)
Fern, John Master Mason
Gannon, Chas. Master Mason
Hancock, J.C. Master Mason
Hardie, Thomas Secretary
Hargus, C. Suspended
Henney, Thos. Entered Apprentice
Hervey, James Master Mason
Hill, W.K. Demitted; Suspended September 3, 1863
Hines, Franklin Master Mason
Howard, J.B. Master Mason
Jones, B.W. Master Mason
Jones, E.C. Suspended
Lull, Jno. H. Master Mason
Martin, A.L. Entered Apprentice
Nairn, Thos. S. Master Mason (Past Master)
Parker, J.A. Master Mason
Parker, J.W. Master Mason
Pierce, Geo. S. Master Mason
Robbins, Wm. H. Treasurer
Rompf, Wm. H. Master Mason
Rouse, Hammond Master Mason
Slothe, F. Master Mason
Smith, Geo. B. Junior Warden
Smock, G.V. Master Mason
Taylor, A.A.E. (Rev) Master Mason
Thompson, J.H. Master Mason
Thompson, John Master Mason
Warren, C.L. Master Mason
Westphall, William Master Mason
Woolnough, James Junior Deacon

~ ~ ~  * * *  ~ ~ ~

Mosaic Lodge, No. 125,

Dubuque, Dubuque county


Alexander, J.H. Master Mason
Allison, M. Master Mason
Allison, W.B. Master Mason
Bates, J.F. Master Mason
Benedict, J.C. Master Mason
Berristein, C.V. Shaffer In Memory of our Patriotic Dead: Major, 5th Cavalry, died 1864 in Kentucky, killed in battle while scouting
Bonte, J.H.C. Master Mason
Bourne, J.T. Master Mason
Chapman, Jos. Master Mason
Clark, Chas. N. Master Mason (Past master)
Clark, W.H. Master Mason
Cram, D.C. Master Mason
Crane, Geo. Master Mason
David, E.C. Entered Apprentice
Dennis, J.S. Master Mason (Past master)
Fanning, R.S. Master Mason
Farmer, Jefferson Entered Apprentice
Ford, C.J. Entered Apprentice
Friend, W.C. Master Mason
Fry, Geo. H. Senior Deacon
Gaines, W.H. Demitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
Gibbs, A.H. Fellow Craft
Gifford, H.B. Master Mason
Gilbert, U.S. Master Mason
Gilman, C.C. Master Mason
Gore, Chas. W. Demitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
Goss, A.J. Master Mason
Graves, R.E. Entered Apprentice
Greaves, David Master Mason
Harrison, J.M. Master Mason
Herron, F.J. Master Mason (Past master)
Hyde, John Junior Deacon
Jones, Chas. W. Master Mason
Massey, W.E. Master Mason
Minshall, R.P. Master Mason
Munson, H.S. Master Mason
Osborne, S.F. Master Mason
packard, S.H. Master Mason
Pettitt, H.W. Entered Apprentice
Pollock, S.M. Master Mason
Raudolph, S.M. Entered Apprentice
Reed, C.A. Master Mason
Rider, J.V. Secretary
Russell, A. Master Mason
Ryder, N.C. Master Mason
Smith, M.W. Master Mason
Stewart, W.J. Senior Warden; Demitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
Torbert, Geo. L. Treasurer
Tuttle, Horace Worshipful Master (Past Master)
Utley, H.T. Master Mason
Van Pelt, J.C. Junior Warden
Vrendenburg, R.V. Master Mason
Webb, Geo. Entered Apprentice
Wemott, S.S. Master Mason
Wheeler, M.M. Master Mason
Williams, V.J. Master Mason
Wilson, Thos. S. Master Mason

~ ~ ~  * * *  ~ ~ ~

Cascade Lodge, No. 127,

Cascade, Dubuque county


Abrams, P.G. Master Mason
Allen, Hiram Entered Apprentice
Arendale, Wm. H. Tyler
Banghart, G.C. Junior Deacon
Banghart, G.G. Master Mason
Beard, Jas. Master Mason
Beardsley, F.F. Master Mason
Bemis, Wm. J. Senior Deacon (Past Master)
Benham, Lucius Master Mason
Berryhill, Joseph Master Mason
Brookman, Wm. D. Junior Warden
Butler, Wm. Entered Apprentice
Chamberlin, Simon Master Mason
Craft, Samuel Fellow Craft
Crane, Henry D. Senior Warden (Past Master)
Crawford, Thos. Entered Apprentice
Croston, John Entered Apprentice
Dowling, Maurice Master Mason
Fay, Edwin D. Master Mason
Griffith, Isaac Master Mason
Hall, Wm. S. Treasurer
Henderson, Jas. Master Mason
Hicks, Frank M. Entered Apprentice
Hogg, Wm. Entered Apprentice
Hopkins, Sumner Worshipful Master
Jackson, Allen Master Mason
Johnston, Wm. Master Mason
Jonens, Geo. A. Master Mason
Jones, Enoch Master Mason
King, J.M. Master Mason
Malloy, Chas. Master Mason
Marsh, H.H. Demitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
McCluskey, Christopher Master Mason
McVay, R.J. Secretary
Miller, F.X. Entered Apprentice
Moffitt, Mark Master Mason
Scott, J.Z. Master Mason
Smith, Austin H. Master Mason
Snider, Jacob Entered Apprentice
Snowden, Robert Master Mason
Tippetts, Wm. N. Entered Apprentice
Trumble, G.W. Master Mason
Walters, Myron C. Master Mason
Wolf, F.C. Demitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
Wright, Henry Master Mason

~ ~ ~  * * *  ~ ~ ~

Orion Lodge, No. 132,

Dyersville, Dubuque county


Bagley, E. Master Mason
Collings, Joseph Master Mason
Coote, Thos. Master Mason
Coultrup, D. Junior Warden
Dutcher, S.A. Master Mason
Fotterall, B.F. (Past Master) Demitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
Gadsden, J.S. Secretary
Gibbs, R.J. Master Mason
Gleason, B.F. Master Mason
Hancock, Alexander Died April 11, 1864
Hancock, Charles Master Mason
Heu de Bourck, W.H. Entered Apprentice
Horton, W.E. Master Mason
Lee, S.A. (Rev) Master Mason
Lyons, Saml. (Rev) Master Mason (Past Master)
Matthews, H.W. Master Mason
McKee, Alonzo Master Mason
Moreland, J. Master Mason
Morley, John Master Mason
Muche, A. Tyler
Nichols, L. (Past Master) Demitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
Nicholson, R. Entered Apprentice
Nutting, F. Entered Apprentice
Perhannes, Geo. Master Mason
Popham, H. Junior Deacon
Randall, W.L. Worshipful Master (Past Master)
Slausson, O. Senior Warden
Smith, D.S. Senior Deacon
Soden, John Fellow Craft
Towsley, H. Master Mason
Trick, W. Treasurer (Past Master)
Wilkinson, J. Master Mason
Wolf, F.C. (Rev) Master Mason

~ ~ ~  * * *  ~ ~ ~


  WM - worshipful master  
  GM  - grand master  
  PGM - past grand master  
  DGM - deputy grand master  
  GSW - grand senior warden  
  GJW - grand junior warden  
  SW - senior warden  
  JW - junior warden  
  SD - senior deacon  
  JD - junior deacon  
  GT - grand treasurer  
  GS - grand secretary  
  Treas. - treasurer  
  Sec - secretary  
  Tyler - Tyler  
  Demitted -  left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated  
  U.D. - under dispensation  



The three degrees of Craft or Blue Lodge Freemasonry are those of:
1. Entered Apprentice the degree of an initiate, which makes one a Freemason;
2. Fellow Craft an intermediate degree, involved with learning;
3. Master Mason the "third degree", a necessity for participation in most aspects of Masonry.

Officers of the Masonic Lodges
1. Worshipful Master - the senior officer of a Masonic Lodge is the Master, he directs the lodge business and presides over ritual and ceremonies. At the conclusion of his term of office, he becomes known as Past Master.
2. Senior Warden is the second of the three principal officers of a lodge, and is the Worshipful Master's principal deputy. In many lodges it is presumed that the Senior Warden will become the next Worshipful Master.
3. Junior Warden is charged with the supervision of the Lodge while it is in recess for meals or other social purposes.
4. Treasurer is the officer who keeps the accounts, collects annual dues from the members, pays bills, and forwards annual dues to the Grand Lodge. It is common for the Treasurer to be an experienced Past Master
5. Senior Deacon conducts candidates around the Lodge and speaks for them during certain ceremonies, assists the Worshipful Master as needed
6. Junior Deacon assists the Senior Warden
7. The Tyler guards the door (from the outside), and ensures that only those who are duly qualified gain entry into the lodge meeting
~source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masonic_Lodge_Officers

A lodge is a group of Masons, meeting in a specific location at regularly scheduled times. Many lodges meet in a building called the Masonic Hall. The state Grand Lodge grants charters (permissions) to the Subordinate Lodges within that state. The subordinate lodges then operate under the bylaws and regulations of the Grand Lodge.

Transcription disclaimer: researchers should always consult original records for additional information or to verify the information in this data-base. I've made every attempt to transcribe accurately, but there may be errors.


Check these lodges in neighboring counties for Dubuque co. members:
Constellation Lodge, Colesburg & Delhi Lodge, U. D. Delhi - Delaware co.


~source: Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, at its Twenty-first Grand Annual Communication held at Des Moines, June 7, A.L. 5864, A.D. 1864
~Data extracted for Dubuque co. IAGenWeb by S. Ferrall from a microfilmed copy of the book.


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