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Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, 1856 Masonic Records of Dubuque and Epworth.

1856 Masonic Records

Lodges in Dubuque and Epworth 


Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF&AM) 



Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Iowa at the Thirteenth Grand Annual Communication,
Held in the City of Oskaloosa on Tuesday, June 2D, A.D. 1856, A.L. 5856;

T.S. Parvin, Muscatine, Grand Secretary;

Printed by Raymond, Foote & Eystra, Faust Printing House, 1856.



Researchers should always consult original records for additional information or to verify the information in this data-base.  The transcriber has made every attempt to transcribe records accurately, but there may be errors.


Data extracted, abstracted & transcribed exclusively for IAGenWeb by Sharyl Ferrall, copyright 2005

No. 3, Dubuque Lodge,Dubuque, Dubuque Co.
Stated Meetings: Third Thursday of each Month.
Grand Lodge Dues, $49
Chartered Jan'ry 8th, 1844
Number of current members: 46


Booth C.H. 1855-56 officer: WM; DGM 1845
Chaplin J.A. 1855-56 officer: SW
Gilliam Thos. F. 1855-56 officer: JW
Sawslayer F. 1855-56 officer: Treas
Childs C. 1855-56 officer: Sec
Bunting A.S. 1855-56 officer: SD
Beaubien J. 1855-56 officer: JD
Clark J.W. 1855-56 officer: Tyler
Armbrecht H. past member
Axley A.E. master mason
Barney W.J. past master
Beaubien M. master mason
Belfield master mason
Bemis W. past member
Bonson R. master mason
Carson J. fellowcraft
Carson W.C. non-affiliated
Conger P.H. master mason
Connor P.O. master mason
Cromer F. J. fellowcraft
Cullom James expelled in 1846
Cummins G.W. master mason
Davis B.F. expelled on May 3d, 1855"
Dealham S. master mason
Dorr J.B. fellowcraft
Dribblebis non-affiliated
Duncan Sam master mason
Ercanbrach S. master mason
Fanning Timothy not on current member list; GSW 1844
Fassett T.C. non-affiliated
Gelpcke Otto past member
George Jas M. master mason
Gilliam J.F. past master; GSW 1852
Gilliam C. master mason
Grogan W.H. past member
Hempstead S. past master; GSW 1848
Hewitt C.C. past master
Hoffman J. master mason
Hooker W. master mason
Horr A. master mason
Hurlburt S. master mason
Jackson A. past member
Keesley past member
Kinsey Z. non-affiliated
Kries John suspended 1850
Lancaster J.P. not on current member list; GSW 1847
Langworthy S.H. master mason
Lewis W. past master
Lewis W. non-affiliated
Mason T. master mason
Matthews A. master mason
McKinsey D.A. non-affiliated
Meeker H.J. non-affiliated
Miller C. entered apprentice
Mills C.A. master mason
Minski A. master mason
Neaudien N.P. non-affiliated
Parker J.W. entered apprentice

Robinson L.

master mason

Rosenthal J.

master mason

Schmidt T.

master mason

Shafner J.

master mason

Shields J.G.

master mason

Skinner A.E.

master mason

Thompson M.Y.

master mason

Uhl Chas

master mason

Ullman J.

master mason




master mason

Williams A.

entered apprentice

Wilson T.S.


Wolff B.

master mason

Zumkoff G.

master mason

~  ~  ~ * * * ~ ~ ~

No. 49, Metropolitan Lodge, Dubuque, Dubuque co.
Stated Meetings: First Thursday each month.
Grand Lodge Dues, $44
Chartered June 6th, 1855
Number of current members: 39


Nairn Thomas S.   1855-56 officer: WM; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Biles Alexander 1855-56 officer: SW
Bennet George 1855-56 officer: Treas;  elected as 1856-57 officer (either Secretary or Treasurer)
Allen Wm. P. 1855-56 officer: Sec
Broadhurst [Broadhirst] John G. 1855-56 officer: SD; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Erdman Jacob 1855-56 officer: JD
Clark John W. 1855-56 officer: Tyler
Adams T. master mason
Anderson Alexander D. master mason
Anderson Wm J. master mason
Barlow F.S. past member
Briggs Wm L. past member
Burr Hudson master mason
Burton Geo W. master mason
Coats John entered apprentice
Cooley D.N. entered apprentice
Dillon A.H. master mason
Erhart Wm. master mason
Evans Robt master mason
Everett John T. "master mason; elected as 1856-57 officer  (either Master or Warden);  also served as Grand Royal Arch Capt., 1856 Iowa Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons"
Fern John master mason
Griffith T.S. master mason
Hall Geo. A. master mason
Hardie T. master mason
Harvey C.L. past member
Hearvey Jas fellowcraft
Hind Franklin master mason
Hull John master mason
James Edwin entered apprentice
Johnson J.W. master mason
Kynett J.A. master mason
Luther Chas G. fellowcraft
Manning Andrew entered apprentice
McGuire Geo master mason
Minshell R.P. master mason
Morgan Henry C. fellowcraft
Nadeau N. past member
Noxon B.D. entered apprentice
Parker Jeffrey A. fellowcraft
Potter Jas master mason
Reed Jas A. entered apprentice
Rider Wm B. entered apprentice
Robbins Wm. H. master mason
Robison Jos master mason
Rouse Hammond master mason
Runyan A.H. master mason
Samuels Geo master mason
Sprague Jos S. master mason
Taylor Oscar entered apprentice
Vinton Edward master mason
Virden Saml master mason
Walmsley Robt M. entered apprentice
Watson B.R. master mason
Woolsey Wm W. master mason; elected as 1856-57 officer  (either Secretary or Treasurer)

~ ~ ~ * * * ~ ~ ~

No. 84, Epworth Lodge, Epworth, Dubuque co.
Stated Meetings: Friday on or before Full Moon
Grand Lodge Dues - not given
Dispensation granted Jan 15, 1856
Chartered June 4th, 1856
Number of current members: 17



Carpender Samuel B. JR

1855-56 officer: WM; past WM; elected as 1856-57 officer  (either Master or Warden); an original founder of Epworth Lodge

Hogan [Hogin] W.H. 1855-56 officer: SW; past master; an original founder of Epworth Lodge
Kidder Zeph. 1855-56 officer: JW; an original founder of Epworth Lodge
Kempton D.W. 1855-56 officer: Sec
Warmoth J.F. 1855-56 officer: SD; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Jackson A. 1855-56 officer: JD
Bemis Wm 1855-56 officer: Tyler
Bowman B master mason
Evans T.M. master mason
Garner A. master mason
Havens D.J.  REV master mason
Hewit N. entered apprentice
Kempton J. master mason
Lesher J.  master mason
Story A.B. fellow craft
Watson J. entered apprentice
Welch S.  JR master mason
Yong [Young] Hezekiah master mason
Youg [Young] S.D. master mason; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Young Hiram Young Hiram master mason


~ ~ ~ * * * ~ ~ ~



  WM - worshipful master  
  GM  - grand master  
  PGM - past grand master  
  DGM - deputy grand master  
  GSW - grand senior warden  
  GJW - grand junior warden  
  SW - senior warden  
  JW - junior warden  
  SD - senior deacon  
  JD - junior deacon  
  GT - grand treasurer  
  GS - grand secretary  
  Treas. - treasurer  
  Sec - secretary  
  Tyler - Tyler  
  Demitted - left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated  
  U.D. - under dispensation  

~ ~ ~ * * * ~ ~ ~


The three degrees of Craft or Blue Lodge Freemasonry are those of:
1. Entered Apprentice the degree of an initiate, which makes one a Freemason;
2. Fellow Craft an intermediate degree, involved with learning;
3. Master Mason the "third degree", a necessity for participation in most aspects of Masonry.

Officers of the Masonic Lodges
1. Worshipful Master - the senior officer of a Masonic Lodge is the Master, he directs the lodge business and presides over ritual and ceremonies. At the conclusion of his term of office, he becomes known as Past Master.
2. Senior Warden is the second of the three principal officers of a lodge, and is the Worshipful Master's principal deputy. In many lodges it is presumed that the Senior Warden will become the next Worshipful Master.
3. Junior Warden is charged with the supervision of the Lodge while it is in recess for meals or other social purposes.
4. Treasurer is the officer who keeps the accounts, collects annual dues from the members, pays bills, and forwards annual dues to the Grand Lodge. It is common for the Treasurer to be an experienced Past Master
5. Senior Deacon conducts candidates around the Lodge and speaks for them during certain ceremonies, assists the Worshipful Master as needed
6. Junior Deacon assists the Senior Warden
7. The Tyler guards the door (from the outside), and ensures that only those who are duly qualified gain entry into the lodge meeting
~source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masonic_Lodge_Officers

A lodge is a group of Masons, meeting in a specific location at regularly scheduled times. Many lodges meet in a building called the Masonic Hall. The state Grand Lodge grants charters (permissions) to the Subordinate Lodges within that state. The subordinate lodges then operate under the bylaws and regulations of the Grand Lodge.

Transcription disclaimer: researchers should always consult original records for additional information or to verify the information in this data-base. I've made every attempt to transcribe accurately, but there may be errors.




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