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Transcribed and submitted by Conni McDaniel Hall, April-July 2011.  Image source: Ancestry.com. 

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Information Provided on the 1856 Census Form
[left-hand page]  
          Stamped page number(s)
          Hand-written page number
          Line-number given by transcriber
  1.     Number of dwelling houses.
  2.     Number of families.
  3.     Names of Persons. (Given name and surname)
  4      Age.
  5.     Sex.
  6.     Color.
  7.     Married.
  8.     Widowed.
  9.     Years resident in the State.
  10.    In what State, or Foreign Country, born.
  11.    Profession, trade or occupation.
  12.    Native voters.
  13.    Naturalized voters.
  14.    Aliens.
  15.    Militia.
  16.    Deaf and Dumb.
  17.    Blind.
  18.    Insane.
  19.    Idiotic.
  20.    Owner of land.
  21.    Pauper.
[right-hand page]
  22.    Acres of improved land.
  23.    Acres of unimproved land.
  23.    Acres in meadow.
  25.    Acres in hay.
  26.    Bushels of grass seed.
  27.    Acres in spring wheat.
  28.    Bushels harvested.
  29.    Acres of winter wheat.
  30.    Bushels harvested.
  31.    Acres in oats.
  32.    Bushels harvested.
  33.    Acres of corn.
  34.    Bushels harvested.


  35.    Acres of potatoes.
  36.    Bushels harvested.
  37.    Number of hogs sold.
  38.    Value of hogs sold.
  39.    Number of cattle sold.
  40.    Value of cattle sold.
  41.    Pounds of butter manufactured.
  42.    Pounds of cheese.
  43.    Pounds of wool.
  44.    Value of domestic manufactures.
  45.    Value of general manufactures
  46.    REMARKS.

Transcriber Notes:

* Images are difficult to read, numbers especially. Data on the right-hand page nearly impossible at times. Will only include what information I can actually read.
* Stamped page numbers may be out of order. If handwritten page numbers were included, that will be the order it was transcribed.
* Page binding is tight, at times making columns in the center fold (Owner of Land, Pauper, etc) impossible to see.

** there is data, but unable to read

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