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Photo contributed by Conni McDaniel Hall for Dallas County IAGenWeb

 Longmire-Davis Cemetery

 Adams Twp. Section 16, Dallas County, Iowa

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The following is the deed from Mr. Tristam Davis deeding the land to Adams Township Trustees for a "public grave yard". Due to the research done by Adams Township Board of Trustees Clerk, Julie Turner, and to honor Mr. Davis, the Adams Township Board of Trustee's voted to rename the Longmire Cemetery to Longmire-Davis Cemetery . Mr. Longmire and Mr. Davis were the first settlers in Adams Township and it was found that this burial site was originally called the Davis Burying Ground.

The original deed is on file at the Dallas County Recorder's Office, Adel , IA.

The copy of the original deed was donated to the Dallas County IAGenWeb by the Adams Township Board of Trustee's, March 3, 2009.

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