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Published in the Postville Herald from 1928 - 1934, a series of student biographies appeared in the Luana column. The student newspaper Luana Hi Leader was published in this column. The student bios were written by the Leader staff ... usually identified with pennames Col. Inkhorn and Gen. Inksplash. In the spring issues of 1929, biographies of the school Superintendent, Principle and a couple teachers were featured.

Transcribed for Clayton co. IAGenWeb, August 2021, by S. Ferrall


The bios are arranged by the date they were published and are not alphabetical.


Florence Amy Stadtmiller (published 01/10/1929)

The person of my theme this week is a twin sister to the one I wrote about last week. This week I am going to write about Florence Amy Stadtmiller. Florence was born on a farm about two miles outhwest of Luana, October 26, 1912. From here she began her school career, at the age of seven, and has attended Luana Consolidated School ever since. Her favorite grade was the eighth and her favorite subject was Geography. Her favorite book is Betty Zane.

Florence wishes to be one of the following: 1. Stenographer; 2. Clerk in some large store. She likes to do the following, and maybe otherwise: 1. Read "Rough and Ready" thrilling, adventurous stories; 2. Play many quizzical games.

The most interesting place that Florence went was to Spillville to see those famous clocks carved by the Bily Brothers. The hardest job that Florence ever accomplished was to ride a pony when it was galloping. The easiest job accomplished was to fall from the pony when it was walking up the path.

There won't be any more school until January 2nd. Here's hoping that there will be no more flu till water stops being wet. - Col. Inkhorn

(Transcriber note: Florence's twin was Lawrence 'Larry', whose bio appeared in the 12/13/1928 issue of the paper.)

(Stadtmiller, Florence)

Berna Louise Schultz (published 01/17/1929)

Berna Louise Schultz was born on a farm, June 22, 1913, about 3 1/2 miles west of Luana. She began her school life, in the Luana Consolidated School at the age of five years. Berna has climbed through the successive school years until now she is a smiling sophomore.

Her favorite grade was the third and her favorite subject has been English. Berna evidently is full of favorites, because she also says that her favorite book is "A Girl of the Limberlost," her favorite author is Gene Stratton Porter; her favorite care is a "chevy coupe" and her favorite dish is oyster stew. (My favorite dish is a plate)

Berna is fond of hiking and sleigh-riding and she likes to go on conversational journeys. She wishes to be a stenographer or a clerk in some large store. - Col. Inkhorn

(Schultz, Berna)

Helen Marguerite Hinman (published 01/24/1929)

Helen was born September 9, 1913, in the Metropolis of this community, Luana, Iowa. Helen began her school career at the age of six years. she has steadily and unerringly climbed the "Ladder of School LIfe," until she is now a member of the "Silent Sophomore class."

Her favorite subject throughout her school life has been and still is English. Helen's favorite grade in school so far was the fifth, although her mind may change in the future. Helen likes to attend school because she says that it affords amusement. Miss Hinman reads many books, her favorite being "Great Heart." Helen's favorite sports are hiking and tennis.

Helen wishes to be an actress on the stage in later life and I wish her much success when she undertakes the job. The easiest job that Helen ever accomplished was to flunk in algebra. Her favority sone is "Lonely Nights."

Many of my nights are lonely. - Col. Inkhorn

(Hinman, Helen)

Jason Vernial Moore (published 01/31/1929)

Jason was born at Calmar, Iowa, August 27, 1912. After residing with his parents in Calmar, Castalia, Postville and Hardin for a brief period of years, he moved to Luana and here began his school career. Jason has struggled with the old reliable readin', writin', and 'rithmetic until he is now a full-fledged, green Freshman. Jason's favorite grade was the eighth and his favorite subjects are History and Mathematics.

Mr. Moore is a lover of literature and reads many books and poems. His favorite book is "The Riders of the Purple Sage" by Zane Gray and his favorite poem is "The Village Blacksmith" by Longfellow. Jason's favorite car is a Model "A" Ford roadster with a rumble seat and his favorite horse horse is a wild and wooly mustang.

Jason likes to play basketball and to ride horseback. The most difficult task that Jason ever undertook was to mix cement. Jason wishes to be a famed contractor in later life and I think if he strives for this goal with determination - he will succeed. - Col. Inkhorn

(Moore, Jason)

Charles Ziegler (published 02/07/1929)

Charles was born on a farm approximately four miles southwest of Luana, Iowa. Charles' birth occured December 1st, 1912. He began his school life at the Pleasant Grove school house in District No. 4. Charles finished the eighth grade here and then moved to Luana and entered L.H.S. as a Freshman.

After some discouragement Charles dropped from school (the Sophomore class) but with much encouragement Charles finally re-entered the Sophmore class and we are glad to have him back.

the young man wishes to take a short poultry course and become a poultry specialist. charles knows chickens, at the present, and if you don't believe it just become inquisitive and ask him some poultry questions.

Charles likes to go hunting and hiking and is very fond of the sport basketball. His favorite book is "The Potter Twins Under Old Glory" which is a book full of adventure and thrills. - Col. Inkhorn

(Ziegler, Charles)

Edna Margaretha Ziegler (published 02/14/1929)

Edna was born January 29, 1910, on a farm approximately three miles southwest of the sample of a city, Luana, Iowa. (this is not meant for a slam, but for a compliment) Edna began her school life in a little one-room school house in District No. 4. she attended school here for several years, and finally moved with her parents, to Luana, where she entered the Luana Consolidated school as a member of the 7th grade.

Her favorite grade in school was the first and her favorite poem is "Hiawatha," by Longfellow. Edna is fond of all indoor and outdoor athletics. (Remember I said atletics and not athletes.) The hardest job Edna ever attempted was to remove a groundhog from a trap and the easiest thing that she ever did was slip on the ice and fall down.

Edna wishes to be some good, progressive farmers wife. Here's hoping that she is not disappointed. - Col. Inkhorn

(Ziegler, Edna)

Harley Alvin Moore (published 02/21/1929)

Harley was born May 19, 1914, in Postville, Iowa. He made this his home for a very short time and then, with his paents, moved to the once flourishing town of Hardin, Iowa. After living there for some time he moved to a small farm notheast of Luana, Iowa, and from there he made his first step into school life by entering Luana Consolidated school.

His favorite grade in school was the eighth and his favorite subject has been history. His favorite book is "Riders of the Purple Sage" by Zane Grey. Harley's favorite athletics are basketball and football; he likes to go swimming and hunting. His best day in the week is Sunday because he doesn't have to work. He wishes to be a farmer or a contractor and I hope that he is not disappointed when his time comes to shift for himself. - Col. Inkhorn

(Moore, Harley)

Ella Dorothy Amelia Panncke (published 02/28/1929)

Ella was born in Ridley, west of Luana, December 20, 1914. At the age of five years Ella entered the Luana Consolidated school as a beginner. She has studied diligently until she is now a Freshman and is still going strong.

Ella's favorite grade was the seventh and her favorite subject spelling. She likes to play basketball and indoor baseball. She likes music and takes great interest in the musical work at school. The hardest job that Ella has ever encountered is that of working algebra.

Ella wishes to be a clerk in some large department store or a stenographer in an office. I wish Ella much success and prosperity, as I do everyone else. - Col. Inkhorn

(Panncke, Ella)

Bruce Llewellyin Wayne Brown (published 03/07/1929)

Who's the who we all rave about?
Who's the one we're all blue without?
In the winter, spring or fall
He is one of the best of all.

Oh, yes! I am very proud that I am allowed a chance to intorduce our editor-in-chief of the Luana Hi Leader, Bruce Llewellyin Wayne Brown (he says the name was not his fault).

He was born one mile east of the prospering little city of Volney on May 9 in the gay year of 1913. His great school career began in the famous outpost of Sixteen, and from here he came to Luana Hi, and after jumping a few grades he has entered into the class of wild and dashing Sophomores, where, according to most records, he is high point man in his classes

This student's favorite subjects are mathematics and English and he certainly knows both of these subjects as well as can be expected. Bruce said that he was undecided about his best year in school until Feb 2, 1929, when a very strange incident happened, and he says that his Sophomore year in school is the best year he had.

His greatest enjoyments are going to basketball tourneys and various kinds of athletics. I also agree with him.

He plans to make his future occupation that of a farmer or athletic coach or teacher. His favorite book is "The Road To Love." This book is not exactly like it sounds, so please do not get a bad impression of my friend Bruce.

Now, my friends and readers, I hope you will come to the same conclusion as I have, that we have a real editor-in-chief. - by Gen. Inksplash

(Brown, Bruce)

Harold William Neverman (published 03/14/1929)

Harold made his first appearance on this huge sphere, called the earth, October 8, 1911. His first exclamations expressing the joy of living in this cruel, cruel world were made on a farm a few miles west of Frankville. Shortly after his birth his parents moved to a farm east of Castalia, from which he went regularly to a little one-roomed school house. Harold attended this country school until he had finished the third grade and then he with his brothers and mother moved to Luana. Here he and his twin brother entered the unforgetable Luana consolidated school as fourth graders. Harold is now a member of the Silent Sophomore Class and I think he is rather proud of the fact.

His favorite grade was the eighth and his favorite subject has been mathematics. He says that baseball is his favorite of the groups of athletics, but because of his proficiency in all athletics, I doubt his word.

Harold says that he wishes to be a farmer when the time comes for him to shift for himself. Wishing him success and everybody best of luck, I remain - Col. Inkhorn

(Neverman, Harold)

Ione Mary Lamborn (published 03/21/1929)

Ione was born on a farm three miles north of the peaceful, inland village of Luana, on January 27, 1914, and still resides with her parents at the place of her birth.

Ione began her course of study in Luana consolidated school and has attended regularly until she is now a member of the (I won't call them green because I was once one myself) freshman class. Ione like to sew and read; her favorite book is "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine."

She likes to play basketball and indoor baseball. She says that when taking into consideration her so-called years of school the eighth grade leaves the greatest and best impression upon her mind. Her favorite subject is and has been English and she says that she wishes to be an English teacher as soon as time allows. - Col. Inkhorn

(Lamborn, Ione)

Yvo Earl Scheffert (published 03/28/1929)

Yvo was born on a farm five miles northwest of Elkport, Iowa. Yvo began his school life in a little old country school house and attended the little country school until he was through the second grade. Then he, with his parents and the remainder of the family, moved to a farm east of Luana. Yvo entered the Luana consolidated school as a third grader and is now a freshman.

His favorite grade was the fifth, and as for subjects he says that he hates to hurt the feelings of any of them, so for his favorite he takes "none". Yvo says that baskeball is his favorite of atletics, and I think that all of you people who have seen him on the baskeball floor will agree that "Shep" is a scrapper from start to finish, if I may word it that way.

"Shep" is an outdoor lad; he likes to roam about in the woods and along the banks of some steams. In summer, Yvo may be found, nearly every Sunday, roaming about in the woods with a gun under his arm. He likes this and calls it hunting.

"Shep" wishes to be a carpenter and my wishes are that he may wield a wicked saw and hammer. I hope you don't take the wrong meaning from what I have written. Tearfully yours (I write for this paper and nobldy writes for me) - Col. Inkhorn

(Scheffert, Yvo)

Ida Anne Zieman (published 04/04/1929)

Ida was born on a farm one-half mile south of Luana, Iowa, November 11th, 1911. She entered Luana Consolidated school as a first grader and has battled with the necessary elements of school life until she is now a member of the "Fathful Freshman class". Of the subjects studied, Ida Anne says that English has been her favorite study and the eighth her favorite grade.

Ida Anne likes all indoor and outdoor athletics, but basketball is her favorite. She likes also to hike and read.

She says that she wishes to be a stenographer or a nurse, and I hope that she makes a success of whichever job she undertakes.

Yours till the Greece fries out of Turkey - Col. Inkhorn

Transcriber note: The next issue, 4/11/1929, contained a correction:
Last week I made a terrible error. You know how sensitive ladies are about telling their ages. Well, I'm no lady, but I'd be terribly upset if someone made the mistake with my age that I did with Ida Ann Zieman's. I said that she was born November 11, 1911, but she wasn't. she was born November 11, 1914. - Erroneously yours Col. Inkhorn

(Zieman, Ida)

Ilo Marie Scheffert (published 04/11/1929)

Ilo was born on a farm a few miles east of Elkport, Iowa, August 11, 1914. She started to school in a little country school house and attended there until she was partly through the second grade. Then Ilo, with her parents, moved to a farm one and one-half miles east of (the city of slow growth) Luana, Iowa. By saying this I mean that the size of the town is very slow in its growth.

Ilo started in as a second grader in Luana consolidated school and is now a "Fair Freshman". Ilo says that she likes the Freshman year better than any of her previous years in school, and at present she likes the subject Algebra better than any of her other subjects. She likes to read story books but not text books (an I agree that a story book is more interesting than a text book). Her favority book is "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" by Gene Stratton Porter.

July is her favorite month. I don't know whether she likes to shoot firecrackers or not, but I suppose she does. She also says that Sunday is her favorite day in the week, you know that's the day when some people have callers.

Ilo wishes to be a stenographer or a teacher of music. If she has as much success as I wish her she will be both. - Col. Inkhorn

(Scheffert, Ilo)

School Principal
Walter Benjamin Louis Hammer
(published 04/18/1929)

Our chief editor, Colonel Inkhorn, has taken a one day vacation from his press duties, and I shall attempt to tell you all about Luana Hi's principal, Walter Benjamin Louis Hammer.

Mr. Hammer was born in the year 1905 on the first day of August, or, if you know mathematics like he does, you may be able to figure out his age.

He received his first touch of school life in the Dover rural schools, where he thought that history was his favorite subject. Then he advanced his education a bit and attended the Varina consolidated high school.

After graduating from high school he entered Buena Vista college at Storm Lake. Here the industrious lad worked his way through college by working in a cafe during his spare hours. Mr. Hammer said that while he was in college his favorite subject was mathematics, and he enjoyed the subject so much that he is trying to tell my classmates and me how to enjoy it, too. Among his other activites at college he enjoyed was debating.

While I am talking about all the young man's favorites I also will include that his favorite dish is sauerkraut. - Gen. Inksplash

(Hammer, Walter)

Olive Marguerite DeLay
(published 05/09/1929)

My vacation is over and I am back on the job, and so are my reporters.

Miss DeLay was born on a farm which joins the outskirts of the prosperous Iowa town, Arispe. She was born on a Monday, May 30th, 1904. She graduated from the Arispe high school in 1921.

Miss DeLay became ambitious and attended the Iowa State University at Iowa city. Here she was a member of the University Players, Continuo, an honorary music club and Chi Omega Sorority. To get her degree she has one more year to attend the University. She likes dramatics, music and books. Her favorite book is "Marco Polo" by Don Byrne; her favorite dish is strawberries and cream, and last but not least is her favorite disease, measles - she has had them three times, or so she says.

Here's hoping she does not trouble the measles to stop at her house a fourth time. - Col. Inkhorn

(DeLay, Olive)

Helen May Stevens
(published 05/16/1929)

Miss Stevens was born June 23, 1905 at Lime Springs, Iowa. she graduated from Lime Springs high school and went to the University of Porto Rico for her first college year. The next three years of college were spent at Ames. Here she was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

She, at one time, hauled her Dad's mail route for three months, while he was on leave. Last summer she motored to New York with a cousin.

Here are some of her favorites, as she stated them: "My favorite sports are swimming, canoeing and camping. My favorite song is, well, I don't know enough music to have one. My favorite modern writer is Edna St. Vincent Millay. My pet aspiration is to run my own tea shop. I prefer to teach History, in case that may interest anyone."

Here's hoping that Miss Stevens will be "tootering" in L.H.S. at this time next year. - Col. Inkhorn

(Stevens, Helen)

School Superintendent
Roy Talmadge Neff
(published 04/23/1929)

Let me introduce you to the gentleman from Missouri, the Superintendent of Luana Hi. Mr. RoyTalmadge Neff, who was born on the famous date of July 4, 1776 -- oops, I mean 1893, at Clarence, Missouri.

"You Gotta Show Me," was his reply when I told him I would pass in American Government, that famous subject that he is drilling into us.

He entered a big school at the age of seven; it had such a large enrollment that eight grades could stay in one maybe some uncomfortably. As he graduated from this rural school he went to the Kirksville State Teachers College, where he took up a high school course and went through college at the same place.

From here he went to Gem City Business College at Quincy, Illinois. Then twelve months later, he stepped into the Senior High school at Hannibal, Missouri, and taught there for a while.

Then the loyal countryman enlisted in the army, and he spent two years in this country and then he went over to France. After he came out of the army, with a couple of hundred French souvenirs and photographs, he landed in McGregor, then in our fair city of Luana, where he had been for six years. Sometime during this period he got married, I can't recall just when.

He is crazy over chickens, and watermelons, and his pet hobby is photography. - Inkishly yours, Gen. Inksplash

(Transcriber note: Roy T. Neff & Miss Harriet Alice Kinsley were married by the Congregational minister in McGregor on June 5, 1924. He was the son of Joseph P. & Mary O. (McVey) Neff. She was the daughter of Ben A. & Mary M. (Hatch) Kinsley.)

(Neff, Roy)

Robert (Bobbie) Evan Davenport (published 11/14/1929)

Robert made his appearance into this world on July 28, 1912. He was born on a farm near Postville, Iowa. Before he reached school age he moved with his parents to Avoca, Wisconsin, where the youthful Mr. Davenport entered the studious world known as school. while living in Avoca he climbed the scholastic ladder until he was partially through the fourth grade. From Avoca the Davenports moved to Mt. Hope, Wisconsin, where Bobbie entered the M.H.S. and attended until he finished his sophomore year.

He then moved with his parents to Luana, Iowa, where he and his sister entered L.H.S. as Juniors, and here we find Robert at present, laboring away with the facts and principles of "ologys" and "isms."

Mr. Davenport has many favorites, some of which I shall refrain from printing as they might cause hard feelings and moments of embarrassment. His favorite subjects are algebra, now being taken; and agriculture, that has been taken. His favorite book is "the Fighting Edge"; his favorite of athletics is basketball and last but not least, he says that he is very fond of pancakes.

He likes to hike, swim and drive a car; and he says that he wishes in the future to be a cowboy, a real he-man cowboy. - Col. Inkhorn

(Davenport, Robert)

Avis Jean Breitsprecher (published 11/21/1929)

Avis was born August 5, 1915, and brightened a home in Elkader with her lovely laughs and otherwise. She remained "mistress of ceremonies" in this home until the age of five years, at which age she knocked on the doors of knowledge and gained admittance through the door. After climbing the silver stairs of knowledge for about half a year in Elkader, she moved with her parents and older sister to Luana. She then joined the "joyous jumpers", or in other words the first grade in good old L.H.S.

After eight years of continuous courting of the curriculum she knocked on the second door of knowledge and again gained admittance, and is now a Freshie in dear old L.H.S.

Some of Miss Breitsprecher's favorites. First on the list is her favorite book, "Her Father's Daughter". Second is her favorite dish, Spaghetti. Third, she likes to ride horseback and she likes to read poetry. Fourth, she likes to play basketball, but she likes to see football played by good, good football players. She's particular, I tell you, and she'll make an ideal nurse, which she says she plans to be. I wish her much sucess when she asks admittance to the third door of knowledge. I also wish her much success as a nurse and otherwise.

I remain, as I ever hope to remain - Col. Inkhorn

(Breitsprecher, Avis)

Efferd K.G. Lindroth (published 11/28/1929)

Folks, here's a treat for sore eyes and ears. You can get the dope on the members of L.H.S. without evesdropping, just leave it to me. I have, by asking questions, received the following from Efferd K.G. Lindroth.

Mr. Lindroth was born on a farm about one mile south of Luana, Iowa, on February 9, 1916. When Efferd was quite a small boy, perhaps three years, he left this part of the country for a while, a short while. He was back in Luana at the age of about three and a half and has been here ever since.

At the usual age of five years he started in L.H.S. as a beginer and has kept on going until he is now a freshman.

Upon investigating I found that Efferd is very fond of bread covered with peanut butter and honey, having consumed a great quantity in the last few days. Upon investigating further I found him to be fond of reading and even heard him say that "Betty Zane" was his favorite book.

He likes to play basketball and football, likes to hike, swim and ride horseback. He would like to be an aviator and I am certain that he will make a good one, 'cause he's always in the air. - Col. Inkhorn

(Lindroth, Efferd)

Margaret Evelyn Davenport (published 12/05/1929)

Margaret entered this wise and wicked world April 21, 1914, in the city of Lincoln, Neb. I think she "ruled the roost" here for some time. She moved with her parents to Avoca, Wisconsin, where she made her debut into school life.

She placed her hands on the bottom rung of the ladder of knowledge and cliimbed up, feet first -- how's that? She climbed the ladder in Avoca until she had finished the 4th grade and then jumped to the fifth rung in the ladder at Mt. Hope, Wis. This time she turned hand-springs up the ladder until she flew into space after passing the tenth rng. She alighted very lightly on the eleventh rung of Luana Hi's ladder, and here she is now perched - defying algebra, biology, economics and English literature.

She likes olives. She likes to play and see played, basketball. she is fond of dancing, roller skating, going to shows and joy riding.

She hasn't decided what she wants to be when she faces the world -- now boys, don't rush -- give her time to decide for herself.

I once began to remain and still continue to remain - Col. Inkhorn

(Davenport, Margaret)

Helen Pauline Schierholz (published 12/12/1929)

Folks, I'm not in a writing mood, as you will find out when you read this. I can thank my lucky stars that I cannot see your faces as you read this.

Here goes for my right hand into the business of writing. Miss Helen Pauline Schierholz announced her arrival into this aged and wise old world November 13, 1912, on a farm about one mile southeast of this thriving little city of Luana, Iowa.

She received her first bit of education while at home, as did we all; some of us getting all of our education at home. Helen entered and remained in Monona, Iowa's House of Education for two years and then removed herself to Luana's Bulging Building of Knowledge. this she attended until the second semester of her sophomore year in L.H.S. Then she went to Postville, Iowa, where she finished her sophomore year. After doing this she moved to Monona, where she finished her junior year. We now find her a senior in L.H.S.

Here goes my left hand. Helen's favorite subject is botany, her favorite book is "The Rosary", and her favorite dish is escalloped potatoes. She likes to play basketball and to dance. She wishes to travel in the future, and I hope she has many opportunities.

Closingly your - Col. Inkhorn

(Schierholz, Helen)



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