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Published in the Postville Herald from 1928 - 1934, this series of student biographies appeared in the Luana column. The student newspaper Luana Hi Leader was published in this column. The student bios were written by the Leader staff ... usually identified with pennames Col. Inkhorn and Gen. Inksplash

Transcribed for Clayton co. IAGenWeb, August 2021, by S. Ferrall


The bios are arranged by the date they were published and are not alphabetical.


Lena Rose Land (published 09/20/1928)

Lena first made her appearance in this world August 21, 1911, about two miles north of the little village of Luana, Iowa. She received practically all of her education in the Luana Consolidated school and is now a dignified Senior. In her schooling her favority grade was the eighth and her favorite subject throughout her school years has been mathmatics.

In future years she plans to be a school teacher or business woman. Her hobbies are reading, playing the piano and all indoor and outdoor sports.

She has traveled very little from the standpoint of leaving her native state and locality. She has been to several of the surrounding large towns and parks but has not traveled through the adjoining states.

(Land, Lena)

Ivon Henry John Schultz (published 09/27/1928)

This young gentleman made his appearance into this world July 20, in the year of one thousand nine hundred and eleven, A.D. He was born on a farm about four and a half miles west of the now flourishing village of Luana.

Ivan, as it seems, has attended the Luana school to obtain what learning he now has. At the time of this writing Ivon is a Senior. He has been interested in the study of mathematics in all the years that he has attended school. Ivon, as most of us do, and did, liked the first grade best of all his school years.

This young gentleman seems to have traveled a little, but not as some of us have. He has been to large parks in the neighboring states of Wisconsin and Illinois and in some of the larger cities also. In Iowa the particular city that he mentions is Davenport.

Ivon, the poor boy, wants to be a business man and some kind woman's husband. Ivon, I am afraid, will not make much of a business man, because from what his hobbies are I think that you will draw the same conclusion as I did. The hobbies are as follows:
1. The poor boy says that he adores loafing.
2. He delights in music.
3. He also, last but not least, loves entertainment, "And How!"
I play this "lyre" very well, don't you think? - Col. Inkhorn

(Schultz, Ivon)

Virgil Irwin John Scheffert (published 10/04/1928)

Virgil was born on a farm May 21st, 1909, about seven miles northeast of the town of Elkport. Before he was old enough to attend school his parents moved to a farm about five miles east of Elkport. He attended school until he finished the fourth grade. Then his parents moved to a farm east of Luana. Then Virgil began his school life anew in the Luana Consolidated School.

Virgil will graduate this year if nothing disasterous happens to his mind. His favorite grade in school was the Sophomore year and his favority subject has been History.

It seems that most of the students of this school have traveled so little, but we have to take many things into consideration which might prevent traveling. Anyway Virgil has been in the adjoining states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. He has attended festivities at several of the nearby parks and cities.

Virgil has a good foresight as you will all deduce from his ambition. He wants to be a successful lawyer or an expert mechanic. His hobby is: Joy-riding.

(Scheffert, Virgil)

Harold John Frank Sebastian (published 10/11/1928)

Harold was born on a farm, about three miles north of the little town of Luana, May 19th, 1912. Here he spent most of his time until he entered school at Luana. Thereafter most of his time has been spent in the Luana Consolidated School.

Harold liked the Sophmore year better than his other hears in school so far. Harod is now a Junior and says that he liked mathmatics better than any of his other studies. Harold has not traveled very much but he has been across the state once and has traveled around in the territory of Northeastern Iowa quite a bit.

This young risker wants to be an aviator and as far as I am concerned he can be, as for myself I would sooner spend my life upon the land.

Harold likes to do such industrious things as: 1. Bum around; 2. Spend his hard earned money; 3. Finds pleasure in driving a Ford. - Col. Inkhorn

(Sebastian, Harold)

Donald John Overbeck (published 10/18/1928)

Donald was first heard from November 2, 1910, on a farm just northeast of Luana, Iowa. He has attended the Luana Consolidated School throughout his years as a student. When I asked Donald which year in school he liked best; he abruptly answered, "I liked none of them best. They were all the same in my opinion." He also said, "In all the years that I have attended school English has been my favority subject."

Donald has made several trips to districts within the adjoining states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota. He has also been to some of the larger cities within the state and the others mentioned above. He has been to Dubuque, Minneapolis, etc.

Donald wishes to be one of the following:
1. A noted coach of athletics
2. A successful business man - he says that his business will be attending to his own business.

-Col Inkhorn

(Overbeck, Donald)

Rose Ellen Conway (published 10/25/1928)

Rose was born about two and one half miles east of the miniature city of Rossville, January 19, 1913. Before Rose was of school age her parents moved to a farm northwest of Luana. Rose began her school life in the Luana Consolidated School and attended until the end of the first semester of her seventh year. Then she began going to school at Clermont, but returned to Luana after finishing the seventh grade. From that time she has attended school at Luana and is now a Gesticulating Junior.

Rose said that she liked her third year in school better than any of the preceding or succeeding years. Her favorite subject throughout her school years has been English.

Rose has traveled to various cities in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. She wants to be a school teacher or a stenographer. Rose is rather peculiar in her way of selecting the names of the things she likes to do best. She says that she likes to do all unusual things.

(Conway, Rose)

Clyde Marlow Bollman (11/01/1928)

Clyde was born on a farm approximately six miles northeast of Luana, March 30, 1911. When Clyde was nearly two years old his parents moved to a farm near Forst Mills. It was while living here that Clyde began his school life. He attended the Forst Mills school for about two years and then he, with his parents, moved back to his birthplace. From here Clyde attended the country school at Smithfield. He finished the eighth grade here and then entered Luana Hi, as a Freshman.

Clyde is now an industrious Junior and I hope that he keeps the industrious spirit throughout life. Clyde says that he liked the Sophmore year better than any of his preceding school years. He also says that English has been his favorite subject.

Now Clyde wishes to be one of the following: A daring aviator; or a good old honest farmer. He likes to do the following: study and play music; participate in all indoor and outdoor athletics and to do shopwork, such as mechanics have to do. - Col. Inkhorn

(Bollman, Clyde)

Gerald D. Engelhardt (published 11/08/1928)

Gerald made his appearance into this queer old world, January 5, 1913. He was born on a farm directly across the road from what is now L.H.S., so from that he should be quite an educated person.

The history books are all memorized by this lad. I have heard it remarked more than once, "Gerald, surely knows that old history book by heart." I shall let the readers of this article figure out Gerald's favorite subject. Gerald says that he like the Sophmore year better than the preceding years in school. "But different here. That's where I am."

Now, Gerald is a very brilliant fellow in some respects, (I hope he doesn't feel hurt). He can sit down and think awhile and within five minutes he has a good story under progress. Gerald says that he likes to: 1. Write L--e Letters, guess the omitted letters; 2. Write stories; 3. S--park along the curbing and talk.

The young man wants to be one of the following: Author, Minister, Aviator, Pugilist. "If he wants me for a friend or neighbor he had better choose one of the first three." - Col. Inkhorn

(Engelhardt, Gerald)

Agnes Marie Gentz (published 11/15/1928)

In her own words:
"I was born on a farm approximately two miles west of Luana and lived there until I had finished the sixth grade in L.H.S. Then I, with my parents, moved to a farm about three miles south of Luana. From there I attended a country school until my grade school days were over. Then I made an unforgetable step ahead, I entered L.H.S., as a freshman. I am now a Junior."

"I am very fond of music, in any form, I like to read very much. My favorite stores ro read are Western novels. I want to be a school teacher or a stenographer." - Col. Inkhorn

(Gentz, Agnes)

Gertrude Ann Bugenhagen (published 11/22/1928)

(a few letters in the righ-hand column of this article were cut off. Unless obvious, they are indicated with ??)

A sudden touch of memory comes to my mind as I think of this famous Junior in Luana Hi, and how she used to ride to school on horseback to attend this hotsy-totsy freshman class of ours in the year 1927. But, no longer does she bother to ride a horse, she now drives a huge Buick sedan.

Through Junior class contact I have found out that this young lady likes to ride horseback, take long hikes, (she likes to ride better) and drive rough-riding flivvers, Buicks, and "Chevys". The young lady wants to be a sucessful stenographer and take dictations, (like she has to do in L.H.S.) or otherwise she would enjoy being a physical training teacher and ?? the students how to be stunt ??. Such would not be impossible for an ambitious Junior.

Her greatest enjoyments are going to movies or church, and other ?ments that are rather person? mention.

This student entered the ? in the year of 1912 on September ? at the same place she is now living. L.H.S. is certainly lucky to get a student, that first attended school in a little one room school house ? miles from Luana.

-by Gen. Inksplash, Inkhorn's assistant

(Bugenhagen, Gertrude)

Arno August Neverman (published 11/29/1928)

As I sit here this bleak wintry day I cannot feel satisfied to do nothing, so I can only try to give you a brief sketch of Arno August Neverman. With this writing and trying to keep from freezing to death, I think I shall be kept busy.

Arno is one of the Neverman (basketball) twins, so you can see his importance in Luana Hi. Arno was born on a farm, October 8th, 1911, south of Castalia. After a brief stay here he, with his parents moved to another farm between Postville and Castalia. It was while living here that Arno began his school career in a little one-room country school-house. He attended here until he had finished the third grade and then came to Luana, where he entered L.H.S. as a fourth-grader. Arno is now a "Brother Sophmore" and one of our "bright-lights" in basketball.

Arno is a mathematical wizard and has reasons for saying that he likes mathematics better than any of his other subjects. Arno is fond of all sports and all athletics and seems able to make the statement because he is very artful at any of the above mentioned. He likes to take joy rides and best of all to attend parties.

He goes back to the eighth grade when asked what his favorite year in school was, and in some respects I agree with him.

Arno wishes to be one of the following: 1. Successful athletic coach; 2. radio expert; 3. skilled mechanic; 4. proficient electrician. I hope he succeeds with which ever one he decides to be and I hope he may be all of them. - Col. Inkhorn

(Neverman, Arno)

Helen Bertha Ann Palas (published 12/06/1928)

As I go through this world of ours I come in contact with and become a friend of many people. At least I think I become their friend, but maybe I do not. One person that I met was the one mentioned above, Helen Bertha Ann Palas. She told me that she was born on a farm about a mile west of Luana, May 16, 1913.

She began her school career in L.H.S. and has attended there throughout her school years and hopes to attend there until she graduates. Her favorite year in high school was her Sophomore year and she can not remember her favorite grade while she was in the grades. She is fond of mathematics and keeps her mathematical intellect alert and active by solving puzzles and playing quizzical games.

Helen looks forward to the fact that she wishes to be a stenographer or a teacher of music and be self supporting. At present Helen is very fond of playing the piano or studying music. She spends much of her time reading western novels which contain a clear description and many thrills. I agree with her at this point, only I like western novels that contain thrills and not description.

Hoping that Helen has much success in her later life and that all of you have recovered from the effects of your Thanksgiving dinners ..... I remain - Col. Inkhorn

(Palas, Helen)

Lawrence William Stadtmiller (published 12/13/1928)

Lawrence (Larry) was born, with his twin sister, on a farm about two miles southwest of Luana, Ocober 26, 1912. Lawrence entered the Luana Consolidated school at the age of six years and attended only a few months, till an epidemic of the flu broke out and school was closed. Lawrence did not reenter school until the following year, although school was only closed a few months.

Lawrence's favorite subject has been History, and favorite grade the fifth. Larry likes to: 1. Ride a bicycle; 2. Play hookey; 3. Read stories containing thrills and adventures.

He wishes to be one of the following: 1. Proprietor of a chicken ranch; 2. Bookkeeper in some large office; 3. A motorcycle cop and chase speeders.

The hardest job that Larry ever accomplished was to pass his examinations. The easiest job that Larry ever accomplished was to fall from the back of a speeding pony.

Have a Merry Christmas - Col Inkhorn

(Stadtmiller, Lawrence)



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