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Hillcrest Cemetery
aka Volga City cemetery

12818 Cass St., Volga, Sperry Twp., Sec 9 NE NE 9-92-6

Hill Crest cemetery - photo by Jim Steele SR

'S' surnames
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The cemetery is a short distance east of Volga City on Cass St. It is on the south side of the road, directly across from Sacred Heart Catholic / School House Yard Cemetery.

Birdseye view of Hillcrest cemetery - from Bing Maps
Birdseye view from Bing Maps

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*Obituaries have been posted for some of the people buried in this cemetery
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~The original list of burials was contributed by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
~WPA records were transcribed and added to the original list by Phyllis Montour; lot numbers, if given, are from WPA records
~Additional burials and information have been added by the Clayton co. Coordinator from Clayton county death records, gravestone inscriptions, obituaries, newspapers, census and SSDI records

Name Birth Death Comments
Sabin, Nellie   05/29/1891 Obit = age "nearly 14", died in Omaha, NE; remains to Volga, funeral M.E. church. Note! Likely buried Hillcrest, but should be confirmed
Samp, Augusta      
Samp, Bess      
Sanford, Harriet 1837 03/19/1863 lot 124
Sanford, Lydia 1856 03/18/1873 lot 124
Sanford, Lyman W. 1863 05/16/1863 lot 124; WPA record
Sanford, William      
Schramm, Florence      
Scott, Eva      
Scott, Neva      
Scott, Robert 1894 1936 World War I veteran
Seeland, Eugene      
Seeland, Marvel      
Seeland, Suzanne      
Settlemire, Amanda     WPA = Settleman
Settlemire, David 1821 07/02/1901 lot 204; WPA = Settleman
Settlemire, Margaret 1826 02/17/1907 lot 204; WPA = Settleman
Settlemire, Margaret Sr.     (no dates); WPA = Settleman
Settleman, Margaret Jr.     WPA record
Shadle, Charles H. 1870 08/18/1896 lot 66
Shadle, Henry     lot 66
Shadle, Mary 1851 1935 lot 66
Shaw, Alta Mae Tomkins nee Keilholtz 08/31/1884 06/08/1962 w/o 1st LeRoy Tomkins, 2nd James Shaw; d/o Hamilton P. & Ella (Marble); buried w/her 1st husband & James Shaw is buried at Guttenberg
Shepard, Harry "Gerry" 07/17/1936 02/02/1943 s/o Floyd; drown in the Volga River
Sherman, Jane nee Moon 03/02/1823 09/10/1909 lot 161; w/o Joseph
Sherman, Lyman     s/o Joseph & Jane
Siglin, Mamie 05/20/1899 06/14/1981 d/o Joseph W. & Emma E. (Reinsmith)
Silver, Darwin      
Silver, J.B.      
Sloan, Donna Lucille 06/06/1933 05/13/2019 d/o Leroy & Leta
Sloan, Eliza Jane nee Addison 04/05/1871 06/16/1934 w/o Samuel F.; d/o Wm Alex & Helen (Sloan)
Sloan, Estella 'Stella' nee Williams 08/13/1875 07/11/1944 w/o Jesse
Sloan, Jesse E. 06/06/1869 02/15/1952 h/o Stella
Sloan, Leta M. nee Oldfather 1907 1983 w/o Leroy
Sloan, Lilius May 'May' 10/21/1899 02/20/1919 lot 247; d/o Sam & Eliza J.; double grave w/brother Theodore
Sloan, Theodore Raymond 'Ray' 03/21/1902 02/21/1919 lot 247; s/o Sam & Eliza J.; double grave w/sister Lilius
Sloan, William   04/??/1977 age 82
Sloan, W. Leroy 1904 1971 h/o Leta
Smith, Arthur 1872 1957 h/o Ruth
Smith, Elizabeth A. 1833 11/08/1884 lot 225; w/o James E.
Smith, Eliza 'Lizzie' Fletcher nee Keeling 12/27/1849 12/23/1914 lot 44; w/o Thomas; d/o John & Mary (Fletcher)
Smith, Ella     lot 225
Smith, Elmo      
Smith, Erma      
Smith, Ester Ellen nee Jennings 08/14/1880 12/08/1922 lot 27; w/o Herbert; d/o J.M.
Smith, Esther Marie nee Borgman 04/20/1926 03/04/2006 w/o John E.; d/o Eugene W. & Louise M. (Starke)
Smith, Ernest T. 09/12/1887 04/17/1964 h/o Roberta; s/o Thomas & Lizzie; was an Iowa State Representative 1946-1948
Smith, Fred      
Smith, Frederick 12/18/1831 12/24/1909 lot 147; h/o Mary
Smith, G.A      
Smith, Herbert H.?     lot 27; WPA record
Smith, Isaiah 1812 10/08/1867 lot 91; h/o Susan
Smith, James E. 1828 11/14/1922 lot 225; h/o Elizabeth
Smith, John Ernest D.V.M. 08/30/1924 02/09/2013 h/o Esther M.; s/o Ernest T. & Roberta
Smith, Linda      
Smith, Marian      
Smith, Mary 1853 1938 lot 147
Smith, Mary R. nee Duff 10/20/1851 02/23/1938 lot 146; w/o Frederick; d/o William & Marian (Dempster)
Smith, Nancy Agnes nee Van Alstine 03/13/1858 08/21/1929 w/o Solomon A. (divorced, d. 1931 bur. County Corners cem.); d/o H. Van Alstine
Smith, Nellie Peck      
Smith, Roberta Franscetta nee Baskerville 09/17/1891 07/26/1956 w/o Ernest T.; d/o L.H. & Lillian (McLearn)
Smith, Ruth nee Sanborn 1876 1959 w/o Arthur
Smith, Susan 1811 05/13/1880 lot 91; w/o Isaiah
Smith, Thomas 11/17/1840 10/07/1927 lot 44; h/o Lizzie; s/o Isaiah & Susan (unkn)
Smith, Valmah      
Smith, Wesley      
Smith, William      
Smith, Velma      
Smock, Samantha Ann Durland nee Waltenbaugh 01/07/1872 03/01/1964 w/o 1st John Durland, 2nd Walter; d/o James & Nancy
Smock, Walter   08/??/1955 2nd h/o Samantha
Soldiers, Monument      
Staack, Arthur 'Art' 1891 1974 h/o Hilda
Staack, Hilda nee Lembke 1897 1971 w/o Arthur
Stahl, Bertie C. 1872 01/18/1891 lot 12; s/o John & Lena
Stahl, Berton      
Stahl, Charley      
Stahl, John W. 1845 05/04/1907 lot 12; h/o Philena; Co D 21st IA Inf.
Stahl, Marie      
Stahl, Nellie     lot 12
Stahl, Philena Prudence 'Lena' nee Stahl 06/17/1847 02/??/1916 lot 12; w/o John W.; d/o Edwin & Lucrita; died in Dallas, TX
Stearns, Martin 1828 12/10/1867 lot 73; Co. D 21st IA Inf.
Steckelberg, Amelia K. 1894 1977 d/o John & Mary
Steckelberg, Amelia 'Mary' nee Haferland 12/26/1857 04/03/1933 w/o John; d/o William & unkn. (Schultz)
Steckelberg, John 03/25/1851 07/01/1923 lot 41; h/o Mary
Stepp, Muriel Maxine nee Moore 07/06/1933 06/16/2019 w/o William, then common-law w/o Charles Greathouse; d/o William W. & Bonnie (Peterman); U.S. Navy, Korea
Stepp, William Fredrick 10/25/1932 08/31/1954 h/o Muriel; s/o William L. & Emma E. (Laber); U.S Air Force, Korea
Stevens, B.J. 1828 10/25/1886 lot 165
Stevens, baby      
Stevens, L.M.      
Stevens, Orpha      
Stevens, P.O.      
Stevens, Peter 1821 04/03/1890 lot 165
Stevens, R.F.      
Stranahan, Mary   03/20/1884 16 y 7m 7d
Sturdevant, Golda May      
Sturdevant, Raymond      
Susie, Jennie Burgett      
Susie, Margaret nee Schroeder     w/o William
Susie, William 06/30/1843 04/20/1916 lot 37; h/o Margaret; veteran of the war between Germany & Denmark, and war between Germany & Austria in 1866; immigrated to U.S. in 1868
Susie, William John 08/13/1875 02/12/1919 lot 37
Sutton, Frank Blaine 12/23/1917 08/08/1991 h/o Ruby; U.S. Navy, WWII
Sutton, Ruby Elizabeth nee Bishop 11/22/1912 11/08/1991 w/o Frank B.


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