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Hillcrest Cemetery
aka Volga City cemetery

12818 Cass St., Volga, Sperry Twp., Sec 9 NE NE 9-92-6

Hill Crest cemetery - photo by Jim Steele SR

C & D surnames
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The cemetery is a short distance east of Volga City on Cass St. It is on the south side of the road, directly across from Sacred Heart Catholic / School House Yard Cemetery.

Birdseye view of Hillcrest cemetery - from Bing Maps
Birdseye view from Bing Maps

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*Obituaries have been posted for some of the people buried in this cemetery
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~The original list of burials was contributed by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
~WPA records were transcribed and added to the original list by Phyllis Montour; lot numbers, if given, are from WPA records
~Additional burials and information have been added by the Clayton co. Coordinator from Clayton county death records, Death Certificates, gravestone inscriptions, obituaries, newspapers, census and SSDI records
~Additional information and/or names were contributed by Judy Mellinger, a Cummings & Davis family researcher (June 2005)

C & D surnames

Name Birth Death Comments
Calder, Artimus 10/??/1889 10/29/1889 aged 3wks; s/o Rev. & Mrs. A.B.
Calvin, Way      
Campbell, Emma      
Campbell, Eva      
Campbell, Frank      
Campbell, James F. 1812 1882  
Campbell, James (Mrs.)      
Campbell, Malissa 1821 12/18/1898  
Campbell, Nancy      
Campbell, Theodore      
Campbell, Willie      
Candee, Hazel H. nee Leete 12/24/1894 01/17/1969 w/o Roy
Candee, Keith William 04/08/1925 04/10/1925 s/o Roy & Hazel
Candee, Royce Earl 'Roy' 05/05/1890 06/21/1968 h/o Hazel
Carmichael, Henry      
Carmichael, James Harper 08/05/1840 09/14/1925 h/o 1st Lucinda Miller, 2nd Mrs. Martha Dickinson (d. 1926, bur. Illyria); Co. C,12th IA Infantry
Carmichael, Lucinda nee Miller 1840 02/08/1911 1st w/o James H.; his obituary gives her death date as 02/10/1910, but her death notice gives 02/08/1911
Carpenter, Joseph A. 'Joe' 07/06/1946 05/07/2021 h/o Pamela; s/o Earl Carpenter & Jennie (Schippers) Couser
Carpenter, Pamela Jean nee Way 12/02/1948 09/06/2018 w/o Joseph; d/o Calvin & Norma (Moore)
Carter, Ruth nee Page 1920 1947 drowned in Cedar River, Waterloo, IA
Caudle, Estella      
Cavanaugh, baby   01/3?/1917 per burial notice in newspaper
Champlin, Harold      
Champlin, Ruth      
Chapman, Fanny   05/16/1895 w/o Jeremiah; Note: presumed burial, no existing stone
Chapman, George 09/23/1843 11/24/1862 s/o Jeremiah & Fanny; Co. D, 21st IA Infantry; memorial marker (cenotaph), according to an 1892 newspaper article he is "buried in the South"; see also his biography in the Military section of this website
Chapman, Glenn R.      
Chapman, Ingle 1830 10/29/1895  
Chapman, Jeremiah 07/25/1810 01/10/1880 h/o Fanny
Chapman, Joseph      
Chapman, Joseph      
Chapman, Julia nee Robbins 03/08/1808 06/07/1905 w/o Lewis; d/o David
Chapman, Lewis M. 1800 1869 h/o Julia
Chapman, Louis      
Chapman, Mary   09/29/1927  
Chapman, Mary J. 1833 03/19/1912  
Chapman, Nellie      
Chappell, Arthur     h/o Gertrude
Chappell, George Arthur 03/07/1915 02/21/2008 h/o Loretta; s/o Arthur & Gertrude
Chappell, Gertrude nee Rogers 06/23/1888 06/06/1924 w/o Arthur; d/o Samuel & Ellen
Chappell, Loretta nee Keilholtz 06/03/1916 07/26/1998 w/o George A.
Chase, Beverly June nee Whitford 06/06/1918 1994 w/o Floyd; d/o James & Mildred (Bentley)
Chase, Elmer 1910 1972 s/o Willis & Eliza
Chase, Floyd 1912 09/13/1989 h/o Beverly
Chase, Eliza 'Lizzie' nee Meyer 1884 1967 w/o Willis
Chase, Ralph Eugene 03/24/1918 12/21/2006 s/o Willis & Eliza
Chase, Willis 1879 1958 h/o Eliza
Chesler, Lucie Sebia nee Waltenbaugh 04/01/1882 03/14/1930 w/o Frank; d/o Jacob & Lydia (Gray); died in Mason City, IA
Chesley, Norman 1828 04/21/1865 h/o Lucy Ann Phillips (later married F.T. Goodwin, see her entry this cemetery); Co. A, 47th IA Infantry
Childers, Phillip B. 1819 03/20/1857  
Chillson, R.A.      
Chillson, James 12/11/1881   s/o Sumner C. & Mary (McCrae)
Chillson, Phillip D. 03/13/1876 04/18/1897 s/o Sumner C. & Mary (McCrae); died at Lansing, MN
Christeleit, Dennis      
Christeleit, Harold William 08/31/1924 12/29/2010 h/o Norma; s/o William & Rose
Christeleit, Louse 02/15/1895 09/1980  
Christeleit, Norma Alice nee Nydegger 09/20/1924 11/12/2009 w/o Harold
Christeleit, Rose Nell nee Poor 09/21/1900 11/1985 w/o William
Christeleit, Tammy Lynn 07/26/1975 07/21/1993 d/o Dennis & Lorna (Baade)
Christeleit, William H. 10/10/1894 10/23/1972 h/o Rose; U.S. Army, WWI
Clapper, Mary 1804 10/04/1886  
Clark, E.S. 'Cood' 09/09/1879 01/04/1946 h/o 1st Eda, 2nd Leta (Keilholtz) Myers (d. 1971, bur. in Florida); s/o James P. & Mary
Clark, Edith 'Eda' M. nee Susie   02/08/1943 Age 63y; 1st w/o E.S.
Clark, Eva      
Clark, Fred Carroll 07/16/1904 11/26/1923 s/o E.S. & Eda; committed suicide
Cleveland, Jemina      
Clinton, Donna Ruth - 08/21/1946 infant d/o Vernon & Ruth
Clinton, Jeffrey Lee 05/29/1964 07/30/2017 s/o Sheldon Clinton & Marilyn Busby; died in Chandler, AZ
Clinton, Kent John - 01/25/1955 infant s/o Vernon & Ruth
Clinton, Nyal Richard 05/23/1944 08/11/2019 h/o Barbara Hawkins (divorced); s/o Vernon & Ruth; U.S. Navy, Vietnam
Clinton, Ruth Marie nee Baars 1918 04/20/2014 w/o 1st Vernon, 2nd Hermie Harris, 3rd unkn Moeller; buried with Vernon
Clinton, Vernon L. 07/08/1912 04/02/1971 1st h/o Ruth; WWII veteran
Coab, William      
Conn, William 1848 08/06/1868  
Cook, Frankie      
Copeland, Baby      
Copeland, Edward 1826 05/01/1885 h/o Margaret
Copeland, Eliza     d/o Edward & Margaret
Copeland, Glenn   08/02/1890 3y 10m 18d; s/o John & Mattie
Copeland, Grace   10/20/1897 d/o John & Mattie
Copeland, John 1858 1925 h/o Mattie; "Mrs. Mattie Copeland of Bozeman, Montana brought the remains of her husband, who passed away a few years ago, here for burial in the family lot in Hill Crest cemetery." ~Register, 5/2/1929
Copeland, Leon Richard 01/03/1904 12/25/1913 s/o John & Mattie; died in Anamosa, IA of diabetes
Copeland, Margaret nee Hayes 12/19/1824 10/06/1907 w/o Edward
Copeland, Marie      
Copeland, Mattie nee Marble 1866 1937 w/o John
Corbin, Kay Eileen (adopted McDonald & Moore) 10/12/1945 10/07/2000 Adopted d/o Joseph & Dorothy (Hoskin) McDonald, and later by Dorothy's 2nd husb. Ronald Moore; she married X2
Corbin, Lizzie      
Craig, Joseph Harwood MD 10/05/1850 03/16/1916 lot 209; h/o Mary E.; s/o Rev. Adam & Mary E.
Craig, Mary Elizabeth nee Sanborn 11/04/1858 11/18/1916 lot 209; w/o Joseph; d/o Lucius & Mary J.
Craig, Ray Doak 1879 05/19/1897 lot 209; s/o Joseph & Mary
Crain, Ann Thulbon nee Bedwell 1810 10/01/1897 lot 153; w/o 1st David Thulbon (see his entry, this cemetery), 2nd William Crain
Crain, Delos     s/o James & Jane
Crain, Arthur     lot 135
Crain, Ethel      
Crain, Harriet nee Thurlbon 1840 07/20/1870 lot 140
Crain, Harry 10/25/1869 09/13/1897 lot 135; h/o Eliza Cann
Crain, James 03/29/1839 12/20/1913 lot 154; h/o 1st Harriet, 2nd Jane, 3rd Melissa; s/o Wm & Ruth
Crain, Jane nee Broker 02/14/1852 08/23/1905 lot 154; 2nd w/o James; d/o Thos Boker & Phoebe (Jellings)
Crain, Melissa J. White nee Hoyt 08/04/1837 06/24/1927 1st h/Sidney White; 2nd h/James (she's buried w/Sidney, see entry)
Crain, Ruth nee Tew 1819 1880 lot 140; 1st w/o William
Crain, Will      
Crain, William 09/01/1818 03/28/1905 lot 154; h/o 1st Ruth, 2nd Ann
Crain, Willie   02/27/1875 s/o James & Jane
Crandall, Dale      
Crandall, Margaret      
Crandall, Mary E.      
Crandall, Wallace H. 1857 01/13/1931  
Crandall, Walter Daniel 10/26/1861 06/17/1913 barber
Crandall, Willard      
Crosby, Mary L. 1832 12/30/1911  
Crousaz, Jean S. REV   03/??/1909 h/o Lambertine
Crousaz, Lambertine nee Moltzer 07/31/1838 05/10/1916 w/o Jean S.
Cummings, Abbie Rose 1875 1876 d/o George & Sarah
Cummings - DeLancey, Elsie Mae nee Upton 01/31/1916 01/10/1984 w/o 1st Francis Cummings, 2nd Lawrenz DeLancey; d/o Charles & Elsie (Adams); buried w/2nd husband
Cummings, Eva E.   1875 aged 1y 8m
Cummings, Francis Goodrich 'Bill' 09/20/1895 11/12/1964 h/o Elsie; s/o Thomas & Sarah; WWI veteran
Cummings, George Albert 09/11/1846 02/19/1903 2nd h/o Sarah M.
Cummings, J. B. 1882 01/26/1907  
Cummings, Jerena / Gerena A.   1874 aged 21y
Cummings, John Briggs 07/01/1853 06/16/1908 h/o Margaret; died at Fargo, ND
Cummings, Margaret Rosette nee Aldrich 1860 1925 w/o John B.
Cummings, Sarah M. Drake nee White 05/03/1843 12/06/1905 1st h/ Homer Drake; 2nd h/ George Cummings
Cummings, Sarah J. nee Robinson 03/03/1860 09/25/1914 w/o Thomas; d/o William & Margaret (Gallaher)
Cummings Thomas W. 01/02/1841 12/27/1923  h/o 1st Serena Butler, 2nd Sarah J. Robinson; s/o Frederick G. & Sophia (Douglas)
Cummings, William Leroy 'Roy' 07/15/1892 01/26/1907 s/o Thomas & Sarah
Cunningham, Harley 1889 1954  
Cunningham, Richard M. 1822 10/26/1876 1st h/o Lydia Gould (see Lydia Ruff); Co. D, 21st IA Infantry
Daggett, Albert Eugene 'Gene' 12/26/1861 04/08/1937 h/o Jennie; s/o Tilson
Daggett, Charlotte Jennie   11/02/1945 age 79y; w/o Gene
Davidson, Dickey      
Davidson, Gilbert 'Gill'   1883 h/o Sarah
Davidson, Melissa M. nee Chapman     w/o Wm. S.
Davidson, Sarah   04/09/1891 w/o Gilbert
Davis, Edwin Goodrich 07/01/1917 03/01/1987 h/o Erma; s/o Fred & Jennie; U.S. Army, WWII
Davis, Erma Clara nee Alwes 1918 2014 w/o Edwin
Davis, Francis Timothy 07/07/1840 07/28/1917 h/o Eliza; Co. I, 11th MN Vol. Inf.
Davis, Frederick Josiah 08/23/1876 02/12/1920  
Davis, Hannah Eliza nee Cummings 11/28/1842 07/27/1919 w/o Francis
Davis, Jennie nee Cummings 1887 11/28/1965 w/o Fred
Davis, Maria   1886  
Davis, Virgil Carlyle 03/18/1909 10/25/1909 s/o Fred & Grace (Wilson)
Dean, Clifford      
Dean, Florence      
DeLancy, Elsie Mae Cummings nee Upton 01/31/1916 1984 see entry for Elsie Cummings - DeLancy above
Dill, George Leslie 03/12/1863 11/14/1928 s/o William & Orvilla
Dill, Lucy Orvilla nee Chapman 03/22/1827 04/20/1914 w/o William; d/o Louis & unkn. Clark
Dill, William N. SR 04/12/1822 08/18/1895 h/o Orvilla; Co. H, 7th IA Cavalry
Dixon, Stuart      
Dohrer, Bessie nee Taylor 01/23/1879 07/14/1953 1st h/Henry V. Dohrer, 2nd h/Chester Peake (see Peake)
Dohrer, Henry V. 08/01/1873 07/26/1944 1st h/o Bessie Taylor (see Peake)
Dohrer, Leon Henry 03/02/1904 08/15/1939 s/o Henry V. & Bessie
Donnell, Minnie Caroline Probert nee Steckelberg 08/18/1887 05/01/1937 lot 71; w/o 1st Ernest Probert, 2nd Dr. J.W. Donnell; d/o John & Mary (Haferland); buried w/Ernest Probert
Dotteur, John      
Doty, Grace      
Doty, James      
Douglas, Effie      
Drake, Baby      
Drake, Chancy L. 08/25/1803 08/16/1875  
Drake, Frank Warner 'Frankie'   07/26/1870 1y 11m; s/o Leon H. & Mary
Drake Hardy      
Drake Homer B. 1842 04/10/1871 1st h/o Sarah White (see Cummings), her obit gives his death yr. 1870
Drake, Orpha nee Boardman 04/17/1807 04/19/1895  
Duff, Albert I. 01/20/1880 04/01/1967 h/o Martha S.
Duff, Andrew M. 'Mel' 12/19/1857 05/25/1907 h/o Rebecca
Duff, Augusta Christine 'Gusta' nee Braba 08/29/1886 04/18/1955 w/o Robert W.
Duff, Cecilia nee Probert 09/25/1842 07/30/1929 w/o William; d/o William; died in Garden City, KS
Duff, Cecil W. 05/10/1909 10/26/1969 h/o Loretta
Duff, Elizabeth nee Hayes 05/28/1862 11/19/1957 w/o William; d/o John
Duff, Eunice Luella   03/30/1894 aged 2y 10m 26d; d/o William & Elizabeth
Duff, George 1874 1889 ssa William R.; s/o Wm. & Cecilia
Duff, Harriet L. nee Goodwin 05/14/1874 07/11/1960 w/o Robert R.
Duff, Isabella Christina 09/08/1921 03/21/1922 d/o John & Zepora
Duff, Isabella nee Probert 10/20/1831 04/05/1904 w/o Robert
Duff, Janet 1870 1946  
Duff, Jennet 'Janet' 12/27/1852 06/08/1904 obit DOB = 12/28/1853
Duff, John P. 12/03/1875 10/10/1962 h/o Zepora
Duff, Lillian L. nee Christen 05/14/1917 03/31/2002 w/o Robert 'Jim'
Duff, Loretta C. nee Nus 11/30/1905 07/26/1985 w/o Cecil W.
Duff, Marion 06/02/1854 02/27/1926  
Duff, Marion nee Dempster 09/20/1806 02/25/1892 w/o William
Duff, Martha S. nee Samp 07/14/1886 11/26/1979 w/o Albert I.
Duff, Rebecca nee Peterman 08/03/1858 05/20/1918 w/o Andrew
Duff, Robert 06/18/1827 11/08/1905 h/o Isabella
Duff, Robert 12/03/1875 08/1967  
Duff, Robert James 'Jim' 09/13/1914   h/o Lillian
Duff, Robert C. 10/06/1937 08/28/1969 s/o Cecil & Loretta
Duff, Robert R. 02/25/1869 05/27/1937  
Duff, Thomas 11/17/1870 01/19/1948  
Duff, William 02/04/1856 04/20/1941  
Duff, William 02/11/1843 01/29/1899 h/o Cecilia; Pvt Co F, 16th Regiment Iowa Infantry, Civil War
Duff, William R. 1869 1873 s/o Wm. & Cecilia
Duff, Willis Robert   04/22/1886 age 3y; s/o Andrew & Rebecca; was scalded to death by a pot of coffee
Duff, Zepora L. nee Rosenow 05/30/1880 04/24/1941 w/o John P.
Dunbar, Terry Lee 12/01/1970 10/10/2009 s/o Donald Q. & Hazle B. (Overton)
Dunn, Edward - -  
Dunn, Harold   03/2?/1933 7 y/o; s/o Forrest & Jessie (Harvey); died in Snohomish, WA
Dunn, Walter Ervin / Irving 03/15/1923 11/04/1924 s/o Forrest & Jessie (Harvey); drowned
Durland, Cornelia nee Lamphis 01/13/1836 01/07/1911 2nd w/o John; d/o Loyd & Linda (Everett)
Durland, John SR 1823 04/06/1894 h/o 1st Emily, 2nd Cornelia
Dutka, Elwood Peter 12/25/1926 02/20/2002 2nd h/o Marjorie; s/o Peter & Marian (Thein)
Dutka, Marjorie Marie Hansen nee Conklin 07/23/1927 12/17/2011 w/o 1st Earl Hansen (divorced), 2nd Elwood; d/o Allen & Lillian (Baldwin)


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