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Giard Cemetery

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Includes misc. cemetery association records (bottom of page)

Cemetery location: Sec. 3 NE/SE Farmersburg twp. - intersection of Hwy 52 and Harness Rd.

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*The original burial list was created when the cemetery was walked and researched by Bev Bernhard (deceased)
*Gravestone inscriptions, Iowa Death Certificates, obituaries, biographies, census records & newspapers by S. Ferrall
*Allamakee co. Death Records (ACDR) from Richard O'Brien
*Records of the Giard cemetery - from Bob Meyer, secretary of the Giard cemetery (2021)

Iowa Gravestone Photo Project: View gravestone photos for Giard cemetery

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Obituaries have been contributed for some of the people buried in Giard cemetery
Clayton co. Obituary Index & Allamakee co. Obituary Index

Name Birth Death Comments
Sass, Fred 11/07/1857 or 1867 09/07/1945 h/o Minnie; s/o John & Mary; Note: stone = 1867, obit = 1857
Sass, Henry John 10/10/1873 03/23/1918 h/o Lena; s/o John & Marie (Schultz)
Sass, Lena nee Claudy 03/22/1885 02/27/1929 w/o Henry; d/o George & Martha (House)
Sass, Mary 04/??/1836 04/20/1911 w/o John
Sass, Raymond J.M. 01/22/1904 03/01/1905 s/o Fred & Minnie; mentioned in both of his parents' obits
Sass, Wilhelmine 'Minnie' nee Theodor 11/24/1872 05/21/1955 w/o Fred
Sawvell, Leola nee Broszeit 0 2/28/1923 03/28/2003 w/o Raymond; d/o Frederick W. & Agnes C. (Gilster)
Sawvell, Raymond George 04/20/1916 12/07/2004 h/o Leola
Scarff, Hallie Kristina 01/22/1985 10/26/1999 d/o Frank Scarff & Kathleen (Smolke) Hendricks; she was among the 5 teens killed in car crash
Schellhammer, Christian 09/06/1829 11/01/1907 h/o 1st Sibilla, 2nd Maria
Schellhammer, Maria nee Abele 09/25/1834 12/03/1918 2nd w/o Christian
Schellhammer, Sibilla nee Miller 1831 10/??/1865 1st w/o Christian
Schellhammer, William Frederick 'Will' 06/28/1858 01/19/1903 h/o Emma Staffragen; s/o Christian & Sibilla; hung himself
Schiff, Ella 09/14/1881 04/27/1907 d/o Louis & Marie; died of consumption
Schiff, Elmer 01/26/1884 06/23/1909 s/o Louis & Marie; died of consumption
Schiff, Louis 06/27/1826 05/12/1912 h/o Marie
Schiff, Maria nee Meier 11/21/1843 07/09/1914 w/o Louis; Note: differing from the gravestone, her obit gives DOB 11/22/1840
Schlitter, Sandra Pauline nee Standorf 11/20/1948 03/14/2020 w/o Frank; d/o Harvey & Carlotta (Moen)
Schmidt, Johanna S.   06/15/1880 age 64; inscription: "Mother of Mrs. John Korte"
Schneider, son   1886 infant; located among the Herman Schneider burials
Snieder, daughter   1854? d/o Henry & Katherine; inscription is on Kathrine's stone: "Also --- infant daughter"
Schneider / Snieder, Catherine / Katherine nee Eiffert   05/13/1854 age 38; 1st w/o Heinrich; spelling on gravestone = Katherine Snieder; possibly died in childbirth w/ daughter
Schneider / Schnider, Conrad REV 1785 05/23/1864 age 79; h/o Anna E. (Dilcher); surname spelling on gravestone = Schnider
Schneider, Edward 1839 02/23/1863 WPA record; no gravestone located
Schneider, Edward 02/28/1868 05/31/1899  
Schneider, Elizabeth 03/11/1883 03/11/1884 d/o Rev C. & Emma
Schneider, Emil 11/04/1864 02/08/1890 h/o Elizabeth Ulrich (Eliz. Eiffert d. 1950, bur. Monona City cem.); s/o Henry & Martha
Schneider, Fannie 05/27/1890 - 2y 1m 1d; located among the Herman Schneider burials
Schneider, Heinrich 'Henry' 01/05/1810 08/09/1884 h/o 1st Catherine, 2nd Martha; s/o Conrad
Schneider, Henry Jr. 02/11/1841 01/15/1907 h/o Sarah; s/o Heinrich & Catherine
Schneider, Herman 1812 10/31/1894 82y 2m 16d; h/o Margaret; s/o Conrad; b. Hessen, Germany; very early settler; a blacksmith & gunsmith at Ft. Atkinson
Schneider, Margaret nee Foster   04/02/1895 83y 6d; w/o Herman
Schneider, Martha nee Bernhard 11/15/1835 02/06/1921 2nd w/o Heinrich; died in Madison, S.D.
Schneider, Mary Etta nee Sutter   03/19/1878 age 34y; w/o Adam Schneider (d. 1911, buried in Hancock co., IA)
Schneider / Snyder, Mary 05/28/1845 04/12/1911 see entry of Mary Welch below
Schneider, Sarah nee Ulrich 07/16/1847 07/24/1928 w/o Henry Jr.; d/o Conrad & Anna M. (Krieg)
Schroeder, Arlyn Arthur 05/25/1949 09/03/2018 h/o Karen Kammerer; s/o Loren & Arleen (Maker); U.S. Army, Vietnam war Veteran
Schuldt, unknown 1850 1914 "Mother"
Schuldt, Sophia Elisabeth nee Heimbrodt 06/08/1865 03/12/1905 w/o Charles
Schwiesow, Bertha 1870 07/??/1959 d/o Christav & Dora
Schwiesow, Christav / Christofer Friederich 11/04/1840 05/06/1917 h/o Dora
Schwiesow, Dora nee Muenkel 09/01/1843 07/19/1921 w/o Christav; born Buehren, Hanover, Germany
Schwietert, Gustav 'Gus' 1898 1963 h/o Hermine
Schwietert, Herbert H. 11/14/1924 08/04/1970 Cpl US Army WWII BSM
Schwietert, Hermine 1898 1990 w/o Gustav
Selleg, daughter   11/04/1858 infant d/o E. J. & Mary E.
Selleg, E. J.   06/26/1879 age 50y; h/o Mary & Matilda
Selleg, Ida May   1867? d/o E. J. & Matilda; ssa 'daughter', DOD illegible
Selleg, Mary E.   11/04/1858 age 22; 1st w/o E.J.; died in childbirth
Selleg, Sarah   05/30/1857 aged 7m; d/o E.J. & Mary E.; Note: DOD may be 5/10/1857
Selleg, Willie   09/03/18?? aged 5m?; s/o E.J. & Mary E.
Sexauer, Maria Barbara nee Loeffel / Löffel 07/10/1796 07/03/1883 w/o Christian; 1870 census, is living in the Fred Arnold JR household, Farmersburg
Shellhammer, Christian 09/08/1829 11/01/1907 h/o Marrie; s/o George & unkn.
Shellhamer Marrie ?nee Abele 09/25/1834 12/03/1918 w/o Christian; d/o Abele & D.K.
Shepherd, Mary   1869  
Sherman, Howard 05/15/1903 05/21/1903  
Sherman, Lizzie 09/23/1885 05/14/1904  
Silloway, Anna   12/24/1866 w/o John
Snieder, daughter     see daughter Schneider (above)
Snieder, Katherine E.     see Katherine Schneider (above)
Snyder, son   02/19/1886 infant s/o John & Josephine
Snyder, Elizabeth C. "Bessie" nee Smith 1900 1992 w/o Herman
Snyder, Fannie   07/27/1899 1y 1m 1d; d/o John & Josephine
Snyder, Herman Dewitt 07/02/1891 1974 h/o Bessie; s/o John & Josephine; veteran WWI
Snyder, John L. 08/15/1854 03/02/1937 h/o Josephine; s/o Herman & Margaret (Foster); Note: Death certificate DOB=8/15/1851 & obit = 8/15/1852
Snyder, Josephine B. 'Josie' nee Beaman / Beeman 10/11/1862 09/12/1927 w/o John L.; /o Herman C. Beeman & unkn. Killen; Note: Death certificate DOB=10/11/1860
Snyder, Sophia - - Note: surname is assumed, gravestone only "Sophia" legible, is leaning against the grave marker of the Snyder children, obit of Herman Snyder states preceded by infant brother & three sisters but doesn't name them, obit of John Snyder states preceded in infancy by 2 children & 1 grandchild
Sparks, Elizabeth nee Gilman   09/13/1885 aged 83y; w/o James
Sparks, Henry   06/10/1863 age 26y; s/o J. & E.; 3rd IA Infantry, Civil War
Sparks, James   1851 age 53?; h/o Elizabeth
Spaulding, Benjamin Franklin 08/08/1817 12/22/1862 45y 4m 14d; h/o Melissa Marsh (d. 1887, bur. Fairview cem, Renville, MN); s/o Daniel & Fanny (Dunning)
Spaulding, Clayton M.   01/03/1861 2y 5m 29d; s/o B.F. & Melissa M.
Spencer, Charles 'Charlie' G. 07/21/1863 01/01/1899 s/o Amer & Elizabeth (Gray); died of consumption; Note: see Elizabeth Tait below
Spencer, James Elmer 12/25/1859 09/24/1918 h/o Maggie; s/o Amer & Elizabeth (Gray); died of consumption / TB
Spencer, Margaret Elizabeth 'Maggie' nee Henkes 04/22/1865 11/14/1928 w/o James; d/o Gus & Margaret (Rupp)
Sporleder, Conrad   02/17/1863 stone mostly buried & broken
St. John, Esther C. nee Adney 10/17/1841 05/24/1925 w/o James R.
St. John, Ida 1869 d. 10/2/1891 10/02/1891 d/o J.R. & E.C.
St. John, Isabella R. 'Belle' 11/24/1860 06/06/1879 d/o J.R. & E.C.
St. John, James R. 09/16/1838 06/19/1904 h/o Esther; died of Bright's disease
Standorf, Carlotta nee Moen 07/01/1912 01/28/1978 w/o Harvey; d/o Albert & Marie
Standorf, Harvey Frank 04/??/1902 11/09/1975 h/o Carlotta; s/o John & Alice (Childs)
Stearns, Joshua T.   04/21/1862 56y 4m 26d
Steel, Mary nee Kelley   05/18/1889 78y 1m 4d; w/o Solomon; d/o William & Letitia
Steel, Solomon 09/03/1811 02/09/1896 84y 5m 5d; h/o Mary; opened Steel's Tavern between McGregor & Giard ca1856/7
Sterns, Joshua T. d. 4/21/1862   broken stone
Surdam, T. Janet 09/24/1912 12/20/1990 d/o Arthur & Jennie (Maher); she & Luella Koether called themselves "Janella" and ministered as a team. They were missionaries to China during the communist takeover and they spent 200 days in solitary confinement in a communist prison.
Tait, Elizabeth Spencer nee Gray / Grey 03/27/1837 01/16/1914 76y 8m 21d; 1st h/ Amer Spencer, 2nd John Brown, 3rd Wm Tait; d/o unkn Gray & unknown Weatheril.; Note: she may not have a gravemarker, info. is from brief obit Register & Argus, 1/29/1914 and Death Certificate; also see Charles & James Spencer entries above
Tait, William 05/31/1825 04/08/1900 3rd h/o Elizabeth; born Montrose, Northumberland, England
Templeman, Sarah nee Adney 01/26/1828 05/10/1903 d/o Wm. & Ruth (Higley)
Thompson, Clyde Richard 06/13/1938 03/08/2020 h/o Sandy LaPointe; s/o Dale & Dorothy; U.S. Army veteran
Thompson, Dale Delbert 1916 02/02/2003 h/o Dorothy
Thompson, Dorothy Malinda nee Fritz 10/12/1915 1977 w/o Dale; d/o John & Caroline (Reimer)
Tidwell, James Oliver 'Coach' 01/01/1914 11/07/2000 h/o Olga; s/o James V. & Minnie (Stroud)
Tidwell, Olga Inez nee Escourido 02/02/1917 09/18/2021 w/o James; d/o Emanuel & Estelle (Darlington)
Towers, Patricia Ann nee Henkes 10/17/1933 05/19/1978 w/o Dr. Thomas H.; d/o Farley & Merlie (Hazlett)
Towers, Thomas Hamilton 'Tom' 04/20/1932 06/03/2006 h/o Patricia
Townsend, Henry 06/10/1875 02/11/1913 h/o Lizzie Bowman (d. 1936 in Charles City, Floyd co. IA); Iowa Death Certificate states he was "halfbreed Indian" and that he "froze to death" "due to exposure"
Trueger, Katrina 09/??/1823 05/18/1851 see "Mowing the Giard Cemetery"
Walter, Philip 11/02/1810 01/01/1893 h/o Barbara (d. 1879, bur Wagner twp. cemetery)
Welch, twins   1903 assumed twins of Charles & Anna; see Vance Welch below
Welch, Anna A. nee Douglas 1847 1965 w/o Charles
Welch, Charles H. 07/01/1864 07/29/1941 h/o Anna; s/o Thomas & Mary (Snyder)
Welch, Frederick 1885 1908 s/o Charles & Anna
Welch, Mary nee Snyder / Schneider 05/28/1845 04/12/1911 w/o Thomas (d. 1907 in Canada); d/o Herman; Note: her obit doesn't mention her marriage & names her as Mary Schneider, d/o Herman but the death cert of her son Charles names his parents as Thomas & Mary (Snyder) Welch
Welch, Vance 07/25/1903 08/08/1903 s/o Charles & Anna; see above for twins - this name is from Find a Grave where the contributor names him as Vance, stating Cora was his twin sister - no first names or dates are on the gravestone, it is engraved "Welch twins"
Welch, Willard E. 12/29/1910 03/21/1911 s/o Charles H. & Anna; per death certificate: died of broncho-pneumonia
Wessel, Clara Adelia nee Hartwick 09/27/1869 02/06/1946 w/o George
Wessel, E. Herschel 02/15/1895 03/26/1896 s/o George & Clara
Wessel, George H. (Rev.) 1863 12/21/1944 h/o Clara
Wickersheim, daughter 1917 1917 possibly infant d/o George & Catherine; needs to be verified
Wickersheim, Anna C. nee Irmacher 07/18/1869 03/31/1945 w/o William; d/o August
Wickersheim, Atherton S. 07/18/1896 08/27/1951 h/o 1st Esther, 2nd Ada M. (nee Hagensick, 1903-1934, bur. Clayton Center), 3rd Nelda ; s/o Wm & Anna; WWI veteran
Wickersheim, Benjamin J. 11/11/1877 10/27/1955 h/o Grace; s/o George & Catherine
Wickersheim, Catherine nee Rosenkranz 09/03/1840 03/18/1927 w/o George; d/o Anton & Martha (unkn.)
Wickersheim, Edward 10/04/1861 11/03/1903 s/o George & Catherine
Wickersheim, Esther Ruth nee Bernhard 12/24/1897 01/18/1932 1st w/o Atherton, d/o John H. & Dena Dora (Schweisow); note: obit DOB=12/24/1898 Death cert. DOB= 12/24/1897
Wickersheim, George 02/13/1834 02/25/1900 h/o Catherine
Wickersheim, Grace E. nee Schweieger 11/08/1888 08/08/1982 w/o Benjamin J.
Wickersheim, John W. 04/02/1912 01/07/1981 h/o Clara Basmann; s/o Wm & Anna; SSgt US Army WWII
Wickersheim, Kate 10/12/1883 05/31/1960 d/o George & Catherine
Wickersheim, Lena Magdaline 07/22/1865 10/31/1938 d/o George & Catherine
Wickersheim, Maurice 07/10/1928 07/12/1928 s/o Ben & Grace; Death certif. = child is unnamed, cause of death: Inanition due to premature birth
Wickersheim, Nelda nee Gray (RN) 1904 1995 3rd w/o Atheron; married April 2, 1935 in Giard.
Wickersheim, William Benjamin 04/28/1863 08/13/1947 h/o Anna; s/o George & Catherine
Witter, infant   01/12/1930 s/o Herman & Mae
Witter, Anna Marie Louise nee Allert 10/24/1867 02/27/1934 w/o Benjamin; d/o H.H. Allert Sr
Witter, Benjamin 'Ben' 1861 1942  
Witter, Emma 07/02/1896 06/13/1897 d/o Ben & Anna
Witter, Herman A. 1904 02/13/1973 h/o Mae; s/o Ben & Anna
Witter, Mae E. nee Voegeding 01/15/1907 03/16/2003 w/o Herman; d/o Henry & Mary (Teske)
Yearous, Catherine / Katherine nee Eibel 11/28/1847 06/20/1927 w/o George; d/o John & Martha (Lange)
Yearous, Emma Elizabeth nee Allert 05/05/1875 10/29/1959 w/o Leonard; d/o William & Wilhilmina
Yearous, George 1843 1874 h/o Catherine
Yearous, Leonard M. 01/01/1869 04/15/1934 h/o Emma; s/o George & Catherine
Yearous, Minnie R. 10/24/1874 01/18/1932 d/o George & Catherine
York, John - 03/17/1859 aged 50y 7m 21d; stone is in several pieces, DOD from obit; his LW&T was read at the May 1859 term of Clayton County circuit court
Zeigler, unknown - - stone broken & all but illegible; Note: possibly the grave of George Zeigler, abt 83y, who died 1884 (see obit index for link to obit)
Zeigler, George   10/08/1872 72y 10m 7d


Giard Cemetery Association
(misc. years - contributed from newspaper reports by Reid Johnson & S. Ferrall)

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Giard Cemetery Association will be held Monday eveing, May 7th, at 8 o'clock at the German church in the village of Giard, for the purpose of electing officers and for the transaction of such other business as may come before it.
Adam Scheider, Secretary
~North Iowa Times, Thursday, May 10, 1877

C.M. Butts was elected president, D.F. Bickel secretary and treasurer, and Chas. Haefner trustee of the Giard Cemetery Association.
~North Iowa Times, Thursday, June 30, 1898

Giard Cemetery Association held a meeting Monday evening and elected the following officers:
Pres. C. Butts; V. Pres. D.F. Bickel; Sec. H.J. Klotzbach; Treas. John Hartwick; Trustees John Bernhard Sr., J.S. Bickel, Aug. Bernhard, Wm. Meyer and Chas. Haefner.
~North Iowa Times, Thursday, March 16, 1899

The stockholders of the Giard Cemetery Association held their annual meeting last Saturday evening. Wm. Meyer was elected president; C.M. Butts vice president; H.J. Klotzbach secretary and John Hartwich treasurer.
~North Iowa Times, Thursday, June 25, 1903

The Giard Cemetery Association had their annual meeting last Monday evening. John Bernhard was elected President, H.J. Klotzbach, Sec. and L.M. Yearous, Treas.
~North Iowa Times, Thursday, 7 Jun 1906

The Giard Cemetery association held their annual meeting Tuesday evening, May 23rd, and reelected:
Pres. - J. D. Meier
Vice Pres. - D. F. Bickel
Sec. - H. J. Klotzbach
Treas. - L. M. Yearous
Trustee - C. M. Butts
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 1 June 1911

The Giard Cemetery Association met for their annual meeting and electio of officers on Saturday evening, May 3rd at the the Giard polling office. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President, J.D. Meier
Vice President, T.E. Hartwick
Sec., J.H. Benzing
Treasurer, L.M. Yearous
Director, F.C. Heimbrodt
Assessment of $2.00 per lot was carried, each lot to receive from 15 to 20 mowings during the season.
~North Iowa Times, Thursday, May 8, 1924

The Giard Cemetery Association held their annual meeting March 21, 1927, at the voting office at Giard. The following officers were elected:
J.D. Meier, President
H.J. Klotzbach, Vice President
Theo. Hartwick, Secretary
L.M. Yearous, Treasurer
Aug. T. Bernhardt, Director
John Lembke, awarded lawning contract
~Clayton County Register, Thurs. 24 March 1927

The annual meeting of the Giard Cemetery Association was held in Giard on Saturday evening. A goodly of lot owners were present. A vote was taken re: maintaining flower beds at the cemetery and the president nominated the following to superintend the improvement: Miss Kate Wickersheim, Mrs. J.D. Meier, Mrs. Aug. Helwig, Mrs. Matilda Meyer, Mrs. T. Hartwick and Mrs. G.N. Meyer. Officers elected for the ensuing year were:
J.D. Meier, Farmersburg twp., president
Theo. Hartwick, Giard, secretary
L.M. Yearous, Giard, treasurer
C.B. Kruetter, McGregor, director
John Lembke - re-hired as care-taker & to mow the cemetery
~Clayton County Register, Thursday, 27 March 1930

The Giard Cemetery association held its annual business meeting recently and elected the following officers:
President, J.D. Meier
Vice president, B.J. Wickersheim
Secretary, T.E. Hartwick
Treasurer, Reuben Bernhard
Director, Frank Miller
Sexton, John Lembke
~Clayton County Register, Wed. 8 April 1936


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