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Giard Cemetery

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Cemetery location: Sec. 3 NE/SE Farmersburg twp. - intersection of Hwy 52 and Harness Rd.

Aerial view of Giard cemetery, courtesy of Bing maps
Aerial view of Giard cemetery, courtesy of Bing maps

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Jan Warren photographically surveyed the cemetery in 2017, adding the photos to the Find-A-Grave website:
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Obituaries have been contributed for some of the people buried in Giard cemetery
Clayton co. Obituary Index & Allamakee co. Obituary Index

*The original burial list was created when the cemetery was walked and researched by Bev Bernhard (deceased)
*Gravestone inscriptions, Iowa Death Certificates, obituaries, biographies, census records & newspapers by S. Ferrall
*Allamakee co. Death Records (ACDR) from Richard O'Brien
*Records of the Giard cemetery - from Bob Meyer, secretary of the Giard cemetery (2021)

Name Birth Death Comments
Lange, Adam 01/11/1828 08/07/1909 h/o Anna;
Lange, Anna Jeanette 'Nettie' nee Corlett 07/03/1866 01/24/1952 w/o Julius
Lange, Anna Katherine nee Gutheil   03/01/1892 57y 2m 12d; w/o Adam
Lange, Charles Nicholas 'Carl' 09/21/1868 07/12/1899 1st h/o Lena; s/o Adam & Anna
Lange, Cleyta Zoe nee Gorkow 01/31/1907 08/05/2011 w/o Wesley; d/o Charles & Lorena (Jones)
Lange, David Wesley 'George' 11/17/1958 09/1?/2000 h/o Bonnie Freilinger; s/o Duane & Kathleen
Lange, Dexter David 'Doc' 03/19/1991 10/16/2010 s/o David & Bonnie
Lange, Duane Donald 10/03/1925 07/09/2003 h/o Kathleen Gordon; s/o Wesley & Cleyta
Lange, Frederick William 09/21/1868 02/26/1926 2nd h/o Lena; s/o Adam & Anna
Lange, Julius Theodore 09/18/1870 11/25/1943 h/o Anna J.; s/o Adam & Anna
Lange, Lena Emoline Lange nee Allert 02/26/1865 06/30/1952 w/o 1st Charles N., 2nd Frederick W.; d/o William & Caroline (Borcherding); Note: her husbands were twin brothers
Lange, Lowell Wesley 10/20/1932 11/02/1990 h/o JoAnne Smith (?divorced); s/o Wesley & Cleyta; PFC US Army, Korea
Lange, Wesley 05/07/1904 08/13/1998 h/o Cleyta; s/o Frederick & Lena
Larson, Dorene Dorothy nee Becker 04/05/1938 11/20/2019 w/o Harry; d/o Frederick & Florence
LaPoint, Tammy Ann   10/11/1966  
Leimbach, Marian nee Haefner 08/29/1896 02/15/1974 w/o Will (m. 1940, he d. 1943 in FL, was WWI vet); d/o Louis & Julia (Klotzbach)
Linton, Esther / Hester A. 06/12/1827 04/27/1862 may have been w/o Thomas (source: 1857 MN territorial & 1850 U.S. census, Filmore co. MN) no extant gravestone
Linton, Julia J.   03/09/1861 11m 14d; d/o W.C. & J.
Lovig, Annette 01/01/1947 01/13/1947 infant d/o Conrad & Gertrude
Lovig, Conrad Jonas 03/18/1910 03/10/1988 h/o Gertrude; s/o Andrew & Ingeborg (Olson)
Lovig, Gertrude nee Wickersheim 09/22/1915 09/20/2006 w/o Conrad; d/o Benjamin & Grace (Schwieger)
Luckerman, Charles Lewis 04/20/1851 11/11/1936 h/o Louisa; s/o Christian & Sophia (Kohlkorn)
Luckerman, Elmer C. 02/28/1883 08/30/1971 s/o Charles & Louisa
Luckerman, John C.   04/03/1874 26y; Notes: he may share a stone w/Louise; 1870 U.S. census Giard: in household of Christian & Sophia Luckerman are John (22y) & Louisa (12y)
Luckerman, Louisa nee Klotzbach 03/21/1858 03/20/1932 w/o Charles; d/o Nicholas & Elizabeth (Heisner)
Luckerman, Louise 1857 1874 16y; Notes: she may share a stone w/John; 1870 U.S. census Giard: in household of Christian & Sophia Luckerman are John (22y) & Louisa (12y)
Mann, Annie C. 1892 1904 d/o Frederick & Lucy
Mann, Bela B.   09/16/1856 34y 3m; from Ashtabula co., OH; died suddenly of epilepsy
Mann, Catherine 02/24/1817 10/08/1896 w/o Jonathan
Mann, Dewey H. 1901 1902 s/o Frederick & Lucy
Mann, Elisabeth 08/25/1804 05/11/1882 w/o REV Johann
Mann, Frederick J. 1857 1904 h/o Lucy; s/o Jonathan & Catherine
Mann, Henry Elmer 1885 1962 s/o Frederick & Lucy
Mann, Johann REV 02/??/1810 11/02/1881 71y 8m 27d; h/o Elisabeth; organized the Emanuel German M.E. church in Giard (1847)
Mann, Jonathan 04/??/1817 08/23/1894 h/o Catherine
Mann, Lucy M. nee Schneider / Snyder 09/10/1857 08/31/1933 w/o Frederick; d/o Herman & Margaret (Foster)
Mann, Nettie K. 10/29/1883 05/12/1886 d/o Frederick & Lucy
Marfilius, Charles Henry 03/22/1857 05/09/1928 h/o Mary; s/o Anton & Wilhelmina
Marfilius, Mary nee Meier 05/24/1859 08/12/1945 w/o Charles
Marsh, Casson Harlin 1877 1879 s/o Mr & Mrs. M. L. Marsh
Marsh, Ella Lenora   09/16/1857 1y 9m 22d; d/o Jason & Maria
Marsh, Jason M. - - h/o Maria; Note: stone broken into several pieces, dates no longer legible
Marsh, Maria   07/21/1861 27y 7m 16d; w/o Jason M.
Marsh, Merril Allison 1874 1881 s/o Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Marsh
McCloud, William   12/05/1857 24y; ssa Henry Pooler, Timothy & Sarah Draper
McGill, Milfred Arlie nee Crawford 06/20/1857 12/30/1889 w/o David L. (d. 1917, bur Pleasant Grove w/2nd wife); d/o Marshall A. & Mary B. (Richards)
McKinnon, Christina 'Crissie' 1859 1874 d/o Hugh & Mary; Note: 1860 census Mendon twp., age 1; 1870 census, Mendon twp., age 10y
McKinnon, Elizabeth 'Bessie' 1857 1875 d/o Hugh & Mary; Note: 1860 census Mendon twp., age 3; 1870 census, Mendon twp., age 12y
McKinnon, Hugh 1824 1901 h/o Mary
McKinnon, Mary 1819 1896 w/o Hugh
McMullen, James   02/01/1872 58y; h/o Rebecca
McMullen, Rebecca   09/14/1869 50y; w/o James
Meier, Barbara nee Bier / Zier 12/24/1836 10/30/1934 w/o Michael; Death cert. maiden name Bier, Obit maiden name Zier
Meier, Blanche C. 1902 1904 d/o John & Flora
Meier, Esther L. 03/27/1898 10/13/1974 d/o John & Flora
Meier, Flora Amelia nee Shultz / Schultz 01/06/1876 03/23/1953 w/o John D.; d/o Henry & Caroline
Meier, John D. 06/03/1867 11/26/1949 h/o Flora; s/o Michael & Barbara; Bev B.: "the 'D' was just an initial, he never had a middle name, the initial was for the mailman to get the John Meiers straight"
Meier, Mathilda   09/??/1875 5y 11m 7d; d/o Michael & Barbara
Meier, Michael 08/06/1824 01/23/1904 h/o Barbara
Meier, Milton John 01/05/1918 01/20/1999 s/o John & Flora
Meier, Willis Roy 02/26/1909 07/02/1993 s/o John & Flora; U.S. Army, WWII
Messenger, Charles Gray 1886 1961 h/o Lillie
Messenger, Lillie C. 11/11/1888 04/??/1956 w/o Charles
Meyer, Christine Winifred nee Henkes 03/23/1898 12/18/1951 w/o Gilbert; d/o William & Agnes (Farley)
Meyer, Delia Bertha nee Brandt 07/13/1902 01/18/1989 w/o Irvin F.; d/o Fred & Minnie (Meyer)
Meyer, Ewald T. 05/16/1895 03/21/1923 s/o William A. & Mathilda; WWI Veteran
Meyer, Gilbert Nelson 07/25/1890 04/22/1982 h/o Christine; s/o Wm A. & Mathilda
Meyer, Irvin Fred 10/26/1901 02/26/1986 h/o Delia; s/o William A. & Mathilda
Meyer, LaVonne Bonnie nee Cahoon 12/28/1931 10/31/2020 w/o Maurice
Meyer, Mathilda M. nee Hartwick 05/16/1867 01/05/1935 w/o William A.; d/o John & Christina (Arnold)
Meyer, Maurice Irvin 04/13/1932 01/09/2011 h/o Bonnie; s/o Irvin & Delia
Meyer, Otto LeRoy Conrad 12/30/1887 04/16/1899 s/o William & Mathilda
Meyer, Ruth Marjorie nee Bernhard 07/28/1922 11/21/1980 w/o William G.; d/o Clarence G. & Emma S. (Hartke)
Meyer, William A. 10/20/1857 06/18/1927 h/o Mathilda; s/o Conrad & Anna (Schroeder)
Meyer, William Gilbert 07/08/1920 05/31/1989 h/o Ruth; s/o William & Christine
Mielke, Alice Sarah Nichols nee Snyder 1894 06/17/1970 w/o 1st Perry Nichols, 2nd William Mielke; d/o John & Josephine (Beeman)
Mielke, William Max 'Billy' 1892 03/22/1961 h/o Alice
Miller, Clara May nee Mayhew or Schneider / Snyder 07/17/1876 07/12/1955 w/o Frank B.; Note: obit of her husband gives maiden name as Snyder, obits of her children Eleva & Lawrence say Mayhew
Miller, Elizabeth nee Helwig 02/17/1857 12/19/1929 w/o Jacob; d/o Conrad & Dorathea (Oelke)
Miller, Ella 07/26/1894 08/19/1979 d/o Jacob & Elizabeth
Miller, Emma 06/13/1879 05/04/1963 d/o Jacob & Elizabeth
Miller, Frank B. 02/18/1874 10/10/1947 h/o Clara; orphaned as child & lived in an orphanage in La Crosse, WI until age 12
Miller, Frank Earl 05/11/1918 07/13/2008 h/o Virginia; s/o Frank & Clara; U.S. Navy 31 yrs.
Miller, George 05/05/1850 01/22/1927 s/o Jacob & Mary
Miller, Grover Cleveland 08/26/1884 04/30/1978 s/o Jacob & Elizabeth; shares a gravestone w/sister Norma
Miller, Jacob JR 09/22/1847 04/07/1920 h/o Elizabeth; s/o Jacob & Mary
Miller, Jacob SR 06/14/1795 10/26/1883 h/o Mary; s/o Matthew; joined German army in 1815, served 6 yrs.
Miller, Kevin P. - - infant son of Duane Miller; grandson of Lawrence & Mabel
Miller, Lawrence Everett 09/09/1898 09/07/1990 h/o Mabel; s/o Frank & Clara
Miller, Mabel Marie nee Siege 12/14/1905 09/14/2007 w/o Lawrence; d/o Theodore & Alma (Herchart)
Miller, Mary nee Sheifele / Shivel 07/21/1806 04/26/1883 wife of Jacob; d/o John & Maria
Miller, Norma 02/22/1896 08/22/1980 d/o Jacob & Elizabeth; shares a gravestone w/brother Grover
Miller, Virginia A. nee Knostman 08/04/1919 06/27/2015 w/o Frank E.; d/o George & Clara
Milson, Lucille nee Witter 1893 1985 w/o Samuel
Milson, Samuel Laurence 05/14/1893 02/20/1939 h/o Lucille; s/o Michel & May A. (Heinby)
Mitchell, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' nee Schiff 09/23/1865 05/14/1904 w/o Sherman (1868-1912, buried Arkansas)
Mitchell, Howard 05/15/1903 11/21/1903 infant s/o Sherman & Lizzie
Mitchell, Leroy - - infant? No further information, may not have a gravestone
Mundt, Fred 1830 1892 h/o Christinana Abele; Alert! Burial in this cemetery is assumed but not verified, obit: "remains taken to his old home near Giard for burial"
Mundt, John J. 02/13/1856 11/02/1881 s/o Christian & Elizabeth; died of typhoid fever at Sioux Falls, SD
Mundt, Peter J.C. 'Christian' 12/24/1821 07/10/1902 h/o Elizabeth Jacobs; he went by Christian; obit DOB=12/21/1820
Neill, Chauncy Johnson 10/06/1854 09/11/1934 h/o Mamie/Mary; s/o Joseph & Emily
Neill - Belliss, Emily Elizabeth nee Johnson 10/31/1819 12/22/1898 w/o 1st Joseph Neill (d. 1859, bur. Monona City cem.), 2nd John H. Belliss; Note: although buried as Emily Neill, she remarried aft. Joseph's death to John Belliss/Billis (d. 10/20/1876, unkn. burial place)
Neill, Mamie / Mary nee Bickel 08/28/1860 1949 w/o C.J.; d/o Daniel F. & Martha (Steele)
Nichols, Algie L. 08/01/1891 02/18/1980 h/o Marie E.; s/o C.E. & Martha
Nichols, Charles Edward MD 12/10/1846 02/13/1935 1st w/Martha; 2nd w/Jennie Hash Harrington; s/o Merritt & Miranda A. (Siloway); Co. K, 3rd Minn inf. CW
Nichols, Charles Jesse 01/09/1872 12/16/1954 h/o Beulah Lee (divorced); s/o C.E. & Martha
Nichols, Emma Etta   11/02/1874 1y 8m 22d; d/o M. & A.M.
Nichols, Kenneth 1903 1905 s/o Charles & Beulah (Lee)
Nichols, LaVerne Lee 03/12/1903 02/27/1907 s/o Clarence & Bessie (Lee)
Nichols, Marie E. nee Shaffer / Schaefer 1906 1984 w/o Algie
Nichols, Martha Jane nee Schneider / Snyder 04/16/1851 05/23/1920 1st w/o Charles E.; d/o Herman & Margaret (Foster); Note: maiden name is found spelled either Schneider or Snyder in various records; her obit spells as Snyder
Noeding, Carl Henry 06/10/1875 08/22/1929 h/o Laura Luckerman; s/o Frederick & Cerenda (Hoffman)
Noeding, Floyd 1911 1986 brother of Lucetta (Noeding) Davies
Parks, William J.   03/14/18?? Stone is broken, DOD & age no longer visible
Parks, William S.   10/09/1851 11m 23d; s/o P.H. & N.; Note: Parents may be Pleasant H. & Nancy Parks, enumerated on the 1850 U.S. census Monona twp.
Parks, Zerelda   10/??/1853 d/o P.H. & N.; Note: Parents may be Pleasant & Nancy Parks, enumerated on the 1850 U.S. census Monona twp., she is possibly 13y/o dau. C-ida
Paul, Peace S. nee McDonald 10/31/1813 11/28/1893 w/o William
Paul, William J. 'Bill' 1814 03/06/1866 h/o Peace
Payne George Leo 04/22/1897 05/1979 h/o Ora; Rainbow Division, WWI
Payne, Ora Orvetta nee Klotzbach 11/05/1899 06/02/1978 w/o George; d/o George & Zella (Nichols); d. Daytona Beach, FL
Pederson, Christina nee Nelson / Nielsen 05/26/1854 09/28/1933 w/o Peter C.; d/o Aufin Nelson/Knielsen & Anna Knudson; buried in Delahooke lot
Phillips, Simeon   06/13/1864 71y 3m 11d
Pixler, Albert "Bud" 06/02/1904 09/01/1984 3rd h/o Paula; s/o William & Ida (Barnhouse)
Pixler, Paula Katherine Bente Davies nee Boege 11/01/1904 06/23/2006 w/o 1st Samuel L. Bente, 2nd Frank I. Davies & 3rd Albert Pixler (divorced); d/o William F. & Magdalene (Behms); Note: although Albert & Paula's stone has her name & DOB, no DOD is engraved, she is buried in Pleasant Grove cemetery, McGregor
Pohlman, Carrol ca1854 09/05/1867 s/o Frederick & Charlotte (they are buried in Pleasant Grove cem.); Note: the 1860 census Coxsackie, Greene co., NY gives Carrol's age as 6y
Pooler, Henry   12/08/1857 8m 28d; s/o Herman & Betsey; ssa William McCloud
Probert, May   08/31/1871 11m 9d; d/o R.W & V.H.
Purdy, Ida     1y 6m; ssa Julia Purdy, who may be her mother
Purdy, Julia L. nee Hurd   02/02/1865 22y; w/o G. A.; ssa Ida; Note: husb. George Alonzo Purdy was in Co. B, 21st IA Inf. during the Civil War, he is buried in CA
Randall, Deva nee Kadlec 05/11/1942 06/21/2019 d/o Fred & DeElla
Randell, Angeleane   04/??/1854 d/o Wm & E.A. Note: DOD is best guess
Randel, Emeline   02/16/1854 2y ?m 4d; d/o Wm & E.A.
Reece, Frances   09/21/1855 59y
Reed, Charles H. 1846 04/11/1863 17y 4m 3d; s/o Wm & Pamelia; inscription is on his parent's stone: "Died in service to his country Jackson, Tenn."; served in the 27th IA Inf.; buried in Corinth National Cemetery, Corinth, MS
Reed, Pamelia nee Watkins   12/02/1892 72y 3m 28d; w/o Wm.; "She done what she could", other names unreadable
Reed, Willeroy   11/10/1849 6m 22d; s/o William & Pamelia; inscription says "died in ----oga Falls, N.Y."
Reed, William   04/02/1887 67y; ssa Pamelia, Charles & Willeroy
Reinke, Charles August 10/18/1879 12/16/1939 h/o Floretta; s/o Ferdinand & Bertha
Reinke, Floretta M. nee Westfall 03/16/1884 09/13/1953 w/o Charles; d/o Heinrich
Rohde, Christian 10/09/1815 08/17/1894 h/o Minna
Rohde, Wilhelmiena Louisa F. 'Minna' nee Lehman 11/27/1818 08/08/1895 76y 8m 12d; w/o Christian
Rollins, Charles H. 1878 1964 s/o L.P. & Lura
Rollins, Lura Ann nee Reed 03/18/1952 12/01/1932 w/o Lamartine P. (?divorced); d/o William & Pamelia (Watkins)
Rosencranz, Anna Martha 08/26/1848 03/05/1903 d/o Johann & Martha
Rosencranz, Martha nee Frolich ca1818 07/22/1901 82y 6m 23d; w/o Johann


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