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C.H. Wiegmann, a farmer on section 26, in Farmersburg Township, Clayton County, is noteworthy as a pioneer, having experienced the obstacles, the alternate hopes and fears, the discouragements and hardships that confront the early settler of a new country. Not only is Mr. Wiegmann dauntless, prompt and active, but he is well fitted to stand with those who labored so long and earnestly for the settlement of a country which to-day is all beauty, peace and prosperity. The average citizen of to-day who is surrounded on every hand by not only the necessities but the refinements of life, is too apt to forget those now gone before, who endured privation and almost penury for the benefit of posterity.

Mr. Wiegmann was born in Prussia, Germany, March 5, 1846. His father, J.H. Wiegmann, was a native of Prussia, Germany, and emigrated to Clayton County in 1854, remaining here until his demise, which occurred in his seventy-eighth year. The mother, Anna (Greiman) Wiegmann, was also a German by birth. She still survives and keeps house for our subject. Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Wiegmann were blessed with two children, our subject being the eldest.

C.H. Wiegmann was eight years old when he came to this country, and he received the very best common school education that the little log schoolhouse in Garnavillo Township was capable of giving. He pre-empted a tract of land which was somewhat improved and took the first steps toward raising a crop of grain for himself. He operated thus for a number of years with quite successful results and has accumulated four hundred and thirty acres of land, three hundred and forty being prairie land and ninety covered with timber. He makes a business of renting his farms.

For years he has been Trustee of Farmersburg Township. No man stands higher in the estimation of the inhabitants of this township than does he, and the record of his good deeds placed upon the pages of the printed volume will prove a grander monument to his memory than "sculptured marble or stored urn." In all matters of interest to the general public of his locality, our subject is accounted a public-spirited citizen, ever ready to do his part in the promotion of enterprise and educational advancement. Passing his mature years among friends of a life time, Mr. Wiegmann receives the confidence of all who know him, and is esteemed for his sterling integrity of character and thorough business efficiency. In the progress of township and county he has not been an ininterested spectator, but a prime factor, and his name is one of the most prominent among the farmers of Clayton County. Politically, Mr. Wiegmann is a stanch Republican.

source: Portrait and Biographical Record of Dubuque, Jones and Clayton Counties; Chicago: Chapman Pub. Co., 1894; pg 539
-transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall

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