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Portrait and Biographical Record of
Dubuque, Jones and Clayton Counties

Chicago: Chapman Pub. Co., 1894

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Adams, Ellzy W.
page 388-391

Anderegg, John
page 435-436

Aulwes, Frederick
page 494

Axtell, Augustus E.
page 432-433

Balluff, Victor
page 428-429

Bartlett, William H.
page 422

Bayless, Frank Davis, Hon. Portrait
page 361-362

Bennington, Samuel
page 542-543

Brinkmann, J.H., Rev Portrait
page 420-422

Bruns, F.H.
page 454-455

Clark, Henry H., M.D. Portrait
page 481-482

Clark, Jacob
page 494-495

Cook, Fred
page 550-551

Crary, Oliver W., Judge
page 433-434

Dean, Charles Addison, Judge
page 403-404

Dunning, William H.
page 463-464

Eckart, Henry
page 424

Fitzpatrick, Mathew
page 397-398

Frieden, Anna (Mrs.)
page 530-531

Gilbert, Frank
page 396

Griffith, David Golden 
page 407-408

Hagensick, Henry H.
page 298-301

Hagensick, John G.
page 398-401

Hagensick, John
page 471-472

Hartwick, John
page 515

Havens, Isaac
page 396-397

Hofer, Nicholas
page 535-536 

Humphry, Richard
page 395-396

Huntington, Reuben S.
page 453-454

Huntting, William F.
page 423

Hupfer, Frank
page 537-538

Jacobia, David
page 416-417

Keleher, Thomas
page 175

Kennedy, Michael
page 372-373

Kennedy, M.T.
page 540-541

Lamm, Joseph
page 386-387

Lantz, Joel
page 549

Larson, John
page 425-426

Lueck, B.H.
page 436

Maxon, Christian S.
page 455-456

McGaharen, Henry G.
page 534

McGonigle, McB.
page 544

McGregor, Gregor
page 487-488

Meyer, Henry
page 418-421

Miller, Jacob
page 383

Moellering, Frederick William
page 407

Morgan, Cornelius Portrait
page 486-487

Neill, J.J.
page 402-403

Nelson, Ole
page 415-416

Neylan, Michael
page 486

Nichols, Luther Portrait
page 391-392

Noble, Lucious L.
page 445-446

Oathout, Orlando D.
page 405-406 

O'Daily, Morris
page 404-405

Oelke, Henry
page 436-437

Olmsted, Phineas P. Portrait
page 401-402

Pahlas, Fred
page 183

Partch, James
page 355

Patterson, Henry S., M.D.
page 386

Renshaw, Leslie L., M.D.
page 431-432

Roche, Lawrence F., Rev.
page 482-483

Rounds, Steaphana
page 413-414 

Rowe, Thomas, Rev.
page 468-471

Ruegnitz, Charles
page 392-393

Russell, G.W.
page 414-415

Schmalfeld, John
page 534-535 

Schmidt, Arthur A., MD
page 456

Schmidt, Fred H.
page 385-386

Schmidt, John B.
page 358

Schneider, Joseph
page 536

Schoch, Charles F.
page 427-428

Schumacher, John F.
page 377-378

Scofield, George H. Portrait
page 478-481

Scofield, Nathan Portrait
page 472-473

Scott, William S. Portrait
page 441-442

Sherman, Mark B.
page 547-548

Sonnkalb, Charles F.W.
page 422

Studebaker, Thomas Henderson
page 493-494

Taylor, David H.
page 388-391

Thoresen, Haaken
page 438-439

Thyne, Austin
page 476-477

Tucker, William N.
page 406-407

Varley, James
page 414

Vullgraff, Henry
page 539-540

Walters, J.A., DDS
page 533-534

Welzel, John
page 408-409

White, Glenn G., M.D.
page 394-395

Wiegmann, C.H.
page 539

Wittleson, Lars
page 549-550 

Thank-you to the transcribers of these biographies!
There are more to add - will you help us out?

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