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IAGenWeb is pleased to announce David Shedlock has allowed the IAGenWeb county websites to display his postcard collection of images of Iowa. Mr. Shedlock has thousands of postcard photos from all over Iowa, dating 1900-1920 and after.  The postcards on this page depict Clayton county buildings or locations. Some have writing on the back of the card. Thank-you David!

If you are researching in other counties, you can visit the other IAGenWeb county websites to see if they also have added David's postcards. This is a new project, so it's possible that not all counties have uploaded their postcards or only some of them. An easy way to find postcards from his collection is to enter "David Shedlock" [including the quote marks] into the main site search box on each county website.

All transcriptions are by S. Ferrall. Many are 'best guess' due to the handwriting. Anything enclosed in [ ] brackets was added by the transcriber.


Devil's Backbone

[No handwritten message on the back]


U.S. One Cent Stamp [removed]
Strawberry Point Iowa
Nov 26, 1909 4 PM

[Addressed to:]
Miss Blanch Stewart
Dubuque, Iowa
c/o H B Glover


Greetings from Strawberry Point, Ia
Scene at Mossy Glen - West Mission Street

Aug 7 - 06
Dear Tillie
I am at S.P. but am going home Friday. Think I will be with you Tuesday. Will write again before then.
[initials at bottom right corner may be M.H. or M.W.]


One cent stamp
Strawberry Point Iowa
August 6, 1906

Calmar, Iowa
Rec'd Aug 7, 1906

[Addressed to:]
Mrs. Will Klatt
Calmar, Iowa


Commercial St. Strawberry Point Ia

Strawberry Point [cancellation date illegible]

[Addressed to:]
Mr. E.R. Jesse
Jesup, Iowa

Hello - Just to keep you informed - Leave Strawberry Point for home this morning so if you've not already written address me at Kiester, Minn.
In Haste,




Dear Nan
How do you like this kind of weather? I've been in town since close of school - four weeks. Presume you heard of the baby girl here June 2nd. All well

West Mission Street, Strawberry Point, Ia

One cent U.S. Postage

[There appears to be 2 cancellations:
-stamped over the postage is illegible except for WA at the bottom
-on the left of the postage is best guess: Strawberry Point IA, either OCT or DEC 2? 1911; possibly could be JUN or JUL]

[Addressed to:]
Miss Anna Kennedy
Volga Iowa


You mustn't be so awfully slow wit writtin', for becaus' yuh know I'ss in Strawberry Point, Ia.

U.S. Postage 1 cent
Strawberry Point
Aug 4, 1914

[Addressed to:]
Miss Roxie Axtell

[Handwritten message 'best guess']
Aug 2, 1914
Dear friend,
Well I suppose you are spending a happy birthday. Bernice [?] yesterday and I was there of course. Bernice were up here for
Excuse pencil
Dinner today and just went to Burgin - How is Lizzie! Would like to see again. I am really ashamed not to have wrote before but have been real busy. Baby Norma is well as so are the rest of us. Will try hard to write again soon.

[written up the left side:]
I wish you a happy birthday

[written upside down at the top:]
Your friend Bessie


Ev. Luth. Church - Strawberry Point Iowa

[The back of the card is blank. Note: This is aka Emmanuel's Lutheran Church. More info. in the church section of this website.]


Catholic church Strawberry Point, Iowa

[Handwritten message on the back:]
Dear you,


United States Postage - 2 cents

Ossian Iowa
Jul 3, 1954
4:30 AM

[Addressed to:]
Mary Baird
606 Fillmore
Edwardsville, Ill.


Greetings from Strawberry Point, Iowa

United States postage 1 cent
Elkader Iowa
Aug 30, 1944 - 5 PM

[Printed on left side of card:]
"NYCE" Quality Colored Landscape Locals

[Addressed to:]
Master Frank Kraatz
1943a Congress
St. Louis 18



Dear Pen Pal,
Thanks for the Card. What are your Hobbies? When I sent in my name to the hobbie club I had about 20 hobbies written down but they only put 3 but I guess it was just a mistake. Write soon
Your Pen Pal
Helen Whittle
Elkader, Iowa


Strawberry Motel
Hiway No. 3, Strawberry Point, Iowa

[Back has no stamp, cancellation or address/message]

[Printed on the back of the card:]

Strawberry Motel
New and Completely Modern
Hotwater Heat - Basement Garage
Phone 200 - Strawberry Point, Iowa

[Triple-A logo]

Pub. by Midwest Spec. Inc., Minneapolis 16, Minn.


[Printed on the back of the unstamped, unaddressed card]

Heliport at Medical Center, Strawberry Point, Iowa
Elinor Hebrank, photographer - Two Pines Ranch - Dundee, Iowa 52038


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