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IAGenWeb is pleased to announce David Shedlock has allowed the IAGenWeb county websites to display his postcard collection of images of Iowa. Mr. Shedlock has thousands of postcard photos from all over Iowa, dating 1900-1920 and after.  The postcards on this page depict Clayton county buildings or locations. Some have writing on the back of the card. Thank-you David!

If you are researching in other counties, you can visit the other IAGenWeb county websites to see if they also have added David's postcards. This is a new project, so it's possible that not all counties have uploaded their postcards or only some of them. An easy way to find postcards from his collection is to enter "David Shedlock" [including the quote marks] into the main site search box on each county website.

All transcriptions are by S. Ferrall. Many are 'best guess' due to the handwriting. Anything enclosed in [ ] brackets was added by the transcriber.


There are some nice soubrettes in
You can call at the stage door anytime

[Handwritten message on back:]
Dear Cousin
How are you folks by this time we are all well. How did you get over the fair. I looked for you but didnt see anything of you I had a big time. How do you like this rainy weather. I don't like it very well. Well maybe I will see you to church Sunday
[remainder written at the top]
ans soon from Luetta


U.S. Postage 1 cent

Edgewood Iowa
Sep 17, 1912

[Addressed to:]

Miss Anna Anton
Strawberry Pt.


Lutheran Church
Clayton, Iowa


4c U.S. Postage
'Wind in Homer'

Guttenberg Iowa
Jul 6, 1963
5 PM

[Addressed to:]
Miss Naomi Cory
13 Brook Hill Rd
Little Falls, N.J.

Hi Na -
Taking a cruise up & down the Mississippi River in a houseboat & having a grand time - six of us & Perky - a million laffs. Have a good summer.
Love Beosel, Bev & Co


Budding Springtime
St. Olaf, Iowa

[Handwritten message on back:]

Dear Chum, Rec'd your postal. I would like to have you come and take dinner with me sun, I thought I would celebrate Sun instead of Mon. My I miss the girls have are potatoes dug. Good bye Caddie
Ans Soon


U.S. Postage One Cent

Farmersburg, Iowa
Oct 11, 1911 1 PM

[Addressed to:]
Miss Florence Cook
Farmersburg, Iowa
R.D. #1


Greetings From St. Olaf, IA

[Collage, clockwise from top center:]
Norwegian Church
Norwegian Parsonage, St. Olaf
Birds Eye View -- St. Olaf, IA
Main Street -- St. Olaf, Iowa
Scenic View -- St. Olaf, Iowa
Public School - St. Olaf, IA
Main Street -- St. Olaf, Iowa

Photographer: S.H. Gillett - Boscobel, Wis

-- --

1 cent U.S. Postage

Saint Olaf Iowa
Jul 15, 1913 7 AM

[Addressed to:]
Mrs. E.S. Thune
Decorah, Iowa
E.M. St 504

Dear sister:
We arrived home safe Sun 9 o'clock enjoyed our trip so much it will long be remembered and you may see as many as 21 autos from St Olaf next time we come I stoped in to see Olive a few minutes and while I was there Rev Arveson went by in rout for Decorah. Tell Olive that if she finds no other way of coming shed better take all her children with her it will be the [illegible for herself she wont get much rest
Regards Camelia


Greeting Sincere
St. Olaf, Ia

[handwritten message on back:]

Am having a most pleasant week am getting so many good ideas, too much to be able to retain, at one time -Laura


U.S. Postage 1 cent

[2 Cancellations - both the same]
Marshalltown, Iowa
May 18, 1922
7:30 PM

[Addressed to:]
Mrs. Elsie Gaunitz
Lansing, Ia


Schelhamer Cut, Beulah, Iowa
Pub by A.A. Horning, McGregor, Iowa

[handwritten message on back is best guess:]

Cant get any at Franks so will have to [?] or none it still rains about now when I can come
Ma to all
[possibly Me to all]

1 cent U.S. postage
May 16, 1918 6 p.m.

[addressed to:]
Jack Knapp
Cresco, Iowa


In Nature's Realm, Monona, Iowa

[Printed on the back of the unstamped & unaddressed card:]
Pocket City Post Cards Co, McGregor, Iowa
Printed in Belgium
Domestic one cent
Foreign two cents


St. Patrick's Property
Monona, Iowa

[The back is blank, unstamped & unaddressed]
[More about St. Patrick's Catholic church is in the church section of this website.]


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