"Resident of the Month"
Interviews featuring residents at the Postville Good Samaritan home.

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Anna (Swenson) Bigler

Anna Swenson Bigler

The spotlight this month focuses on Anna Bigler, who has been a resident of the center since September 4, 1973.

Anna Swenson was born August 21, 1876 on the farm now owned by Cloy Lawson, northeast of Postville. When she was three years old the family moved to South Dakota where they lived for several months. They returned to the Postville area and lived in what was known as the "Old Stone House," which was destroyed by fire some time ago.

Anna's parents purchased the farm now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Vic Sebastian and Anna attended the West Grove school. After schooling, she and her sisters helped several families with house work.

On February 22, 1898, Anna was married to Henry Bigler at her home. To this union five children were born, two daughters and three sons.

The couple farmed near Elgin nine years when they purchased their farm in Grand Meadow township. Lloyd Bigler now resides on the farm which has been in the family 67 years.

Anna has nine grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren. She enjoys many of the activities at the center.

~Postville Herald, Wednesday, December 18, 1974 (column: Resident of the Month, Good Samaritan Center, Postville, Iowa)
~Anna Bigler's Obituary
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Dorothy (Freeman) Boese

Dorothy Freeman Boese

This month the spotlight at the Good Samaritan Ceneter, Postville, shines on Mrs. Dorothy Boese. She has been a resident since June 12, 1969.

Dorothy was born at National, Iowa. Her parents were Joe and Mary Freeman. they had three brothers and four sisters. The family moved to Postville when she was about 12 years old.

Dorothy and Robert Boese were married at Waukon and made their home in Postville. The family home is the Norman Johnson residence. There were nine children - seven boys and two girls. One boy died in his youth. Leo, a son, and Dorothy, a daughter both live in Postville. Dorothy says the last she knew she had 14 grandchildren.

Dorothy suffered a stroke in 1965 and went to live at the Good Samaritan Center in West Union. When the Postville Center opened she came back to her home town. In spite of partial paralysis, Dorothy is very active and takes part in all activities.

~Postville Herald, Wednesday, December 27, 1972 (column: Resident of the Month, Good Samaritan Center, Postville, Iowa)
~Dorothy Boese's Obituary
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George R. Brainard

George R. Brainard

The spotlight this month at the Good Samaritan Ceneter focuses on George R. Brainard, who has resided at the Center a little over a year.

George was born December 18, 1893. He was one of seven children born to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar R.A. Brainard. One sister, Mrs. Genevieve Petrie of Chicago, is still living. He lived on the farm where he was born until moving to the Center. Mrs. Brainard died in February of this year. He has ten children, 42 grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

George is a member of the Community Presbyterian Church in Postville.

An avid sports fan, he attended the school's sports events until failing health prevented him doing so. He always enjoyed traveling around Northeast Iowa and the Mississippi River area, appreciative of its beauty and development. Enjoys reading, listening to the radio, keeping informed on current affairs and also enjoys playing bingo at the Center.

~Postville Herald, Wednesday, October 9, 1974 (column: Resident of the Month, Good Samaritan Center, Postville, Iowa)
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