Military Index

Chickasaw County has a proud record in the U. S. military. Thank you to the service members for their service, and to the families they left behind for their own sacrifices and contributions to our country.

Civil War

NameYearAuthor or SourceLink
"Letters to Kate" from Captain Horace C. Baldwin 1862-1864 Susan Madsen Harris Link
Letters from Norman O. Pratt 1862-1865 Priscilla Fox Link
Letter from Lt. Joe P. Byers 1863 Nashua Reporter Link
Reunion of Company G, 27th Iowa Infantry 1901 Nashua Reporter Link
Chickasawans in the Civil War1908-1911Brigadier General Wm. H. ThriftLink
Excerpt from History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties1919Robert Herd FairbairnLink
Norwegian Chickasawans in the Civil War2003Vesterheim MuseumLink
Veterans of the Civil War Buried in Chickasaw County2018Roy and Linda LinnLink

Spanish-American and Philippine Wars

NameYearAuthor or SourceLink
Chickasawans in the Spanish-American War1911Brigadier General Wm. H. ThriftLink
Excerpt from History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties1919Robert Herd FairbairnLink
Newspaper Clippings - Spanish-American War2008Claudia GrohLink

World War I

NameYearAuthor or SourceLink
Letter from Talsey F. Fink1917Claudia GrohLink
Diary of Clarence Victor Jensen1918-1919Grandson David JensenLink
Excerpt from History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties1919 Robert Herd Fairbairn Link
WW I Newspaper Clippings2008Claudia GrohLink
WW I Draft Registrations2008Claudia GrohLink
World War I Casualties of Chickasaw County, Iowa2021 Eric Driggs Link

World War II

NameYearAuthor or SourceLink
World War II Deaths - Nashua and Surrounding Communities 1941-1945 Previous County Coordinators Link
WW II Newspaper Clippings1941-1945Claudia GrohLink
Draft Questionnaires1942Claudia GrohLink
Honoring Those Who Died in World War II1946Nashua ReporterLink
Honor Roll of World War II Dead and Missing 1946Nettie Mae LucasLink

Korean War

NameYear Author or Source Link
Korean War Casualty 1952 Gold Star Family Registry Link
Mike Njus Korean War Narrative 2009 Jim Johnson Link

Vietnam War

NameYearAuthor or SourceLink
Vietnam War Deaths1968-1969 Gold Star Family Registry Link

Peacetime / General

NameYearAuthor or SourceLink
Memorial Day 1901 Nashua Reporter Link
G.A.R. Women's Relief Corps - Nashua and New Hampton 1919 Robert Herd Fairbairn Link
Newspaper Clippings1922, 1953, 1960Claudia GrohLink
Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) - Nashua 1929 Nashua Reporter Link

Pvt Edward Cero

Private Edward Cero, KIA Battle of the Bulge, 25 Jan 1945

Pvt Edward Cero

Private Robert Alonzo Thompson of Nashua, KIA, World War I