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John Waggoner was born in Germany, July 12, 1844. Came with his parents to America in 1848. They settled in Wisconsin at Beaver Dam. John lived there until be enlisted in the army, August 11, l862, 23d Wisconsin, Company "G," Volunteer Infantry. Served during the war. Mustered out July 4, 1865, at Mobile, Alabama; discharged at Madison, Wisconsin. Married the fall of 1865 to Uphelia Hallett of Beaver Dam. She died the spring of 1867. One child a son, William T. Married a second time the fall of 1869 to Miss Almira Mourer of Columbus, Wisconsin. No children by second marriage. Came to Iowa the fall of 1869; lived on a farm until 1890 when he moved to Fredericksburg. He draws a pension of $17.00 a month.


Peter Waggoner was born in the state of Wisconsin of German parents, in 1855. He was the son of Thomas and Mary Waggoner. He came to Iowa in 1885 and worked four years for John Dayton on his farm. He was married in October 1886 to a daughter of Robert Edgar of Williamstown. Went onto his farm on section 14, the north half of the northeast quarter. They have two children, both boys, Floyd and Newell. Mr. Waggoner is a successful farmer, and lays by some money every year. He now owns 100 acres of land.


A. J. Warner was born in the town of Turtle, Rock county, Wisconsin, January 22, 1844. Son of Hiram and Betsy (Spencer)Warner. Came to Chickasaw county 1865, located on land in New Hampton township--200 acres. Married January 28, 1868 to Mary J. Morgan, daughter of Sylvester and Harriet Morgan. Four children born to this union: Elmer Sylvester, born February 13, 1869; Alice Belle born July 11, 1871; Alta Viola born September 20, 1872; infant born in September 1874, died at once. Elmer married, lives in Sacramento, California; Alice Belle, married October 1892, to Willis T. Mowry of Grayden, Kansas; Alta is single.

Mr. Warner enlisted in the U. S. army the 31st day of October, 1861, Company "F," 13th Wisconsin, Volunteer Infantry; discharged Jnly 17, 1863 at Fort DonneIson, Tenn., by reason of disability; receives a pension of $10 per month.

Mr. Warner moved to Fredericksburg, Dec. 1, 1902. Mrs. A. J. Warner died at Grayden, Kansas, July 30, 1903. Mr. Warner is still a widower.


Ashael Kinnie Warren, son of Seth and Philinda Warren, was born at Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson county, New York, April 6, 1811. The major portion of his years of minority spent in his native state. He received a common school education. June 13, 1833, at Springfield, Pennsylvania, he was married to Ann Eliza Robinson, who was born at South Hero, Grand Isle county, state of Vermont, January 13, 1813. Miss Robinson was of Puritan stock, her ancestors being passengers on the Mayflower. Soon after marriage Mr. Warren went into the mercantile trade at Clark's Corners, Ohio. Here he continued until 1852 when he sold his business and removed with his family to RutIand, Dane County, Wisconsin, where he remained nearly one year. He then went into business again at Union, Rock county, where he remained until the fall of 1859, when he returned to Ohio, or rather just over the state line into Pennsylvania. The fall of 1860 he sold his land and came through to Wisconsin, and then onward to Iowa, getting into Fredericksburg in November. Before leaving Pennsylvania he had traded for property here, the old Fountain house, some lots, and also land on the prairie east, near Tom Staples. The summer 1861 he traded for the mercantile stock owned by Elisha Smith, and again was a merchant. Here he worked until his death, June 21, 1863. He was the soul of honor in all of his business relations. He was rough in speech at times, but he was generous. He was a lover of music and in his young days quite a singer. His children inherited from him this love of music and with the exception of Wallace and Mortimer, are all singers, and their children also.

Thirteen children graced this union, beginning with Thadeus B,, born June 21, 1834, and ending with Flora Evangeline, May 27, 1858. Their names and place of birth are here enumerated: Thadeus B. and Ann Eliza Born in Ohio; John Wallace, Helen C., Abner K., Nancy M., Mortimer W., Mary Annette, Kate Maria, in Ohio; baby girl not named, Rutland, Wisconsin; Frank and brother twins born at Union, Wisconsin, February 5, l856, the brother died March 5, unnamed; Flora Evangeline, Union, Wisconsin. Thadeus died October 3, l835. Ann Eliza married W. S. Pitts at Union, Wisconsin, December, 1858. She died August 12, 1886 at Fredericksburg. John Wallace was a Union Soldier; was shot and died at Paris, Tennessee, March 17, 1862, Helen C. married V. H. Kendall, April 21, 1861; she died November 18, 1871. Abner K, died at Du Vall's Bluff, Arkansas, November 17, 1864. Nancy M. married Robert Padden, June 26, 1873. She died at Oakdale, Neb., January 28, 1889. Her son Paul, to whom she gave birth a few days prior to her death, is now a famous boy singer at Kansas City. Mortimor married Ida Teape of Horton, Iowa, November 6, 1869; he lives in Fredericksburg. He was postmaster here for eight years under Cleveland. Mary Annette married William H. Grems September 9, 1869. Kate Marie married Christopher T. Haskett March 7, 1877. Frank Leslie married Ida L. Mabie, November 26, 1874. Flora Evangeline married William H. Bates, March 13, 1878. They live in California. Mrs. Eliza Ann Warren, widow of A. K. Warren, was a woman of heroic mould, a woman of the true New England type. Her whole life was an honor to her forebears. She survived her husband thirty-three years, dying at Fredericksburg March 6, 1896, at the age of eighty-three years.


Hooper Warren was born at Sacketts Harbor, state of New York; brother of A. K. Warren. He married Charlotte Robinson, of South Hero, Vermont. Came to Wisconsin from the east. Came from there to this place in 1861. He kept the Julien House the winter 1861-2. He then moved to McGregor where he kept hotel. After he went to Clermont, Fayette county, and was in the hotel there. He then went to Conover, or near there, finally settling at Fort Atkinson where he died. Seven children were born to these parents: Julia, Laura, Asel, Isabelle, Ida, Cora and Giles. Julia married M. E. Coleman, who at the time of their marriage was a station agent for the St. Paul and Milwaukee road at Conover, Iowa; they live now in Dakota. Laura married James Dorsey; they live at Tilden, Nebraska. Asel is unmarried; his abiding place is unknown. Isabelle married George Crum. Ida married Ed. Crue. Cora married Lewis Crum, and Giles a Calmar girl named Mazy Ryan; they all live at Tilden, Nebraska. Mrs. Charlotte Warren, widow of Hooper Warren, lives with her daughter Ida. Mrs. A. K. Warren, Mrs. Hooper Warren, Mrs. George R. Manchester and Mrs. David Dorn were sisters.


George Weikle came in 1855. He pitched his tent on land one mile north of town and lived on it all summer. He is said to have built a log house near the William Case place, but I cannot remember it being there. He moved to Michigan.


Howard Weikle went to the war in the Second Iowa Cavalry, Company "I". He went with the rest of the Weikles.


Jesse Weikle came here in 1855. He settled on section one, Dresden township. He made butter tubs for a living. He went to the war. He was in the second Iowa cavalry, Company "I". His daughter Rachael married Doc Brown, they live in Michigan. After the war, with his family he moved to Michigan.


John F. Wesp was born on Wolf Island, Canada, September 19, 1849. Son of Frederick John and Mary (Davis) Wesp. Came with his parents to Wisconsin, Richland county, Richland Center. Lived there ten years. Came with his parents to Iowa the spring of 1869. They located on land in New Hampton township, section 33. Lived his parents during the years of his minority. Married October 1879, to Fannie A. Linderman, daughter of William H. and Permelia (Adams) Linderman, born April 13, 1860. The spring of 1880, removed to California. Returned to Iowa in 1882. In the year 1884, moved to the territory of Washington. Returned to Iowa November 1, 1895. Bought the Wm. Adams farm in Dresden township, lived there until the fall of 1901 when he bought the hardware interests of N. J. Douglas, of the firm of Douglas & Graham. The firm then became Graham & Wesp. January, 1906, purchased Graham's interest and became the sole owner.

Six children born to Mr. and Mrs. Wesp: Vesta, July 29, 1880; Charles A., January 9, 1883; William Linn, September 14 ,1893; Ethan Ambrose and Ethal Erwin, (twins) August 28, 1898; Frank Sterling, July 28, 1899.

Mr. Wesp occupies the fine brick block on the corner of Main and Washington streets, is doing a prosperous business. Owns one of the finest homes in town.

SAMUEL B. WESP. pg 178

S. B. Wesp was born on Wolf Island, Canada, February 10, 1842. Son of Frederick and Mary (Davis) Wesp . Came with his parents to Wisconsin in 1858. Came to Iowa in 1868. Went back to Wisconsin same year, returning in 1869. Settled in New Hampton township. Married July 3, I881 to Miss Jennie McGee, only daughter of Joseph and Augusta McGee of Dresden township. Moved to Reedsburg, Wisconsin in 1882. Returned in the fall of 1884. Bought a farm in New Hampton township in 1888; lived there until the year 1893, when he moved to Fredericksburg. Went into the butcher business with Albert Churchill, then with Hiram Pratt. Sold out business and went to buying stock for Haskett & Carey; worked four and one-half years for them. He then entered the employ of the Fredericksburg Produce Association as stock buyer, which position he still holds. Six children born to this union: Herbert C., born September 2, 1882; Frances, July 7,1887; Florence, August 12, 1890; Charles Frederick, July 4, 1893; Ruth and Ruby (twins) born August 22, 1896. Ruby died in the month of October, 1900 of diphtheria. Mr. Wesp is a great lover of the horse and has kept some very good ones.


Aaron Weston, was born in Essex county, New York, May 6, 1820. While a young man he moved to Wisconsin, where he married Mary E. Thompson of Jefferson county. Came to Fredericksburg township in 1876. Located on the southeast quarter of section 23, 160 acres. Children: Albert J., Addison H., Eva E. and Abbie. Mrs. Aaron Weston died about 1878, and Mr. Weston 1884--both buried at Maple Grove cemetery. Albert J. married Martha Elliott. Addison H. is single and lives in Alaska. Eva E. is single, lives in Columbus county, Washington. Abbie died at Frankville, Iowa, at the age of two years.

DAVID WHEELER. pg 78 & story repeated on pg 83

David Wheeler, a brother of Levi Wheeler, came to Fredericksburg with his family about 1859. He lived in the house afterwards sold to the Methodist people for a parsonage, and which burned the winter of 1901. Five children were born to this union. Two of them died here, also Mr. Wheeler. They were buried on the lots where James Hubbard lives. John Miller built the house. He also took up the bodies and buried them in the West cemetery. Mrs. David Wheeler married a second time, but I don't know where she lives now, or if she is living.


Levi Wheeler was born in New York. Married to Rosina Padden, August 20, 1849, in Pennsylvania. Moved to Ashtabula county, Ohio, and located near Clark's Corners. Came to Fredericksburg township the spring of 1855. Built a log shanty on section 18, one-half mile east of town. Five children in the family, viz: Ella, Elvira, Emogene, Truman and Warren.

Ella is married and lives in Illinois. Elvira dead. Emogene married, lives in Nemah, Nebraska. Warren dead. Levi Wheeler died in Nebraska in 1895. Mrs. Wheeler ia sister of Loren Padden. She is still a widow.


James R. Whitcomb was born in Palatine, Illinois, December 1, 1855. Son of Justus and Lovisa (Putman) Whitcomb. Went to Chicago in 1872; from there to Carpentersville, Illinois, where he remained seven years on a dairy farm with his brother C. L. Married at Carpentersville, March 11, 1880, to Ida Belle Webster. One child born at Carpentersville named Floyd; May 14, 1882, lives with his parents. Mr. Whitcomb came to Fredericksburg township, February, 1883, located on section 16. Their second child Blanche, was born August 18, 1885; married April 26, 1906 to Wendell G. Case, resides in this township.

With the Whitcomb brothers came their mother, Lovisa (Putman) Whitcomb and sister Hannah, born in Palatine, April 10, 1852. The mother died May 1897. Hannah married Isaac Ellison, November 29, 1885. One child born to them, a girl named Edna, born June 3, 1888, lives with her mother. Mrs. Ellison was divorced from Mr. Ellison the fall term of court, 1905. She lives in Fredericksburg.


Colonel Lot Whitcomb was born at Palatine, Illinois, August 23, 1843. Son of Justus and Lovisa (Putnam) Whitcomb. Remained at Palatine until September, 1862, when he enlisted in Company "E," 113th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Served during the war. Discharged at Memphis, Tenn., June, 1865. Mustered out at Chicago, July, 1865. Married September 1868, to Minda C. Webster, of Palatine, Illinois, daughter of Harris and Charlotte Webster. Three children--all boys: Harry, Rollin and Guy F. Barry died in Chicago at three years of age; Rollin died in Palatine at the age of one year.

Mr. Whitcomb moved to Chicago in 1872, where he lived two years; from there to Carpentersville, Kane county, Illinois. Was on a dairy farm for seven years. Came to Fredericksburg township, Iowa, in February, 1883; located on section 16.

Guy Whitcomb was born in Dundee township, Kane county, Illinois, December 18, 1879. Mrs. Whitcomb died January, 1901. Guy was married to Miss Ruby Eastland November 29, 1905. He lives on the farm.

Mr. Whitcomb was the first Vice President of the Fredericksburg Butter Factory organized in 1889; elected president in 1890; served as such until 1903, when he was elected secretary and manager, which position he still holds. Mr. Whitcomb receives a U. S. pension. He is still a widower.


John Whitnable was born in Germany in 1829, and was married there. He came to America in 1872, locating in Fredericksburg township in 1875. They were the parents of four children: Benhard, Wilhelm, Otto and Martha. The father is dead. Mrs. Whitnable lives four miles east of Fredericksburg.


Frederick Wittler was born in Germany, March 26, 1873, son of Henry and Frederica (Farstermann) Wittler. Came with his father to America in 1887; locating at Monona, Iowa. Came to Fredericksburg township in 1890 and to Fredericksburg in 1895 and went into business with his father. Married April 6, 1905 to Miss Henrietta Reich of New Hampton. Began business for self in 1905, (Grocery.)


H. Wittler was born in Germany, December 7, 1851; son of Frederick end Henrietta (Henze) Wittler. Came to America in 1887, locating at Monona, Iowa. Came to Fredericksburg, 1895; lived here one year, then moved to Oelwein where he remained four years, then returned to Fredericksburg and went into the grocery business with his son Fred. Mr. Wittler was married June, 1872, to Frederica Farstermann, daughter of Christian Farstermann of Dellihausen, Germany. Children born to this union, five: Frederick, born March 26, 1873; Lena, Federeka, Anna and Mena. Mrs. Henry Wittler died January 6, 1883, in Germany.


Charles Wilcox, son of John Wilcox, was born in Rhode Island in 1818, and lived in that state until he was eighteen years old, then to Pennsylvania. He was married in the state of New York to Susan White. He came with his family to Fredericksburg in 1858. Located on section 29-94-12--eighty acres, where he lived until his death, July 12, 1887. Mrs. Wilcox was born in Union Village, New York, was the daughter of John and Deborah White. She died November 10, 1855. Six children were born to this union, all of whom are dead but Ida, who is the wife of Herbert Bishop. Mr. Wilcox had one daughter by a former wife, who was Mrs. George Greiner. She died Omaha in 1881.


Carl Wuttke, german, came into this township in 1873 or 1874. Located on section 33, 240 acres. This man and his wife were made of the right kind of stuff for going ahead, and to make and save money. They worked hard and the result was that, they came out triumphant, with a fine farm paid for, a good house to live in and a large barn for his stock. They raised a family of nine children, with the exception of the loss of two by diphtheria. These young men and women went out for themseIves and have proved to the world that they have brains for business. Mrs. Wuttke died a few years since. The father lives in Sumner with his daughters.

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