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Danish Emigrants to Cass County, Iowa

  The following database was taken from the Copenhagen police records of people emigrating from Denmark to the towns of Cass County. Towns included are Anita, Atlantic, Marne, Griswold, Wiota, and Lewis. This is by no means a list of all Danes who came to Cass County. Some may have listed their destination to such places as Chicago or Cedar Falls and later came to Cass County.

Danish characters in the surnames have been changed to corresponding letters in the English alphabet, so that the entries can be found through the search engine. Family members are not necessarily listed together; scroll through to match up families with dates of registration. There may be a few Swedes and Norwegians who are in this list who evidently left for the US from Copenhagen.

Destination Transcription Status
Danish Emigration to Anita Complete!
Danish Emigration to Atlantic Partial
Danish Emigration to Marne Complete!
Danish Emigration to Griswold and Wiota Complete 5/13/2009!
Danish Emigration to Lewis Complete 5/13/2009!

You may also search the complete Danish Emigration Archives.  This link will display a Search Menu which allows you to search the Archives by name, birthplace, Danish county of residence, etc. You can click to select English to view the Emigration Archives pages in English (or chose from a multitude of languages besides Danish).

Contributed by Sheryl McClure, 2003. Additions and corrections by Cheryl Siebrass, 2009.

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