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Abe Oransky


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Abe Oransky, the junior member of the firm of L. Oransky & Son, was born in the year 1887 at Des Moines, Iowa. He received his grammar school education at Des Moines and Estherville, Iowa, and entered the East Des Moines High School in 1900, graduating with the class of 1904. In the fall of the same year he entered the Iowa State College at Ames, enrolling in the civil engineering course.

Two years later his father, Mr. L. Oransky, purchased from the late Levi Downs the store now operated by the Oranskys and after running the establishment about six months, found that the growing business demanded more help. Naturally, he turned to his son, Abe, who was then in his third year at the Iowa State College; so in January of 1908 Mr. Abe Oransky came to Atlantic to lend assistance to his father.

For the following two years he was closely associated with his father, Mr. L. Oransky, who has been successfully engaged in the retail business for over thirty years. Under his guidance and instruction, Mr. Abe Oransky soon became thoroly [sic] acquainted with every detail in regard to the management of the establishment from the buying to the selling end and with what assistance he was able to render to his father, the business grew by leaps and bounds.

In January, 1910, Mr. L. Oransky, finding that other other business interests required so much of his time and feeling that his son was now capable of not only running but increasing the business, turned over the active management to Mr. Abe Oransky and the firm name was changed to L. Oransky & Son.

And the results of the past two years have fully justified the faith of Mr. Oransky in his son, for under Mr. Abe Oransky's able management the sales of this progressive concern have shown a healthy and highly satisfactory growth over each preceding year, even exceeding their highest expectations.

Mr. Abe oransky is one of the real "live wire" merchants of Atlantic and builds great hopes on the future of our city. He takes pleasure in liberally supporting both morally and financially every movement which has as its object the betterment and advancement of Atlantic.

Mr. Oransky is deeply grateful to the people of this community who have helped him build up his business to almost double the original size. The policy of the firm has and continues be one of extreme progressiveness. Their immense business is built upon the confidence of their patrons who have always found their every advertisement, whether verbal or written, to be exactly as stated. They request the trade of the community because they feel through the efficient organization which they have built on, they are better equipped to serve the people of Cass county.

From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg. 81. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, February, 2015.

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