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Succeeded to the business of the P. F. O'Connell company December first, 1911.

Mr. Purcell is a native of Iowa and has been employed by some of the largest and most representative jewelry stores in Iowa, and various other states.

The business has shown a satisfactory growth since Mr. Purcell assumed management. The training he has received has given him expert knowledge of engraving and watch repairing.

This store is a creditable one to Atlantic, and any work entrusted or any purchases made at this shop will be guaranteed by Mr. Purcell.


is the owner of the White Pole garage at 504 Walnut street, Atlantic, Iowa. This necessary adjunct of the automobile industry is in a thriving condition since Mr. Canfield took charge of it one year ago, and he has brought to this business knowledge gained by five years of the very hardest kind of application.

Mr. Canfield has able assistants under his supervision, so that the automobile public may be served quickly and economically. His garage is up-to-date, which, together with his sociability, has made his place many permanent friends. Not only is he a first class workman, but he is also a booster for Atlantic.

The News-Telegraph wishes him success and is pleased to number him among the real live ones.

Atlantic Public Library


Rev. P. Daly

Pastor of the Catholic Church.

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Housed in splendid new houses, which are as good as the best to be found in the country, the Atalntic [sic Atlantic] Green Houses, managed by the genial Charley Olson, are as good as can be found in many towns a good many times the size of this. The business of the concern, a good deal of it from out of the city, is on the increase every day and it contributes its full share to the upbuilding of Atlantic and Cass county.


W. J. Woodward came to Lewis, Iowa, from Ohio in 1856 and in 1870 engaged in the grocery business; in 1880 he became actively engaged in the general merchandise business, which he recently sold out, so that he can devote his entire attention to The Citizens Bank, of which institution he is president.

Everything that stands for the good of Lewis, either civic or materially, receives practical encouragement from Mr. Woodward.

W. Theo. Woodward.

Is ably filling the place that he is carving for himself in this part of Iowa. He stands for things that are clean in both his private and business life. The Citizens Bank is the oldest bank in Lewis, being organized in 1879 and its condition is very prosperous and enjoys the confidence of a long list of substantial patrons.

Mr. Woodward is married and has one son, Dow, and the News-Telegraph wishes this boy may be as great a credit to the community as his father. He is a Mason and a genial and upright gentleman in all his relations of life.

From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg. 80. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, March, 2018.

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