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than Dr. W. U. Hammer,who for the last five years has been practicing his profession in Atlantic, has been practicing his profession in Atlantic, and by good work, with earnest endeavor to give his patrons a "square deal" both regarding quality and price, has built up a large following.

To attain success in dentistry, one must have a thorough knowledge of the nervous system and understand the anatamy of the human body. It is necessary for anyone who takes this science for his life's work, to spread several years in preparation that he may become competent, to deserve the confidence that is reposed in his skill. When one contrasts the conditions of a few years ago with that of today, he really grasps the point that in the world of dentistry there has been a wonderful progress. The profession that has for its object the alleviating of pain and the restoration of teeth, surely deserves the thanks of humanity.

Dr. Hammer is a graduate of the State University, class of 1901. After graduation he located in Exira; after spending five years there he came to Atlantic for a broader field. His offices are handsome and commodious, and are located above Oransky's store. Dr. Hammer is a member of Pymosa Masonic lodge No. 271 and of the Iowa State Dental Society.


Dr. Williams has had fifteen years experience in the profession of dentistry and is enjoying a fine practice in this city. His office

Dr. H. K. Williams


is equipped with the latest and best appliances known to the dental science. Among the men in this section of the state who are engaged in dentistry none are better equipped as to skill and experience than Dr. Williams and his success is every bit deserved.

Immediately after his graduation in 1898 from the Northwestern Dental College of Chicago he opened an office in Atlantic, and his business has been successful from the beginning. He has taken an active interest in the Civic and Material well being of our city, occupying for a period of five years the Presidency of the School Board. His society affiliations are with the Elks, K. of P., Woodmen, the State Dentist Society and he is a progressive member of the Commercial Club. He occupies a suite of rooms above Alexander's book store, nicely arranged and with everything needed to care for his patrons in a scientific and up-to-date manner.

The News-Telegraph is always glad to note the success of the younger men in the professions and in business, and finds pleasure in noting the fact that all Dr. Williams has he has won by hard and persistent endeavor. It is no wonder to anyone who has the pleasure of knowing him that he has been successful in his practice and that his friends are many.


The dental profession in the United States is today on a higher level than that of any other

Dr. Ed. T. Hupp

country in the world. This position has been gained in the last fifty years. At that time it was a crude pain-giving operation at its best while today it is almost classed among the fine arts. To graduate from our colleges of today, one must not only have an intimate knowledge of the anatomy of the teeth, jaws, face and head, but must also be familiar with the anatomy of the entire bod, and with general medical terms and practices, as well. The successful practice of dentistry also demands that one have a natural mechanical ability and a personality and bearing which gives confidence to those under his care.

Dr. E. T. Hupp, whose cut accompanies this sketch, was born in Pottawattamie county, Iowa, west of Griswold, December 12, 1885, and lived in that vicinity until in 1902 his parents moved to this city. In the spring of 1906 he graduated from the High School here and in the fall of '07 entered the State University at Iowa City, graduating from the dental department there in the spring of 1910. Immediately following his graduation he opened parlors over the Nebe Shoe Store, equipping them with the latest and best instruments procurable. Following this line of procedure in all his work, he has steadily built up what he considers a very lucrative practice, considering the time he has been following his chosen line of work. In August of 1910 he was married to Miss Blanche Thomas of Glendive, Mont. They now have a bouncing baby boy ten months of age.

From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg. 78. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, January, 2018.

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