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Drs. Miller and Allender, dentists, in the Gillespie Building, are live members of their profession and conduct a dental office which is a credit to the city and to them. The partnership has been in existence but a few weeks, but in that time each has found the other congenial in a professional and personal sense and together they are adding very materially to the splendid practice Dr. Miller, the senior member of the firm, has always enjoyed.

Dr. Miller.

Dr. G. R. Miller, the senior member of the firm, was graduated from the Northwestern University Dental School in the class of 1903, and since his graduation has been engaged in the practice in

Dr. G. R. Miller


this city. He was married the year before he finished his course, to Miss Naomi Broadfoot, and they have an attractive and comfortable home. Dr. Miller is a member of the Iowa State Dental Society and the Council Bluffs District Dental Society. Professionally and personally he is popular and he is active in local musical circles, being a cornetist of more than ordinary ability. For five years he has been manager of the local band and is a valued member of the opera house orchestra.

Dr. Miller keeps pace with all the progress of his profession and is in love with his work.

Dr. Allender.

Dr. Lafe C. Allender, the junior member of the firm, is a graduate of Northwestern University Dental School in the class of 1907. Previous to his graduation therefrom he spent one year in the Chicago College of Dental Surgery. For five years he practiced in Maryville, Mo., his native town, with his father, J. C. Allender, who has practiced dentistry there twenty-five years. Dr. Allender is a member of the Phi Omega Dental Fraternity. He is a Mason and until he left Maryville he was Worshipful Master of Nodaway Lodge No. 470 A. F. and A. M. He is also a member of Maryville lodge Number 760 B. P. O. E., the Missouri State Dental Society, and North West Missouri District Society. Dr. Allender is now moving his family to this city and they will become residents here permanently.

Dr. L. C. Allender

Although he has not been long in the city Dr. Allender has made many friends here and his future in the city is assured.

Cleanly and conscientious in the practice of their profession, equipped to give splendid account of themselves in their field of labor, Drs. Miller and Allender represent a high type of professional man and have the confidence of a large clientelle to a marked degree.


The science of dentistry is not an experimental one. Its study and practice requires not only mechanical expertness, but an intimate and defined knowledge of the anatomy of the mouth, jaw, correlative nerves, muscles and blood vessels. Of all the applied sciences it has more rapidly advanced from a crude form to its present stage of development than any other and it is today recognized that the successful dentist is the man who most closely applies himself to study, who equips himself with the latest mechanical and electrical devices and appliances, and becomes most thoroughly acquainted with every theory. Dr. W. C. Heers, whose likeness is given with this sketch, possesses these characteristics. He is a graduate of the Story City High school, class of 1905; entered the Iowa State University, finishing the dental course in 1908, in which year he came to Atlantic, and by strict attention and first class work has built up a large following. His office over Smiley's Music Store is equipped with every appliance and accessory science

Dr. W. C. Heers


suggests, thus amply fitting him to pursue every branch of his profession. Either in the restoration or extraction of teeth he promises as much immunity from pain as can be assured by any reputable member of his craft.

Dr.Heers is a member of the State Dental Society and the Psi Omega Dental fraternity. He is a member of the Commercial Club and is a booster for every movement that pertains to the betterment of Atlantic. In the fall of 1910 he was united in marriage to Miss Winifred B. Doolittle of Ames, Iowa.


Well known as one of the most successful dentists of this county, no one stands higher or better deserves the respects [sic respect] of its citizens

Dr. W. U.Hammer


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From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg. 77. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, January, 2018.

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