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This company is engaged in the lumber business, with the headquarters at Clinton, Iowa, and retail yards in many parts of the state. It began business thirty years ago when Clinton was one of the liveliest lumber marts in the country and the business then originated and established by the father is now carried on by the son, W. T. JOYCE. Five years ago the W. T. JOYCE Company came to Cass county and purchased all the interests of SHAW & CROMBIE, comprising the yards in this city and at Griswold, Lewis, Lorah, and Wiota. They succeeded to a good business here and have added to it constantly ever since. The officers of the W. T. JOYCE Company are W. T. JOYCE, President and Treasurer; W. A. RENWICK, Secretary, and C. S. BROWN, with a residence in Atlantic, is auditor for ten yards, his territory being in Cass and Carroll counties. The company is a strong one and their yards are always supplied with everything the public needs in their line.


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Frank M. CHAPMAN, manager of the Atlantic branch of the W. T. JOYCE Company, was born near Jacksonville, Illinois, in 1852, and came to Atlantic in 1868. In 1874 he began working in the lumber yards here for Chamber Bros. and has remained with the yard through all its changes of ownership, with Milner & Rutt, Shaw & Crombie and now with the JOYCE Company. He learned the business thoroughly from the beginning, and his constant employment and steady advancement has been merited by his ability and strict attention to business. He is a good salesman, a good manager, and under his direction the business of the JOYCE company is steadily on the increase.

George C. BOHLING, manager for the W.T. JOYCE Co., at Lewis, Iowa, is a native of Illinois, and was born August 15, 1854. He came to Cass County twenty years ago and for a few years engaged in farming. Afterwards he was with W. H. LOWE in the lumber business at Cumberland for ten years and then entered the employ and took the management at Lewis. He is a member of the Masonic lodge at Lewis and of the chapter and commandery at Atlantic. He is thoroughly versed in the lumber business and the orderly condition of the yards and sheds at Lewis denote a master mind. Personally he is a genial gentleman and one with whom the people like to trade.

W. L. ROBERTS, was born in Lafayette County, Wisconsin, in 1861, and moved with his parents to Iowa when 8 years old. He assisted his father to improve a farm in the south part of Cass county and the north part of Adams county. His father still resides on this farm making his home with a younger brother. W. L. ROBERTS has lived in Griswold, Iowa, since 1885. He has filled the office of mayor of that town and also served several terms as councilman. In 1891 he took charge of the lumber business of SHAW & CROMBIE in Griswold and continued with them as manager until a few years ago when they sold their business to the W. T. JOYCE Company. Mr. ROBERTS has continued the management for the most extensive retail lumber businesses in western Iowa. He is a member of the Masonic Blue Lodge, Chapter, Commandery and Shrine, Odd Fellows, Modern Woodmen. He is a business hustler and is personally popular with his fellow men.

Transcribed by Brenda Magee, July, 2012 from the Exposition Souvenir Album, published by Democrat Publishing Company, Atlantic, Iowa, 1904.

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