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1. P. I. APPLEMAN, Loans, Real Estate and Insurance, Atlantic, Iowa, was born January 23, 1862, in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, and moved with his parents to Illinois in 1870 and came to Mills County, Iowa, in 1872. Lived on a farm until 1877, then attended Western Normal College and graduated in the Commercial course and also in Commercial Law in 1880. He took the special banking course in that institution. He found employment in Omaha until October 1890, when he came to Atlantic and began abstracting for the Cass County Abstract and Insurance Company, under C. S. FLETCHER. He purchased the abstract, loan, insurance, rental and collection business of Chas. MEIGHAN in November, 1890, and has conducted the same ever since. He belongs to the Knights of Pythias and the B. P. O. E. Atlantic lodges. In business vernacular, "Tossy" is a "hustler" and has made success come his way by fighting for it . He is wide-awake and up-to-date.

2. M. P. CONWAY, of the Real Estate firm of Conway & Carey, Anita, Iowa, was born in Lincoln township, Cass County, Iowa, March 22, 1877, and with the exception of a few years spent in studying the geography of 28 states by personal observation, has resided in Cass County all his life. His earlier years were spent on the farm and later in handling stock, and in December of 1902, he joined fortunes with W. K. CAREY in the real estate business. He is a hustler for business, but finds time to be a genial gentleman at all times.

3. W. K. CAREY, also of the Real Estate firm of Conway & Carey, Anita, Iowa, was born in Louisa County, Iowa, in 1872, and came with his father, the late John CAREY, to this county in 1876, locating in Lincoln Township. He also spent his earlier years on the farm and later in the stock business for eight years. He joined with his Lincoln Township companion in the real estate business in 1902. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias and a match in geniality and business agressiveness for his partner.

The firm of CONWAY & CAREY, Real Estate Dealers, enjoys the reputation of being one of the squarest firms engaged in the real estate business in this county. They handle all kinds of lands and real property, but make a specialty of Missouri and Southern lands and trades of all kinds. They have been very successful in business, due to their knowledge of lands and their integrity in business matters, and the outlook of their business is promising indeed. The invite correspondence from all persons with lands or other property to sell or trade.

4. James B. JONES, Real Estate and Insurance, Atlantic, Iowa, was born at Petersburg, Manard County, Illinois, November 21, 1852, and lived there until 1869, when he went to Kansas and remained until 1874. In that year he came to Atlantic and began clerking for RICHARDS & MONTGOMERY. He remained with them three years and one month, and then engaged in the drug business for himself in an old frame building on the corner where the postoffice now stands. He was connected with the drug business of the city from that time until February, 1903, when he sold to W. N. FRANKS. While in the drug business he was engaged in the manufacture of brick and in contracting, and built nearly all the brick buildings south of Fifth Street. He has been Mayor of Atlantic three times, twice a member of the Board of Supervisors, a member of the City Council twice and served six years as a member of the school board. He is now engaged in the real estate and insurance business and in looking after his property interests. He is a Mason, and Odd Fellow, a Knight of Pythias, etc. He belongs to the "Old Guard" of Atlantic and has always been enterprising and public spirited.

5. H. S. RATTENBORG, Real Estate Dealer, was born in Germany, September 12, 1872, and came to America in 1880, locating at South Bend, Indiana, where he as a boy did anything he could find to do to make an honest penny, among other things selling newspapers and blacking the boots of nabobs of that place. In 1886 he came west, going to Shelby County, where he farmed for several years. Coming to Atlantic in 1898 he began the manufacture and sale of lightning rods under patents of his own and by machinery of his own invention. He continued in the lightning rod business for two years and then began buying and selling land. Finding himself adapted to the business he opened a real estate office and engaged extensively in the business, handling local lands and lately adding Canadian lands. In the latter the sales have been good, 12,000 acres having been sold last year and the prospects are good for much larger sales this year. He is a member of the Danish Brotherhood and the Elks and is a hustler in anything he undertakes to do. He is sending parties to the Assinaboia country, Canada, regularly, and they find that country even better that it has been told to them.

From: Exposition Souvenir Album, published by Democrat Publishing Company, Atlantic, Iowa, 1904.
Transcribed by Brenda Magee, July, 2012.

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