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Wm. TREDE, proprietor of the rendering works, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Davenport, Iowa, April 29, 1858, and worked on a farm until of age. He lived there until 1871 when he came to Cass county, living south of Lewis for a time and then coming to Atlantic. He went into the hide and rendering business years ago and has been in it ever since. For a long time he was located on Walnut street, but two months ago he removed his office to 207 Chestnut street. His rendering factory is a half mile north of the canning factory on the Buck Creek road. Mr. TREDE is a progressive citizen and is ever ready to assist with his time and money anything which has for its object the betterment of Atlantic and Cass county. He is a member of the local lodges of Maccabees, B. P. O. Elks and Knights of Pythias, and also belongs to the Traveling Men's Association.

Jens KJAR, painter and decorator, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Denmark, May 19, 1866, and came to America in 1893 to do artistic painting at the World's Fair in Chicago. He had learned the painter's trade when a boy and afterwards attended art schools and traveled in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary, doing select work in his line. He came to Atlantic from Chicago and has been here continuously since. He is an Elk, an Odd Fellow and a member of the Danish Brotherhood. He has built up a splendid trade in his business by his exceptional skill and at the same time has made a host of friends by his geniality and public-spiritedness.

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Jacob H. JOHNSON, farm machinery, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Denmark, August 1, 1848, and came to America in 1862, locating in Brown county, Wisconsin. He lived there twelve years and then came to Atlantic. He found employment with Mark FRARY and helped to build bridges the first year. Then he went into the dray and transfer business with Rufus BENTLEY and that partnership continued five years. Afterward he engaged in the ice business with J.B. JONES and then ran it alone. He went into the implement business in 1890 and at the end of two years took in R. S. THOMPSON as a partner, this partnership continuing until Mr. THOMPSON's death, and since then he has been going it alone. He is a member if he Mason's, Shriners and Odd Fellows. He is a public-spirited citizen and has won his way in business by attending strictly to it and by his rare good fellowship. He also operates an implement business at Shelby. Both establishments handle hard and soft coal and vehicles of all kinds.

James W. LOVE, chief engineer of the Atlantic water works, was born in Mercer county,Penn., January 6, 1846, and is a son of Robert and Eliza J. LOVE. His father was a Pennsylvanian and his mother a native of Ohio. The subject of this sketch came to Atlantic in 1879, having been employed previous to his residence here as engineer in his father's saw mill and in a planing mill. When the Atlantic water works was installed in 1882 Mr. LOVE was the engineer and for almost a quarter of a century his has been the guiding hand which has kept in motion the wheels which pump Atlantic's water supply. Mr. LOVE takes pride in the water works and the splendid condition of the machinery there at all times attests his supervision. Mr. LOVE is a member of several fraternal organizations, being especially active as a Mason and is at present W. M. of the local order. A. F. and A. M. He is also a lover of music and at present is leader of the Atlantic band. Everyone in Atlantic and vicinity know the genial "Jim" and he numbers his friends by the hundreds. For everything that augurs for the good of town or county he will be found working with a vim.

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William M. SMILEY, dealer in Pianos and Organs, with his business place at 510 Chestnut Street, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Clearfield County, Penn., December 12, 1859. He came with his parents to Cedar County, Iowa, and afterward with them to Walnut, where they purchased a farm. He removed from the farm to Atlantic in 1900 and engaged in the musical instrument business, in which he has won success by being perfectly honest with his trade, selling his instruments for just what they are. He handles the F. L. RAYMOND, the Kirtzmann and the Baldwin. He is a good citizen and liberal and enterprising in his business.

Fred H. FALCK, the proprietor of the German Village Bowling Alleys, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Frieburg, on the Elba, in Germany, March 18m 1859. He came to America in 1884 and located in Chicago and from there went to Davenport where he remained twelve years, then came to Atlantic in 1901. He worked in the Fredericksen buffet for some time and then, four years ago, started the Bowling Alley now operated by him. He belongs to the Turner Society, and is a genial gentleman at all times, and a contributor to anything that promises benefit to city or county.

Arthur WALKER, proprietor of the WALKER Livery Stables, Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Canton, Illinois, August 15th, 1854, and lived there until 1877, when he went to Colorado and from there back to Canton. In 1872 he graduated in law from the Ann Arbor (Mich.) University and the same year passed an examination before the Supreme Court of Illinois and was admitted to the bar. He practiced at Canton for several years, when he went to Denver, Colorado, and engaged in the livery business, remaining there until 1880, when he came to Atlantic and engaged in the same business here on the corner where he is now located. He has been a member of the Atlantic City Council and is a K. P., and Elk and a Modern Woodman.

John SCHIAPPACASSE, proprietor of the Columbia Fruit Store. Atlantic, Iowa, was born in Genoa, Italy, September 27, 1855, and came to America with his parents in 1870, going to Chicago, and from there to Detroit, Michigan, where his parents now reside. He went to Ann Arbor in 1875 and from there to Chicago until 1899, and in 1901 he came to Atlantic and engaged in his present business where he now is. He is a member of the Maccabees. His four children, three daughters and a son, assist him in the conduct of his business which is growing rapidly.

Transcribed by Brenda Magee, July, 2012 from the Exposition Souvenir Album, published by Democrat Publishing Company, Atlantic, Iowa, 1904.


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