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1. James E. BRUCE was elected to the office of County Attorney of Cass County in the fall of 1891 and held that office at the time of the failure of the Cass County Bank, and successfully prosecuted the president and cashier of that institution, who were convicted and sent to the penitentiary. He was also elected State Senator from the district composed of Cass and Shelby counties in the fall of 1901. The election was close and returns showed the election of his opponent by one majority out of total of over 10,000 votes. Contest was carried to the Legislature, where a committee of five, composed of three Republicans and two Democrats, unanimously found Mr. BRUCE a majority of over thirty-two votes.

2. L. L. De LANO, representative in the Legislature for Cass County, Iowa, was elected to that position in the fall of 1903, defeating John PIPHER, the Republican candidate. He is a Democrat and has been his party’s candidate for important offices in the past. He has served the district on the School Board and the city in various capacities, the latest as City Attorney, which place he resigned when elected to the Legislature. He distinguished himself in the legislature by the bills he introduced in behalf of the stock pass, more expeditious transportation of stock and better caboose accommodations for shippers. His bill was killed in committee, but out of it grew the controversy between the Corn Belt Meat Producers’ Association and the railroads which resulted in securing for the stock men practically all that his bill asked.

3. W. C. WILLIAMS, the guardian of Cass County’s money bags, was born in DEKalb county, Illinois, July 4, 1864, and came with his parents to Benton township, Cass County, in October of the same year. He was brought up on a farm and continued farming until the fall of 1901, when he was elected County Treasurer and he was re-elected in 1903, He is a member of the Knights of Pythias, Elks, A. O. U. W. AND modern Woodmen lodges. He has proven a very capable public official and has made many friends during his terms in office. He believes in forcing Atlantic and Cass County to the front and his time and pocketbook are always at the disposal of those interested in the good work.

4. W. C. BRYANT, county attorney of Cass County. See sketch in attorneys’ department.

5. Henry W. FULTON, Cass County’s popular clerk of the courts, was born in Kankakee County, Illinois, September 15, 1863, and lived there until he was seven years old, when his parents came to this county and located on a farm in Washington township. “ Hank “ remained there until he was twenty years of age, farming in the summer and teaching school in the winter after his graduation from college at Valparaiso, Indiana. He was bookkeeper for J. C. YETZER for some time and then went to Spokane, Washington, preceeding his employment there as bookkeeper for a large hardware firm by a trip to Australia, the Samoan islands and Honolulu. Taken sick at Spokane he returned to Atlantic and went into partnership with his father on the farm. In 1900 he was elected clerk of the courts and re-elected in 1902, and was married in 1903. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias and the present chancellor commander of the local lodge. He has made a very efficient public officer and has likewise made many friends all along the line of his residence here. He is public-spirited and his faith in Atlantic and Cass County is shown by the investments he has made in real property.

6. S. A. WORTHING, County Auditor and Dean of the officers of the County, was born in Kendall County, Illinois, August 11, 1848, and lived in that County until 1878, during all of which time he was a tiller of the soil. In 1879 he went to Walcatt, Indiana, where he engaged in the hardware business and continued in it until he came to Anita, in the county, in 1883. He there engaged in the mercantile business and remained therein until he was elected County Auditor by the Republican party in 1900. He was re-elected in 1902 and was re-nominated last June for his third term, an honor rarely accorded anyone in this county. He has made a good official and is liberal and broad-minded in political and business matters.

7. C. W. HUFF, Jr., County Recorder of Cass County, is a purely Cass County product, having been born on the old farm in Grant township, October 30, 1873. With his father he went to Massena township in 1882 and was engaged in farming until the fall of 1900, when he was nominated by the Republicans and elected County Recorder. In 1902 he was re-elected. He has made a painstaking and capable public official and will leave the office in January next with the kindly regard of all who have had business relations with him.

8. Robert MARSHALL, sheriff of Cass County, Ia., was born in Cortzville, Clark County, Ohio, January 9, 1847, and came with his parents to Muscatine, Iowa, in 1850. In 1859 the father died and the subject of this sketch being the oldest of eight children, found the burden of caring for them divided between himself and his mother. He came to this county and engaged in farming in Washington township, remaining on the farm until 1897, when he moved he to Atlantic. He was a member of the Board of Supervisors from 1889 to 1892 and in 1901 received the Republican nomination for sheriff and was elected. In 1903 he was again elected by a majority which attested his ability and capacity for the office. He belongs to the three branches of Odd Fellowsand to the Maccabees.

From: Exposition Souvenir Album, published by Democrat Publishing Company, Atlantic, Iowa, 1904. Transcribed by Brenda Magee, June, 2010.

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