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Directories & Lists - 1884-85 Cass County


Transcribed from the Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1884-5.

ANITA. Is situated in the northeastern part of Cass county, on C., R. I. & P. Ry, 68 miles southwest of Des Moines and 14 northeast of Atlantic, the seat of justice. It contains a private bank, 2 newspapers, the Tribune and the Times, 2 hotels, 3 churches, a steam flouring mill, a creamery and a grain elevator. Ships grain, live stock and produce. Telephone in connection with Atlantic. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U. Population, 700. Mail, daily. Harvey Ward, postmaster.

Allen John B, live stock.
Anita Cornet Band, Gustav Baillod leader.
Anita Times The, Samuel W. Teagarden Editor and Proprietor. Circulation 960.
Anita Tribune, Sherm F Myers Propr, Politics, Independent.
Ash James B, lumber.
Bank of Anita, Cornelius M Myers cashier.
Barker & Kaiser (John Barker, Joseph Kaiser), horses.
Bartlett Chester D, insurance
Bosley Lorenzo, clothing and shoes.
Bosley Miss, milliner.
Bruce James E, lawyer.
Burling & Corlett (Lancaster C. Burling, John Corlett), grocers.
Calkins & King (Russell W Calkins, Wm G King), hardware.
Cate Bros (John and Benjamin C), creamery.
Cate Edwin, general store.
Cate Samuel, auctioneer.
Chambers James H, harness.
Chambers Miss Jane, milliner.
Chrisman Millard W, real estate and loans.
Clark H M & Co (Hardy M Clark, Charles Hallock), hardware.
Cooper Charles C, billiard hall.
Cummings Mrs. Carrie, music teacher.
Cummings Rev John M (Congregational).
Currier Adam M, harness.
Currier Andrew, tailor.
Davis & Harrison (Rhodes D Davis, Daniel B Harrison), grain and coal.
Denton R. & Son (Robert and Horace), grain.
Dilts & Lewis (Daniel Dilts, Henry Lewis), carpenters.
Dow T T & J L, grain.
Exchange Bank, James S Henshaw pres, J B Henshaw cashier.
Faulkner Daniel W, live stock.
Fitch Edward, painter.
Flint & Ish (Daniel O Flint, Bazdale Ish), Proprs Whitney House.
Frost Luther P, lawyer and justice.
Gates Bros (John and Orten F) general store.
Gleason Nathaniel, painter.
Green C D, prin public school.
Hendricks George D, real estate.
Hendricks Miss Grace G, milliner.
Hendricks W A, vet surgeon.
Hendricks & Christman (George D Hendricks, Millard W Christman), real estate.
Henshaw James S, pres Exchange Bank.
Houck Jacob, blacksmith.
Hull Henry O, live stock and farm impls.
James Joseph P, lumber and coal.
Johnson Bros (Andrew and William E), meat and live stock.
Johnson C A, confectioner.
Jones Charles W, railroad and exp agt.
Joy Miss Emma F, teacher.
Kaiser Joseph, saloon.
Kaiser & Barker (Joseph Kaiser, J Barker), horse breeders.
King John S, physician.
Landrock Jacob, barber
Lattig Howard S, dentist.
Lattig Miss M Ada, music teacher.
Lattig P & Sons (Peter, Howard S and George), general store.
Leonard Rev E P (Evangelical).
Leymaster Cornelius S, shoemaker.
Lighter Henry C, livery.
Major Dr Elverton E, druggist.
Miller Godfrey, well borer.
Moore Seaborn, wagonmaker.
Morris Eli H, restaurant.
Myers Cornelius M, cash Bank of Anita.
Myers Sherm F, Propr Anita Tribune.
Myers & Co (Mrs M H and Cornelius M Myers), bankers and sewing machines.
Niswinder Wm F, auctioneer and carp.
Norton Rev W B (Methodist).
Opera Hall, V D Rood propr.
Parham Mrs G W, dry goods and clothing
Post Miss Addie, teacher.
Robinson Augustus R, agt. J A Robinson.
Robinson Julia A, grocer.
Rood S C & Co (Sarah C and Vernon D Rood), Hardware, Stoves, etc. proprs Pearl Mills.
Rood Vernon D, physician.
Rood & Buckles (Sarah C and Vernon Rood, F M Buckles), hardware.
Sansom Joseph E, physician.
Sansom J E & Co (Joseph E. & Samuel Y Sansom), drugs.
Scott Wm, blacksmith.
Scovel Alonzo, meat market.
Scovel Mrs L A, confectionery and restaurant.
Shoudy Miss Clara, teacher.
Slaughter Bros (George E and Herbert J Slaughter, C H Cappellar), dry goods and clothing.
Smith Frank R, barber.
Stone Edwin A, grocer.
Story Wm, nursery.
Teagarden Samuel W, Editor Anita Times.
Todd George S, justice of peace.
Townsend Charles E, lumber and coal.
Tromblee Benager B, house mover.
Turner Martha A, confectioner.
Vernon R D & Co (Ralph D Vernon, Horace Denton), lumber and coal.
Ward Dana B, jeweler.
Whitmore Charles H, Funeral Supplies, Plain and Fine Furniture. Etc.
Whitemore John F, sewing machines and real estate.
Whitney House, Flint & Ish Proprs. Good Sample Rooms, 2 Blocks from Depot.
Wiegand Valentine, shoemaker.
Williams & Steinmetz (John C Williams and Charles Steinmetz), blacksmiths.
Williamson Joseph, auctioneer.
Wooster David G, propr Wooster House.
Worthing Bros & Leasure (Frank O and Solon A Worthing, Jeremiah Leasure), general store.
Zinn & Pardon (Oliver C Zinn, Frank H Pardon), jewelers

ATLANTIC. A thriving and rapidly increasing city on the east Nichnabotna river, from which power is derived, in the northwestern past of Cass county, of which it is the judicial seat, and on the main line of the C., R. I. & P. Ry. A branch runs to Audubon, 25 miles north, and to Griswold, 16 miles south, and a new road is now in course of construction, called the Kansas City, Atlantic and Northern, which will cross the Rock Island at Atlantic, running north and south. It is distant from Council Bluffs 62 miles northeast, from Des Moines 82 southwest, from St. Louis, Mo., 348, and from Chicago, Ill., 426. First settled in 1868, it was incorporated as a town the following year, and as a city of the second class in 1878. It now contains a large distillery, a brewery, a pork packing establishment, a foundry, flouring mills, rendering works, planing mills, a soap factory, 3 banks, excellent public schools, 8 churches, representing the Catholic, Presbyterian, United Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Congregational, German and Swedish Lutheran denominations. A regularly organized, efficient and well equipped fire department, water work, on the Holly system, erected at a cost of $70,000, gas works, a new court house, a number of handsome and substantial business blocks, and several elegant private residences. The city is growing rapidly, buildings are going up in all parts, the price of real estate is steadily increasing, and it is certain that the future of Atlantic will be a great one, and that this city will some day rank among the great cities of the Hawkeye State. The press is represented by the Telegraph, (daily and weekly, Rep.), the Cass County Democrat, (Dem.), and the Messenger, (weekly, Rep.), all ably edited and popular sheets. Improved land in the vicinity is worth about $30 to $50 per acre. No bonded indebtedness. Shipments, grain, live stock, pork and alcohol. Telephone, Exchange. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Population, 5,000. Mail, daily. L. L. Mullins, postmaster.

Aldrich John B, carpenter.
Alexander & McGeehon (James H Alexander, Robert S McGeehon), grocers.
Andersen & Scheel (Lorenz Andersen, Fred W Scheel), clothing.
Applegate S J & Co (S J Applegate, C J Helmer), live stock.
Armor Harry, barber.
Ash James B, lumber and bridge builder.
Atlantic Alcohol Co, Stanley B Milner pres, Jonathan Nichols sec.
Atlantic Canning Co, McWaid & Martin proprs.
Atlantic Creamery, Job A McWaid propr.
Atlantic Eye and Ear Infirmary, Wm J Willim M D Propr, Keyes Block.
Atlantic Gas Light Co (capital, $25,000), C D Jones pres.
Atlantic House, Freitag & Witt, proprs.
Atlantic Messenger (Rep), J H Willey propr (weekly),
Atlantic National Bank (capital $85,000), John McDaniels pres, Clinton McDaniels cash.
Atlantic Normal College and Business Institute, George W Fairchild prin.
Atlantic Telegraph (R), Lafayette Young Editor and Propr. Published Daily and Weekley.
Atlantic Telephone Exchange, Harlan E Ives mngr.
Atlantic Water Co (Capital $100,000), Joseph C Yetzer Pres. Lafe Young Sec.
Austin John, laundry.
Bacon’s Opera House, Horace E Bacon propr.
Bailey Richard H, grocer.
Bain Robert F, city assessor.
Bank of Atlantic (capital $100,000), Frank H Whitney propr.
Barnwell James H, physician.
Barton & Long (Warren R Barton, Wm Long), painters.
Baumel Charles H, meat market.
Baxter James, county supervisor.
Bird Thomas J, Propr City Hotel.
Block Charles, clothing.
Block & Heyman (Abraham Block, Henry Heyman), clothing and gents’ furngs.
Boorman & Hard, grain dlrs and elevators.
Bostedo & Son (Alfred L and Louis G), dry goods.
Bray Thomas N, boots and shoes.
Brinkerhoff & Tremaines (Miss L E Brinkerhoff, Miss A Tremaine), milliners.
Brown Charles L, hardware and stoves.
Brown & Mason (Orville W Brown, Edway Mason), grocers.
Bruff James B, lawyer.
Bruner Gus F, jeweler.
Buckman & Fuller (Wm H Buckman, Myron S Fuller), carpenters.
Burk Rev W F (Methodist).
Burke E V, Real Estate, Abstracts, Collections and Tax Paying Agent.
Burr F H & Co (Frank H Burr, Newton Richards), clothing.
Burson & Son (David and James M), books and stationery.
Cady Isaac L, dry goods.
Calloway D R P & Co (Doc R P Calloway, Wm Burress), live stock.
Carson Nathan B, painter.
Cass County Bank (Capital $60,000; Surplus $50,000), Joseph C Yetzer Pres.
Cass County Democrat, Charles F Chase Propr; Circulation 1,400; Terms $1.50 per Year.
Chamberlain & Griffin (J Chamberlain, A Griffin), saloon.
Chapman & Chapman (Nathan L and Lewis C), lawyers.
Chase Charles F, editor Cass County Democrat.
Chizum G I, county treasurer.
Churchill Arthur S, Lawyer.
City Hotel, Thomas J Bird Propr; Rates, $1 per Day; Only Second Class Hotel in Atlantic.
Clearwater Robert A, sewing machines.
Coffman & Johnson (Jacob Coffman, J H Johnson), laundry.
Commercial House, Frederick Moeller Propr; Rates $1 per Day; cor 4th and Walnut.
Costello & Ives (Wm Costello, A A Ives), painters.
Craig Lyford R, confectioner.
Cramer Miss Emma, dressmaker.
Dawson Charles G, coal.
Deckman Rev J (Evangelical).
De Lano L L, lawyer.
Dicker Henry A, coal.
Dickerson & Wood (Isaac Dickerson, John H Wood), real estate loans.
Dierks Bros & Lamson (John and Hans Dierks, Byron Lamson), lumber.
Dorey Miss A M, millinery.
Dorey John, bookbinder.
Downs Levi, clothing and dry goods.
Dudley Ira L, agent U S Express.
Egan Wm C, physician.
Egbert Wm P, photographer.
Eldredge Nathaniel, carpenter.
Emmert Joseph M, physician.
Eyller & Braasch (Charles E Eyller, Henry F B Braasch), hardware and stoves.
Fairchild George W, principal Atlantic Normal College and Business Institute.
Fero Samuel W, confectioner.
Findley David, physician.
Findley & Son (David and Wm J), druggists.
Fliesbach Edward L, Insurance.
Ford Mrs S, dressmaker.
Fox Miss S A, dressmaker.
Freitag & Witt (Fred Freitag, Hans Witt), proprs Atlantic house and saloon.
Frost Rufus H, county supt of schools.
Gall Rev Ed (Catholic).
Gast Oscar, cigar mnfr.
Gerberich John P, Cashier Cass County Bank.
Graham Wm F, physician.
Graves M N, physician.
Graves & Riddle (M N Graves, Wm Riddle), commissioners.
Graves & Weber (M N Graves, Henry G Weber), druggists.
Green Alfred, boots and shoes.
Griswold H E, lawyer.
Guttenfelder & Co (Leonard Guttenfelder, Eyller & Braasch), rendering works.
Hale Miss Mary, dressmaker.
Hall Gordon G, marble works.
Hammond Edward, milk depot.
Hammond & Mote (Isaac N Hammond, Ethen A Mote), coal and farm impts.
Hanson Fred, saloon.
Harding Dick F, lawyer.
Harding J J & Co (Joshua J Harding, Matthew G Stone), harness.
Harding & Co (Joshua J Harding, James Bachelor), harnessmakers.
Harris Bros & Co (Harris Bros, of Des Moines, S H Caminsky), dry goods.
Hastings & Doak (Edwin C Hastings, Wm H Doak), gents’ furnishing.
Hatton Lemuel H, county sheriff.
Haughawaut John W, dentist.
Havens Samuel, confectionery and restaurant.
Hawks Dexter F, county supervisor.
Hayden J A, photographer.
Heitman & Rapp, flour mill.
Hermann Fred, blacksmith.
Hermann Mrs E L, milliner.
Herron Rev John (Presbyterian).
Hill Rev E S (Congregational).
Hill & O’Connell (Austin D Hill, Patrick F O’Connell), jewelers.
Hinds & Wilkinson (John Hinds, Jack Wilkinson), second hand goods.
Holcomb A E, magnetic healer.
Hopper Isaac, abstracts.
Hornbeck John A, flour and feed.
Howard John A, confectioner.
Hubbard J F, loans.
Hudspath John, Lawyer; Collections Made.
Hunt Jacob, blacksmith.
Iowa House, Schulz & Rohwer proprs.
Irmen J M & Co ( John M and Maggie P Irmen), jewelers.
Ives Harlan E, mngr Atlantic Telephone Exchange.
Jacobson C H & Co (Christian H and Ole H Jacobson), grocers and shoes.
Jacobson Henry, painter.
Jacobson N & Sons (Nicholas, Conrad and Wm), hardware.
James House, James B Pulley propr.
Jillick George, grain.
Johnston H L & Co, grocers.
Johnston & Harkness (Hugh L Johnson, John J Harkness), grocers.
Jones Mrs H T & Co ( Mrs H T Jones, Miss Eva C Jones), milliners.
Jones & Ketchum (Jesse L Jones, Horace F Ketchum), dry goods.
Jordan Wm B, shoes.
Kansas City, Atlantic & Northern Ry Co, Frank H Whitney, Vice-Pres.
Kellogg D C, county supervisor.
Kerrick C W, carpenter.
Kiernan John, second-hand goods.
Kirk Lindley M, real estate.
Lane Abram L, laundry.
Lee Bros (James T and George F), boots and shoes.
Litterst Bros (Charles and Frank), bakers.
Litterst Joseph, confectioner.
Loofburrow Charles F, judge circuit court.
Lorah S L, county supervisor.
Lorenzen Louis A, meats.
McCall Alexander D, dentist.
McCrae Rev R T, sec K C, A & N Ry Co.
McKay Hugh, carpenter.
McKeen & Son (Moses and Melville), second hand goods.
McWaid Job A, grain and propr Atlantic creamery.
McWaid & Martin (Job A McWaid, Samuel F Martin), proprs Atlantic Canning Co.
Macomber A P & F G (Addison P and Mrs F Gray), physicians.
Mafs August, blacksmith.
Major Robert & Co (Robert Major, Charles Neimeyer), lumber.
Mankee Wm F, saloon.
Mapes M R, livery.
Martin M, dyer and tailor.
Martin Samuel F, hardware and stoves.
Martin Rev W F (Methodist).
Martindale Miss Minnie, milliner.
Melcher Christian A, druggist.
Meredith, Dickey & Co (C Park Meredith, Randall & Dickey, Des Moines), farm impts.
Miller Theodore, restaurant and confectionery.
Moeller Frederick, Propr Commercial House, cor 4th and Walnut.
Moeller & Ulbrich (Fred Moeller, Wm Ulbrich), boots and shoes.
Moeller & Co (Frederick Moeller, Wm Ulbrich), grocers.
Monroe McLellan, barber
Morrison Wm A, confectionery and restaurant.
Moseley Charles W, Editor and Proprietor Sunday Herald (Society).
Murray Robert, county auditor.
Nancarrow James, merchant tailor.
Needham Wm F, merchant tailor.
Needles John H, carriage and wagonmaker.
Newlon Hiram S, farm impts and coal.
Nichols Jonathan, physician.
Nichols J & Son (Jonathan and Wm M), druggists.
Nipper Ainsworth M, Insurance.
Noyer Dr Wm, Magnetic and Electric Physician. Office on Sixth Streeet.
Osborne Cyrus B, furniture.
Parkham Mrs G W, milliner.
Park Harvey M, meat market.
Park Hotel, David A Williams Propr, cor 6th and Chestnut.
Pellitier & Smith (James Pellitier, Henry Smith), blacksmiths.
Pennell George E, loan agent.
People’s Advocate The, Sanders & Lindeman editors and proprs.
Phelps R G, lawyer.
Pine Archibald D, Insurance.
Place & Smith (Horace Place, James H Smith), carpenters.
Poch Herman, merchant tailor.
Porter M H & Co (M H Porter), livery.
Pressnall James S, insurance.
Pressnall & Griswold (James S Pressnall, H E Griswold), loans and abstracts.
Pugh James, justice and mayor.
Pulley James B, propr James House.
Rathbun Bros (Perry and Benjamin), grocers.
Reber Dr Frederick, German Physician and Druggist.
Reynolds Charles M, Clerk Reynolds House.
Reynolds House, John R Reynolds Propr.
Reynolds John R, Propr Reynolds House.
Reynolds & Dolan (Daniel M Reynolds, James J Dolan), lawyers.
Rhines Charles E, jeweler.
Salisbury & Brackett (Horace H Salisbury, Arthur Brackett), founders and machinery.
Sanders & Lindeman (Wm H Sanders, Conrad Lindeman), proprs The People’s Advocate.
Saxe Frederick, soda water mnfr.
Sayers & Walker (Enos Sayers, Robert A Walker), farm impts and coal.
Schulz & Rohwer (John Schulz, Eggert Rohwer), proprs Iowa House and saloon.
Scott John H, lawyer and justice.
Shaw & Crombie (Edward A Shaw, Frank H Crombie), lumber.
Shepard F L & Co ( Frank L Shepard, Wm Foster), boots and shoes.
Sherwood W H, meat market.
Shields & Bro (Otto and Robert), cigars, tobacco and cigar mnfrs.
Shoudy Bros (Berkley and Ira), harness.
Slater & Eller (Chancy Slater, Washington Eller), livery.
Slaughter Bros ( George and C H), dry goods.
Smith Charles L, railroad agent.
Smith & Bonesteel (Albert A Smith, John H Harvey), livery.
Snauffer Frank J, carriage and wagonmaker.
Snelson Wm, physician.
Southwick Bros & Mosier (John and Phillip Southwick, D C Mosier), live stock.
Spencer Fred W, barber.
Stafford & Hawks (David H Stafford, Dexter F Hawks), dry goods and carpets.
Steinke Theodore G, clothing.
Stone M G & Co (Joshua J Harding, Matthew G Stone), harness.
Straight Sir W W, druggist.
Sunday Herald, (Society), Charles W Moseley Editor and Propr.
Taylor Jacob A, dentist.
Temple Walter B, county recorder.
Temple Walter B, city treasurer.
Temple & Phelps (Henry Temple, Julian Phelps), lawyers.
Tharnish John, city marshal.
Thompson Robert S, coal.
Thurman Charles, furniture and undertaker.
Tormay Garrett, hardware.
Townsend Thomas J, county surveyor.
Triplett Julius, county supervisor.
United States Express, Ira L Dudley, agt.
Van Cleave Charles, carpenter and wagonmaker.
Voorhies Wm H, sewing machines.
Wagner John, saloon.
Walker Bros (Job, Meredith and Oscar), livery and bus line.
Walker George W, painter.
Walker & Crosthwait (M Walker, W M Crosthwait), lawyers.
Wallace Thomas R, county clerk.
Warner John S, grocer.
Warwick Wilkins, real estate.
Warwick & Gillespie (Wilkins Warwick, Alfred J Gillespie), insurance.
Weber George, saloon.
Western Loan and Trust Co, Ezra Willard pres, Isaac Hopper sec.
Whitney Caspar C, boots and shoes.
Whitney Frank H, propr Bank of Atlantic.
Wilder & Weidner (Carlton V Wilder, W F Weidner), physicians.
Wilkin Dr Robert D, drugs.
Wilkin Wm A, city clerk.
Willard & Hopper (Ezra Willard, Isaac Hopper), lawyers
Willcock Benedictus S, billiard hall.
Willey John H, propr Atlantic Messenger.
Williams David A, Proprietor Park Hotel, cor 6th and Chestnut.
Willim Wm J, M D, Physician and Surgeon and Proprietor of the Atlantic Eye and Ear Infirmary.
Willitts John E, insurance agt.
Willits Martin H, carpenter.
Wilson John, carpenter.
Winnie & Dawson ( Jacob Winnie, John T Dawson), grocers.
Yaeger John, saloon.
Yetzer Joseph C, Hardware, Stoves and Farm Implements, Pres Cass County Bank.
York Charles, barber.
Young Lafayette, Editor and Proprietor Atlantic Telegraph.
Young Wm, saloon.

GALION. A postoffice in Cass county, 10 miles southeast of Atlantic, the county seat, and 7 southeast of Lewis, the nearest railroad station and banking point. Population, 25. Mail,tri-weekly.

GRISWOLD. A flourishing incorporated town in Cass county, 15 miles southwest of Atlantic, the county seat, and 97 miles southwest of Des Moines. It is the northern terminus of the R. O. & g. br. of the C., B, & Q. R. R., and contains Methodist and Presbyterian churches, good schools, a bank, steam flouring mills, several special and general stores, and a weekly newspaper, the Griswold Advocate. Live stock and grain are shipped. Exp., U. S. and Am. Tel., W. U. Population, 1,200. Mail, daily. John Pipher, postmaster.

Allen Wm, saloon.
Blanford J Wm, saloon.
Boggs & Rezner (Wm A Boggs, Nicholas M. Rezner), general store.
Bosley Edna, grocer.
Briggs Chester J, meat market.
Brockway Dennis L, coal and live stock.
Brown John W, bakery.
Brown Theodore H, Pres First National Bank.
Brown Wm, tel opr.
Bryant Frank A, physician.
Bryant J C, teacher.
Bush Mrs, propr Whitney House.
Carlisle Bros & Co (Basil W, Frank P and A L Carlisle), hardware.
Chambers Mary, restaurant.
Chittenden Wm R, boots and shoes.
Chubbic Harvey C, marshal.
Corbit Wm, general store.
Cromley John F, druggist.
Dean Edward, confectionery.
Dodge Mrs Nancy J, milliner.
Douglas A L, blacksmith.
Douglas Mrs A L, music teacher.
Emmert & Jones (Joshua V Emmert, James B Jones), drugs.
Fenner Charles, confectioner.
First National Bank The, Theodore H Brown Pres, Frank L Brown Asst Cashier.
Forsyth Bros (James E and Henry K), grocers.
Fuller Henry J, livery.
Griswold Advocate The, David H Scott Editor and Propr.
Groetschel Robert, Furniture Dealer and Undertaker.
Honens & Hunter (Wm D Honens, James C Hunter), hardware.
Jones Morris, blacksmith.
Keihl John M, justice of peace.
Kerns John, restaurant.
Kerr & Trobert (John Kerr, George Trobert), flour mill.
Kipp Bros (Ogden S and Eliakim B), lumber and coal.
Laurance Harris W, carriagemaker.
LeFeber Frank, exp and railroad agt.
Letz Henry, propr Iowa House.
Linn Wm D, harnessmaker.
Littler Ezra, barber.
Luccock Thomas E, jeweler and music.
McDonald John, saloon.
Mackrill Joseph H, livery.
Markham Bros (Theodore S and Madison G), hardware.
Martin Josiah B, physician.
Milner Mrs Sadie, dressmaker.
Milner & McGinnis (Charles W. Milner, James L McGinnis), grain.
Moore Joseph L, physician.
Myers & Lewis, grain.
Palmer George & Co, lumber.
Pierson Joseph, livery.
Pipher John, U S Express Agt and Drugs.
Pryor Miss Emma, music teacher.
Reynolds Albert C, photographer.
Rightmire & Patterson (Wm F Rightmire, Charles S Patterson), lawyers, real estate and loans.
Ritz Claus, hotel.
Rose Miss Edith, dressmaker.
Rowley & Robison (Minnie Rowley, Mollie Robison), dressmakers.
Rudig & Weirich (George Rudig, Henry Weirich), general store.
Scott David H, Editor and Propr The Griswold Advocate.
Selar August, blacksmith.
Smith Reuben, restaurant.
Stafford & Hawks (David H Stafford, Dexter F Hawks), general store.
Stevens Edwin W, grain elevator.
Taylor & Driggs (Addison R Taylor, Benjamin R Driggs), grocers.
Threlkeld & Youtsey (Timothy R Threlkeld, Pannel R Youtsey), clothing.
Timm George, meat market.
Tinsley James M, jeweler.
Totten Bros (James A and William), grain.
Wakefield & Morris Drs (Thomas J Wakefield, Willis G Morris), druggists.
Weirich & Letz (Frank Weirich, Jacob Letz), clothing.
Wilcox Hamilton, real est, ins and mayor.
Winner Charles, barber.
Woodruff Alva C, physician.
Wright Simeon, justice of peace.

LEWIS. An incorporated town on the C., R. I. & P. Ry, in Cass county, 9 miles southwest of Atlantic, the county seat. It contains a free school, several churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Independent. Improved land in the vicinity ranges in price from $20 to $35 per acre. Grain and live stock are shipped. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Population, 800. Mail, daily. Mahlon J. Davis, postmaster.

Allyn T J, wagonmaker.
Andrews Luther M, physician.
Arnold W F, Justice of Peace.
Baker Charles W, clothing.
Baker Ira W, lumber and coal.
Baker Theodore, baker.
Bailey Wm H, carpenter.
Bank of Lewis, L O Reinig pres, J H Alexander cash.
Barhite Samuel R, grocer.
Bates A C, carpenter.
Baxter J M, grain and live stock.
Beckwith George, blacksmith.
Brearley John T, insurance.
Busing John, saloon.
Campbell C L, physician.
Campbell & Worthington (Miss Mollie Campbell, Miss Carrie Worthington), dressmakers.
Carr George E, wagonmaker.
Chizum G I, justice of peace.
Clayton Eli, lumber.
Commercial Hotel, Williamson & Huchell proprs.
Conrad Vincent M, justice of peace.
Davis Mahlon J, Druggist.
Disbrow & Son (Samuel and Levi), blacksmiths.
Downs Elijah B, druggist.
Erion Jacob B, propr Lewis Independent.
Fuson Milton, carpenter.
Gannon S E H, physician.
Gifford Amaziah H, sewing machines.
Gifford Harvey A, furniture.
Grant David, carpenter.
Haymaker Edward, livery.
Harris Rev J (Methodist).
Harris Wm J, grain and stock.
Hopley Wm & Bros, grain and live stock.
Hyland Robert, marshal.
Jones & Bulen, meat market.
Keil John, shoemaker.
Kennedy Bros (David C and Wm A), hardware.
Kiehl Cora J, grocer.
Kiel A J, shoemaker.
Kraak John, saloon.
Langdon Mrs H, milliner.
Lewis Independent, J B Erion propr.
Little Rev C (Congregational).
Littlefield G M, carpenter.
Love & Winn, blacksmiths.
McEndree G & Sons (George, Dunbar and John), dry goods.
McKinney & Perkins, dry goods.
McNair & Reynold (Robert McNair, Jewel Reynolds), carpenters.
Macomber Frank, lawyer.
Macomber K W, insurance.
Meredith Thomas, real estate.
Mills O, grain and live stock.
Morgan James P, livery.
Murnan & Moffitt (Samuel C Murnan, Edward C Moffitt), grocers.
Myers C E, Grain and Live Stock.
Myers Henry, hotel.
Newcomb Charles N, wagonmaker.
Newcomb Earlington C, restaurant.
Palmer E, saw mill.
Pennsylvania House, Henry Myers, propr.
Perkins & Wherry (David M Perkins, Jesse P Wherry), general store.
Peters Jerome N, grocer.
Phillips Edward S, exp and railroad agt.
Reinig L O & Co (Louis O Reinig, Robert C Kennedy, Wooster J Woodward), dry goods.
Rishel John G, physician.
Royal & Cutting (Mrs Adelia Royal, Mrs Marion Cutting), milliners.
Shaw & Crombie (Edward A Shaw, Frank H Crombie), lumber and coal.
Stevens Bros (Wm, Jacob, Daniel and George), flour mill.
Stotts Wm T, harnessmaker.
Stuchell Wm M, hotel.
Summers Mary W, meat market.
Suydam Alfred E, barber.
Van Oiman F C, plasterer.
Wheeler & Chorn (Saul M B Wheeler, Robert Chorn), flour mill.
Williamson & Stuchell, proprs Commercial Hotel.
Winn John H, blacksmith.
Worthington T, baker.

LORAH. A postoffice on the A. br. of the C., R. I. & P. Ry, in Cass county, 6 miles mortheast of Atlantic, the county seat and nearest banking point. Population, 25. Exp., U. S. Mail, daily.

McDILL. A hamlet in Cass county, 20 miles south of Anita, its shipping station. No postoffice.

MARNE. A village on the C., R. I. & P. Ry, in Brighton township, Cass county, 90 miles southwest of Des Moines, and 7 west of Atlantic, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1875, it contains Methodist, Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches and public schools, and ships grain and live stock. Population, 500. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Mail, daily. John L. Harvey, postmaster.

Calkins J R, hotel propr.
Childs N, saloon.
Cook A, blacksmith.
Dierks Bros & Lampson, Lumber.
Emmert J M, druggist.
Findlay John & Co, Grain and Live Stock.
Fink Rev E J (Methodist Episcopal).
Grodt Wm, livery.
Hamilton J C, shoemaker.
Harvey Bros, General Store.
Hitchcock E F, railroad and exp agt.
Houseman H, barber.
Hunt Z, blacksmith.
Kaull Charles, meat market.
Lansing Bros, wagonmakers.
Lasker George, blacksmith.
Lorenzen R, general store.
McClus C H, physician.
McEachan John, druggist.
Maddy J N, druggist
Masters S H, physician.
Meredith Thomas, Hotel Propr.
Perkins L H, general store.
Remien A, justice of peace.
Robinson R L, teacher.
Rose C P, restaurant.
Schloteldt George, saloon.
Simonsen Paul, saloon.
Squire Bros, livery.
Van Vleet Rev Wm (Methodist).
Vogt F A, shoemaker.
VonEgert A, physician.
Wallace A, constable.
Ward Mrs E T, hotel.
Warren John, barber and restaurant.
Wheeler E, grocer.
Winter H H, lumber.

RENO. A village on the Nodaway river, a water-powered stream in Edna township, Cass county, 65 miles southwest of Des Moines, 20 miles southeast of Atlantic, the county seat, and 15 east of Griswold, on the G. br. of the C., R. I. & P. Ry, the nearest railroad station and banking point. Settled in 1877. Ships grain, live stock.and produce. The produced Diagonal line, the W., I. & N., will pass through this place. Stages, with mail, tri-weekly to Griswold and Corning, 24 miles southeast; fares, 75 cents and $1.25 respectively. Population, 100. Jacob Steen, postmaster.

Adams John H, carpenter.
Archer John, justice of peace.
Bilderback J, grocer.
Breen R F, general store.
Chedister J A, shoemaker.
Cozad W W, saloon.
Dyer J M, blacksmith.
Edwards G L, justice of peace.
Forrester Rev (Adventist).
Hall T A, restaurant.
Hudspath & McCaslin, Grist Mill.
Hume J H, physician.
Lawhead E, carpenter.
Logue Wm, grocer.
McCaslin Joseph, blacksmith.
Potter Rev E C (Methodist).
Snellson W, physician.
Steen H A, hotel.
Steen Jacob, Hotel and Produce.
Steen J J, general store.
Wallers P A, constable.
Walters J T & Son, carpenter.
Wright Rev (Christian).

WHITNEYVILLE. A country postoffice, in Massena township, Cass county, 78 miles west of Des Moines, 20 miles southeast of Atlantic, the county seat, and 10 miles south of Anita, on the C., R. I. & P. Ry, the nearest railroad station and banking point, from whence it receives weekly mail by stage. Settled in 1860. Hiram Blake, postmaster.

Dodge C M, physician.
Holliday W, live stock.
Whitney Wm, hotel propr.

WIOTA. A village on Turkey creek and on the C., R. I. & P. Ry, in Franklin township, Cass county, 75 miles east of Atlantic, the county seat. It contains Baptist and Methodist Episcopal churches, a public school and ships live stock and grain. Population, 200. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Mail, daily. J. C. Whitmore, postmaster.

Boyd J A, wagonmaker.
Bruyn & Hopley, meat market.
Chambers Wm, tel, railroad and exp agt.
Christie Wm, Grain.
Foster James M, general store.
Hunt D D, blacksmith and constable.
Knight D B, painter.
Lahman M F, lumber.change
Lewis B P & Co, grain and live stock.
McClur W W, constable.
Ostrander A, general store.
Pogue Dr J I, druggist.
Rorah M, grocer.
Scoot & Herigan, boots and shoes.
Spurrier W E, hardware.
Stoodts John, saloon.
Taber F, saloon.
Thorp A C, hotel and meat market.
Turner Joseph, blacksmith.
Whitmore E O, General Store and Insurance Agent.
Wood Wm, justice of peace.
Young R T, lumber and grain.

Transcribed from the Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1884-5, Volume III,
published by R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser. November, 2010.

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