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From the History of Cass County, Iowa Together With Brief Mention of Old Settlers
by Lafe Young, Atlantic, Iowa:  Telegraph Steam Printing House, 1877, pg. 61-65.

  The Atlantic M. E. Church was organized in 1869, with Rev. William ABRAHAM as pastor, who was succeeded by Rev. W. F. LAIDLEY, and he by Rev. B. F. W. COZIER; Rev. F. H. READ was the presiding elder.  The first quarterly meeting of which there is any record, was held December 10th and 11th, 1869, at which H. T. SHARP was approved as Sunday School Superintendent.  Wilkins WARWICK , Dr. W. RICHARDS , Dr. George S. MONTGOMERY, H. T. SHARP, Isaac DICKERSON, A. C. THARP, and Frank EVERETT were approved Trustees.  Wilkins WARWICK, J. H. NEEDLES, and H.T. SHARP were elected Stewards.  H.T. SHARP, Recording Steward.  The present house was built in 1870, and enlarged in 1875.  The church owns a good of parsonage which was built in 1871, costing about $1,200.  The church now has a membership of 175.

  The Atlantic Congregational Church was organized in April 1869.  Among its earliest members were G. W. NORTON & wife, R. D. McGEEHON and wife, Seldon McGEEHON, Clement TUTTLE and wife, George CONRAD, H. G. SMITH and wife, E. O. HOYT, Julian PHELPS and wife, E. S. HILL, and others from time to time.  It numbers at present eighty communicants.  There have been but five deaths among its members.  There has never been a case of discipline, and no members have been dismissed except to unite with churches out of town.  G. W. SMITH and H. G. SMITH were its first deacons, the former still holding office, assisted by H. H. HAWKS and L. C. SANBORN.  Its house of worship was dedicated August 22d, 1869.  This building has recently been enlarged and refitted.  Present dimensions, 32 x 64 feet; cost to date, about $4,500.  It is located on the corner of Fifth and Walnut streets.  Rev. E. S. HILL has been pastor of the church from its organization to the present time.  Its Sunday School was organized at the time its building was first occupied.  E. G. CHAPMAN is the present Superintendent.  The Church is out of debt.

  The Presbyterian Church of Atlantic was organized on Sabbath, October 10th, 1869, by Rev. Sheldon JACKSON, Superintendent for Western and Central Iowa, Nebraska, Dakota, Montana, Utah, and Colorado, and Rev. B. PHILLIPS, of Wisconsin.  Theodore CUSHING, and J. H. SMITH were elected, ordained and installed ruling elders.  The organization was effected in a little one-story frame school house which stood then on the north-west corner of Chestnut and Sixth streets.

  The first regular pulpit supply was Rev. Melancthon HUGHES, who commenced preaching to this church on the first Sabbath of December, 1869.  The present church edifice was completed and dedicated during the following year, 1870.  Mr. HUGHES continued his labors here until April, 1873, when he was compelled by infirm health to seek a milder climate.  He went at once to Santa Fe, New Mexico, but died there Nov. 18th of the same year.  Rev. William G. KEPHART began his labors in May, 1873, and remained until August this year, when he resigned and took editorial charge of the Newton, ( Iowa ) Headlight.

  The present membership is 85.  The following named persons constitute the present Board of Elders, their names being given in the order of their election:  Theodore CUSHING, B. F. CADY, Dr. D. FINDLEY and William T. CUSHING.

  The United Presbyterian congregation of Atlantic was organized by R. T. McCREA on the 22nd of October , 1875, with 18 members.  Elders, A.S. MONCRIEF, and Silas WILSON.  Trustees, S. C. STONE and William F. WOOD.  Membership 18.

  The Baptist society of Atlantic was organized in the Spring of 1869, by Rev. W. F. CHILDS, of Oskaloosa, and consisted of the following:  Perry DISBROW, wife and daughter, now Mrs. MORROW; Simon SMITH and wife, Mrs. H.J. CAVENAUGH, Mrs. J. S. BARNETT, Mrs. Fanny LEA, J. C. LIVINGSTON.  Mr. DISBROW was first deacon, and Mr. LIVINGSTON the first clerk.  The first pastor was Rev. B.F.BRAISTED who preached for the church in 1871 and until 1872, when he was succeeded by Rev. A. STOTT, who remained three years.  The present pastor is Rev. A. J. DeLANO.  The present church house was built in 1873 at a cost of about $3,500.  There are about 93 members at present.   Twenty-three members recently withdrew for the purpose of establishing a church at Wiota.  The officers at the present time are Deacons, Perry DISBROW, Samuel HARLAN and B. GORHAM; Clerk, W. B. JORDAN.

  The Catholic church of Atlantic was built in 1871, under direction of Vicar General BRAZIL , of Des Moines.  The house cost about $2,500.  The Rev. Father E. GAULE is the present paster.  Services are held once in four weeks, and the house is full at each meeting.

  The Anita Congregational Church was organized April 12th, 1870, with fifteen members.  I. A. McKINLEY, W. PETERS, and R. W. CALKINS were prime movers.  Rev. Chauncey D. WRIGHT gathered the church.  Rev. E.S. HILL also aided.  The first deacons were I. A. McKINLEY and William PETERS.  Rev. C. D. WRIGHT, Rev. C. S. IRWIN, and A. A. WHITMORE have been the ministers, the latter being the present pastor.  Present numbers of members, 34.  The building of the church began in August, 1875.  It will cost $4,000 and will soon be completed.

  A church was built in Anita in the year 1870, by general contribution, F. H. WHITNEY, of Atlantic, being one of the main donors.  The house was built for no particular denomination , but was used by any minister whose services could be secured, no matter what was his particular creed.  This church was also used as a school house until the building of a new houses for school purposes in the fall of 1872.  This, the pioneer church of Anita, is no longer used for sacred purposes, but is now made use of as a place of business.

  The Highland Church (Methodist) north-west of Anita, was built during the summer of 1875, and dedicated in July.  The ground was broken, and the house built and furnished through the exertions of Rev. G. M. COUFFER.  Trustees:  Henry McDERMOT, R. M. JANSEN, Orson BROWN, B.F. SIMPSON, C. W. DEEDS.  Pastor: Rev. G.M. COUFFER.  Number of members now, 45.

  The Congregational church at Lewis, was organized April 11. 1855.  The first pastor was Rev. George G. HITCHCOCK.  The original members were:  By letter, David CHAPMAN, Polly CHAPMAN, Charles BALDWIN, Olive J. BALDWIN, George B. HITCHCOCK, Mary M. TUCKER.  By profession:  Samuel MAHAN, Henry MYERS, Elihu MEYERS, and Amasa CHAPMAN.  Deacon, David CHAPMAN.  Trustees:  George B. HITCHCOCK, H. MEYERS, C. BALDWIN; Clerk , C. BALDWIN; Treasurer, S. MAHAN.  The Church building is 30 x 40 feet with vestibule 8 x 11 feet.  It was dedicated December, 1865, cost $ 3,812.  The lumber was drawn by wagons 140 or 150 miles.  Present number of members 58.

  The Baptist Church of Lewis was organized December 17th, 1859.  Rev. William GOLDEN was the pastor.  The following were the members and officers at the start:  Perry DISBROW, Clarrisa DISBROW, Samuel DISBROW, Anilla DISBROW, James W. BROWN, Hannah A. BROWN, James DYER, Sarah J. DYER, Sarah WELLS, Elizabeth CHAPMAN, Margaret Van RIPER, Jason THURSTON.  Clerk, J. W. BROWN; Deacons, Perry DISBROW, and Rev. William F. ARNOLD.  The church edifice was built in 1864.  The present membership of the church is thirty-two.  The society is at present without a pastor, but keeps a Sabbath school in successful operation with eighty attendants.

  The Methodist church of Lewis was organized in 1855, and the house was built in 1856.  Rev. J. S. RAND was the first pastor.

  SUMMARY-There are three church buildings in Lewis, namely:  one Baptist, one Congregational, and one Methodist.  There are five in Atlantic, namely:  Congregational, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian.  In Grove City the Methodists have a building; that denomination also has a church in Pymosa township, known as the Buck Creek church, and one in Benton township, known as the Highland M. E. Church.  In Anita the Congregationalists have a fine building.  Total church house in the county, eleven.   There are numerous religious societies in the county that have no houses of worship at present.

Transcribed for Cass County by Brenda Magee, November 2009.

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