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We need volunteers familiar with Cass County surnames. Please consider helping us transcribe!

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Images Online!!

Cass County, Iowa Federal Census record images are available at Archive.org, a non-profit free library website.

Digitized Microfilm of Original Data. Anyone can freely download complete federal census images for Cass County!

Census Records

Cass Population CensusHistorical Population Totals
1856 IA State CensusComplete transcription
1860 Federal Census Complete transcription (In Progress)
1860 Census - Mortality Mortality Schedule 3, Complete transcription
1860 Census Images

(Off-site) Download @ Archive.org
1865 Census Population Totals by Township
1870 Census - Mortality Mortality Schedule 2, Complete transcription
1870 Fed. Census Images

(Off-site) Download @ Archive.org
1880 Census - Mortality Mortality Schedule 5, Complete transcription
1880 Federal Census(Off-site) LDS 1880 Fed. Census index & images
1880 Census Images #1

(Off-site) Download @ Archive.org-Start of Cass Co. (Sheet 16)
1880 Census Images #2

(Off-site) Download @ Archive.org-Remainder Cass Co. (Sheet 17-End)
1885 IA State Census 1885 IA Census - Partial (Q Surnames only)
1885 IA State Census (Off-site) LDS 1885 IA Census index & images
1895 IA State Census (Off-site) LDS 1895 IA Census index & images
1900 Benton Twp. pg 64
1900 Fed Census Images (Off-site) Download @ Archive.org
1905 IA State Census (Off-site) LDS 1905 IA Census index & images
1910 Fed Census Images (Off-site) Download @ Archive.org
1915 IA State Census (Off-site) LDS 1915 IA Census index & images
1920 Fed Census Images (Off-site) Download @ Archive.org
1925 IA State Census (Off-site) LDS 1925 IA Census index & images
1930 Federal CensusComplete Transcription (In Progress)
1930 Fed Census Images (Off-site) Download @ Archive.org
1940 Federal Census

(Off-site) 1940 Federal Census
(Page images only - no index)
Census Fragments Misc. transcribed census records, various yrs.
IAGenWeb State Census (Off-site) No Cass Co. census transcripts yet
USGenWeb Census Proj (Off-site) No Cass Co. census transcripts yet

Census Resources/Tools

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Census Mate (Off-site) Census Worksheets
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