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1882-1883 Marriage Records

Taken From Cass County Genealogy Society Records
Cass County, Iowa Marriage Register - Book  ,Page#

This information was transcribed by Jeannine Powell <genqueen AT shaw.ca >
from a photocopy of a page extracted from the Register of Marriages for
Cass County. The transcriber is not responsible for any errors, although
care was taken to ensure accuracy.

Explanatory Notes
 * correct name is: Betsey BARNEY -- for more information on this family,
   please contact Jeannine Powell at <genqueen AT shaw.ca >
** likely is Tama County

                   |                            |                 |Age next|Race|                     |                  |                     |No. of  |                    |             |                              |Age next|Race|                  |                  |                     |No. of  |                                                 |
                   |                            |                 |Birth-  |or  |                     |                  |                     |Groom's |                    |Maiden Name, |                              |Birth-  |or  |                  |                  |                     |Bride's |                                                 |
Groom              |Residence                   |Occupation       |day     |Clr |Place of Birth       |Father's Name     |Mother's Maiden Name |Marriage|Full Name of Bride  |if a Widow   |Place of Residence            |Birthday|Clr |Place of Birth    |Father's Name     |Mother's Maiden Name |Marriage|Where and when Married                           |

William H. KENYON  |Henry Co. IA                |Farmer           |28      |W   |Wisconsin            |Thomas D. KENYON  |Elizabeth BUCKINGTON |One     |Flora HALE          |.            |Benton Twp, Cass Co Iowa      |23      |W   |Iowa              |James M. HALE     |Mary HAYES           |One     |James Hales, Cass Co Iowa, Dec 28, 1882          |
William R. MICK    |Marne, Cass Co Iowa         |Farming          |21      |W   |Illinois             |Robert MICK       |Sarah Ann MICK       |First   |Ida MOTT            |.            |Brighton Tp P.O. Atlantic     |22      |W   |Canada            |Richard MOTT      |Rebecca BROWN        |First   |Residence, Cass Co Iowa, Jany 1st 1883           |
Albert P. MARVIN   |Marne, Cass Co Iowa         |Farmer           |23      |W   |Illinois             |George MARVIN     |Margaret E. HOWER    |First   |Nellie E. POWELl    |.            |Marne, Cass Co Iowa           |19      |W   |Iowa              |Charles H. POWELL |Betty BERRY*         |First   |Resid of CH Powell in Cass Co Iowa, Nov 1st 1882 |
Robert H. REED     |Montgomery Co Iowa          |Farmer           |28      |W   |Bellview Iowa        |Wm H. REED        |LANBORN              |Second  |Belle P. HUGHES     |.            |Cass Co Iowa                  |21      |W   |Muscantine Iowa   |Walker T. HUGHES  |SUMNER               |First   |Resid of WT Hughes, Cass Co Iowa, Jany 1, 1883   |
Daniel AST         |Walnut, Pottawattamie Co IA |Harness Maker    |29      |W   |Sandusky City Ohio   |John AST          |Mary WAGNER          |First   |Laura ENGLEMAN      |.            |Walnut, Pottawattamie Co Iowa |19      |W   |Tamer** Co Iowa   |John ENGLEMAN     |Heneretta HARTMAN    |First   |Atlantic Cass Co, Iowa, Jany 4th;, 1883          |
Ezra D. SMITH      |Atlantic Iowa               |Nurseryman       |29      |W   |Grant Co Wisconsin   |Ira A. SMITH      |Maria ISBELL         |First   |Clara V. HASS       |.            |.                             |30      |W   |Mercer Co Iowa    |Thomas HASS       |Barbara LUBOLD       |First   |Atlantic Cass Co Iowa, Dec 7th 1882              |
John H. NICHOLS    |Cass County Iowa            |School Teaching  |26      |W   |Nova Scotia          |Edwin NICHOLS     |OAKS                 |First   |Jennie H. ABORN     |.            |Cass Co Iowa                  |19      |W   |Connecticut       |Charles H. ABORN  |SLATER               |First   |Benton Twp Cass Co Iowa, Jany 3rd, 1883          |
Ira S. SCHICK      |Cass Co Iowa                |Farmer           |22      |W   |Illinois             |J. W. SCHICK      |SEVERTON             |First   |Amanda A. KINCAID   |.            |.                             |19      |W   |Illinois          |J. F. KINCAID     |E. HIGGINBOTHAM      |First   |Pleasant Twp Cass Co Iowa, Dec 15th, 1882        |
George B. BOSSLER  |Cass County Iowa            |Farmer           |28      |W   |Scott County Iowa    |Samuel K. BOSSLER |Mary Ann BARASICLE   |First   |Mary E. KERN        |.            |Cass County Iowa              |21      |W   |Ohio              |Adam KERN         |Louisa SEASE         |First   |Resid of P.M. Finch, Cass Co Iowa, Jan 2nd 1883  |
Harvey W. CASSILL  |Reno Cass Co, Iowa          |Farmer           |22      |W   |Vinton Co Ohio       |William CASSILL   |Comfort DAVIS        |1st     |Laura A. MARTIN     |.            |Newlons Grove                 |17      |W   |Beston Co West Va |J. F. MARTIN      |Abbie PRINGEY        |First   |Bride's parents Cass Co Iowa, Dec 20th, 1882     |
Edward E. HARRIS   |Atlantic                    |Farmer           |24      |W   |Randolph Co Indiana  |Albert T. HARRIS  |Maria H. BUTLER      |First   |Margaret A. ACKER   |.            |Pymosa Tp Cass County Iowa    |21      |W   |Blair Co Penn     |George S. ACKER   |Elizabeth GEIST      |First   |Pymosa Tp Cass Co Iowa, Jany 4, 1883             |
Edward D. COLLINS  |Atlantic                    |Farmer           |25      |W   |Iowa                 |John H. COLLINS   |HEWITT               |First   |Edna ANTRIM         |.            |Atlantic                      |19      |W   |Ohio              |J. G. ANTRIM      |NEIMEYER             |1st     |Atlantic Cass Co Iowa, Jan 11th, 1883            |
Thomas THOMPSON    |Cass Co Iowa                |Farmer           |54      |W   |Indiana              |Thos THOMPSON     |M. BEAN              |2nd     |Jane WATSON         |Tannie BOON  |Cass County Iowa              |28      |W   |New York          |Clark BOON        |Abithy MILLS         |2nd     |Atlantic Iowa Jany 11th, 1883                    |


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