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Sioux Rapids High School
"The Winding Sioux Year Book 1911-1912"
Transcribed and contributed by Janice Danielson

(Note: the prophecies this year were obtained with great expense from a New York palmist.)

Seniors Class of 1912

1.  Elma M. Olson--Your life is to have a generous share of joy and prosperity. You are one who will live above the cares and worries of the world and be lost in your one ambition--mathematical fame. Your mathematics will raise you to great honor and every member of the class of 1912 will be glad to own you as one of their number. You will live to a good old age. 2..  Oscar A. Rosell--Sioux Rapids High has had the honor of boasting of you thus far. You have brought honor to this old High School by your illustrious record. Longer than anyone you have held the honor of being our best speaker. Your athletic record though, is somewhat limited. You will be a great speaker and become judge of the Supreme Court of the United States. You are destined to be a very renowned old bachelor.

3.  Bertha E. Streeter--This hand is hard to read for there are so many conflicting lines. Soon school will lose its charm. Within the next year you will marry a red-headed fellow from a nearby town but like nearly every other couple you will have a siege of divorce craze as a result of your former flippancy. You will be a great suffragette and live in a beautiful flat in Boston.

4.  Anna S. Steen--Oh!---by this palm I see you are lighthearted and carefree. You will continue in the paths you have thus far trod, never looking on the serious side of life but always on the bright. You will never take up any special career but will soon marry the man of your dreams, who will build you a nice little home in some small village.

5.  Alice V. Jeffery--From the mystic depths of your palm I read many things of your past and future. Your disposition is trustful, gentle, and sunny. You have attained great honors as a basketball player in high school and you will receive great athletic honors in college. You have lost your heart. He is of soldierly build, medium in height and handsome but has the tendency to be pigeon-toed. If he survives a certain period you will be very happy. You will travel in many foreign countries.

Junior class of 1912

1.   Frank Murdoch---Your talents lie in oratory and debate. You are destined to be the most famous lawyer in Iowa. You will go to New York and practice for many years. In 1920 you will be appointed Supreme Judge of the United States and you will hold this position until you resign on account of ill health. Seeking recovery you will go abroad and while there become acquainted with the Duchess of Austria whom you will marry six weeks after your introduction.

2.   Isa Clough---The owner of this hand is inclined to look upon the bright side of life. You will have many friends. After your graduation through the influence of a learned friend you will spend your time in a literary studio and will become the most famous of American fiction writers.

3.   Cecile Eaton---Your future is clearly defined. You have unusually strong traits of character which will stand you in good stead as a teacher of the coming generation. You will be famous as an instructor and your life, though twice approaching matrimony, will remain one of single blessedness.

4.   Gustav Christenson---Your hand is well shaped and shows great adaptability for the use of the razor. You will be the high school barber for the new school to be built in 1916. After several years of service you will leave your work to a friend and go abroad for a trip. While there you will woo and win one of the fair lassies of "Deutschland".

5.   Harley Claus---Your career will be one of national fame. After completing your course in electrical engineering at Ames, the President, on account of your genius, will give you a position as Chief Electrician. You will never marry---N. B., H. S. students: Due to wrinkles in his brain caused by geometry.

6.   Mable Fagan---School life will soon lose its hold on you for shortly after your graduation you will find the "guy" of your choice and be the May Bell of his home in "The Dells of Old Wisconsin". Yours will be the hospitable home where the class of '13 will hold its reunion in 1920.

7.   Bernice Thompson---The lines in your hand show decided musical talent, both instrumental and vocal. After your graduation you will go to Chicago to study music, later to the Boston Conservatory. After finishing both of these schools you will go abroad to study. At the age of twenty-five you will play before the Queen of Italy. Later you will marry one of the young dukes.

8.   Floyd Bowers---The lines in this hand are all confused. Society and love of the fair sex are the most important characteristics. After several unfortunate love affairs you will find the "Blue Eyes" of your heart's desire and "live happily ever after" in a dove cot in Spokane.

9.   Clarence Tyrrell---Well, Clarence, your future seems varied. The lines are indistinct and crossed but I see most of all a love for machinery, gasoline, and girls. Your glory will reach its zenith in the construction of a motorcycle highly superior to all others call the "Tip-Top-Trotter".

10.   Myrtle Merry---Your study and close application in high school will stand you in good stead for you are destined to be a school teacher. After four years in Cedar Falls you will go to an eastern seminary and finish your education. Then filled with a desire for a western seminary you will come back to your childhood home and establish a seminary called "The Little Sioux".

11.   Alma Typper---After graduation you will travel for a year and while so doing become acquainted with a renowned actor. Under his instruction you will become very proficient, especially in love scenes. You will be the star actress of New York for many years. The last years of your life will be spent in Paris.

12.   Quincy Boynton---Your hand shows strong character and ability for doing things. After finishing high school you will go to Montana and there purchase a small grocery store on the frontier. A thriving business will be the result of many years of hard work. You will never marry but will always be popular in society.

13.   Faye Eaton---The lines in your hand are very distinct. After graduating from the high school you will leave immediately for the west to a renowned training school for nurses. After completing the course you will work in the slums of the western cities. You will finally become the matron of a training school in the middle west.

14.   Beryl Colburn---Your lot will be a singular but happy one. After many years study on the Indian question you will go to the west among the Navajos and labor for years among them. You will go to California for a vacation and while in San Francisco you will meet and later marry a returned missionary from China.

15.   Leona Clough---As I had to tell your fortune from a photograph it may not be as accurate as the others. Your hands show work on a typewriter and from your eyes I should judge you as being lively and full of fun. You will hold a position in Sheldon as stenographer and copy carefully all the "Bills". You will live a life of single blessedness in company with a cat, canary, and phonograph. Your favorite record is "Waltze me around again Willie".

Sophomore class of 1912:
Bryant Boynton Mildred Cate Virgil Thornberg
Lester TheissPetra RefslandIrving Osmundson
Lewis ParkerIvah BennettOpal Thornberg
Anna Rosell Sophie UrdahlMinnie Hanson
Aron Christenson  

Class officers:
President, Lewis Parker
Vice-President, Aron Christenson
Secretary, Petra Refsland
Treasurer, Mildred Cate.

Freshmen class of 1912
Eilet Torkelson Mabel Christenson Minnie LarsonAura Clough
Rosa Evanson Charles LundvallMary Clough George Larson
Ida Rosell Minerva BarstadFlorence WhiteheadLeonard Tollakson
Nora OlsonMildred BennettErnest Downing Margaret Murdoch
Iona ThornbergGlen Clabaugh Minnie Shaffer Hazel Byrne
Frank LarsonHelen Barrett John Dorland

Class Officers:
President Margaret Murdoch
Vice-President, Aura Clough
Secretary, John Dorland
Treasurer, Charles Lundvall.

High School Faculty

Miss Denora Skinner
Miss Florence E. Schmidt
Miss Clara L. Farmer
Miss Dorothy E. Franke
Miss Anna E. Elfreth

Grade School Teachers

Miss Edith Jeffery
Miss Nina Armstrong
Miss Wilhelmina Steen
Miss Cora Lighter
Miss Margaret Mickey

1911 Baseball Team
V. ThornbergG. Larson L. TheissQ. Boynton
C. Tyrrell J. Dorland A. Christenson O. Rosell
G. ChristensonF. Murdoch L. Parker I. Osmundson
Coach: Professor Cathcart.

Fall Baseball of 1911
Sioux Rapids--5 vs Marathon--4
Town Team--8 vs Sioux Rapids--4
Marathon--5 vs Sioux Rapids--2
Sioux Rapids--5 vs Marathon--5
Sioux Rapids--15 vs Town Team--5
Marathon--8 vs Sioux Rapids--7

Spring Baseball of 1912
Linn Grove--7 vs Sioux Rapids--5
Sutherland--26 vs Sioux Rapids--8
Linn Grove--10 vs Sioux Rapids--8

Girls Basketball
Isa C. Leona C. Myrtle M.
Opal T. Anna R. Iona T.
Cecil E. Mary C. Fay E.
Minnie H. Bertha S.Ida R.
Coach:Miss Schmidt

Girls Basketball of 1912
November 1st at Sioux Rapids--B V C--9 vs Sioux Rapids--4
November 18th at Sioux Rapids--Rolfe H.S.--5 vs Sioux Rapids--3
November 22nd at Storm Lake--Sioux Rapids--5 vs B.V.--4

Supervising Officials of the Sioux Rapids Public Schools

Scott Bradford 1888-1889
Joseph E. Durkee 1889-1895
Loren Hezzelwood 1895-1896
T. Burton Morris 1896-1898
P. L. Dorland 1898-1905
J. W. Hunt 1905-1911
Donald G. Cathcart 1911-
L. O. A. Shaw, Janitor

The Alumni
Florence Jeffrey, Teaching in Tyndall, ND
Gena Refsland, Teacher in grammar room, Viborg, SD
Julius Osmundson, Asst Cashier at Bank of Sioux Rapids
Joseph Jeffrey, Graduated from Morningside and School Social Economy
& received his Masters Degree at Washington University last spring, Birmingham, AL

List of Class Mates 1st through 8th grades

All Graduating Classes from 1890-1912